Guto Vieira and Kaike Fontes

VIDEO SOURCE: Red Hot Latinos


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Gay Porn Listings: 10-19-14

Hot Latin Fuck
Poax rides Alex hard, before the two lie side-by-side, stroking. Alex blows first, as he lays a thick load onto Poax’s stomach. In response, Poax covers his groin with the good stuff – movie.

Carioca Fucks Josh Rubens
Josh can’t resist the sight and Carioca naked and devours hiss cock. He’s rock hard and can’t wait to feel that cock in his hungry ass. Carioca licks the hole first, before he shoves his giant dick in. Josh who takes the ride grunting loudly. Then Carioca shoots his cum load all over Josh – movie.

Mishka Voxx Jacks Off
Mishka continues to peek over into the camera, with his puppy dog eyes, and he rubs his chest before running his fingers through his hair. Once he has stroked long enough, the pace quickens. He furiously beats his cock until it spurts out a nice load of warm cum all over his hand and stomach – photos.

Fuji Beats Off
This Japanese boy is so sexy and sensual from the start. Fuji has a beautiful cock and body. Dropping to his knees, Fuji strokes with determination and soon releases his warm Asian boy cum load – movie.

Connor Fucks Ricky
They switched it up a few times while fucking. Connor Maguire even propped Ricky Roman up on the fence and nailed him at one point. Finally they reached their peak, laying on the grass. Ricky was getting close, so Connor stroked his cock for him, until he came all over his own chest – movie.

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Sailor and Shane Bareback Sling Fuck

VIDEO SOURCE: Hairy and Raw


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Gay Porn Listings: 10-15-14

Vinnie Mark Fleshjacking
Everybody’s favorite horse hung Italian dude showed up with a Fleshlight in his backpack and asked if he could make a new video. Big uncut cock fucking a fleshlight? Sure Vinnie, knock yourself out young man – photos.

Dandy and Alex Bareback
Dandy has Alex suck him off, until he bends him over and bareback fucks him in the ass. Pulling his butt cheeks apart, Alex opens wide for Dandy and both moan in unison as they fuck. Dandy cums on his bottom’s ass – movie.

Austin Wolf Fucks Angel Santiago
On the sofa, they exchange blowjobs. Then Austin fucks Angel cowboy and ends things with some hot missionary. After they both cum, the two lay down and kiss gently, as they let the after glow of their hot gay fucking come to an end – movie.

Drago Barebacks Joshua
Joshua is joined by Drago, who’ll be doing all the fucking. Both up and ready for action, they take turns sucking and face fucking one another. Bent over, Drago uses his finger on Joshua’s hole. With their sweaty bodies glistening in the sun, the bareback fuck fest continues, until Joshua cums and takes Dragos in the ass – movie.

Mat Jacks Off
Sexy and muscular young Mat Corsten strips naked, shows off his asshole, strokes his hard cock and blasts cum all over his smooth belly and buff chest – photos.

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Fraser Power Fucks Thierry Schaffauser



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Gay Porn Listings: 10-11-14

Answered Prayers – The Assumption of the Lamb
Jake Jaxson’s year in the making erotic fantasy epic “Answered Prayers” continues with “The Assumption of the Lamb”, the second of a two part story centered on a mysterious orphan boy known only as the Lamb – movie.

Riccardo Gets Spit Roasted
The two horny pigs Fred and Clark catch the mega hot Riccardo doing a provocative solo dance. Fred and Clark immediately the set Riccardo to work blowing their monster cocks. Riccardo is impaled by Clark, while he’s gagging on Fred’s dick. Then Fred takes a turn at his ass, until a fountain of cum explodes from each – movie.

Carlo and Gregor Bareback
Carlo and Gregor have found a quiet spot under a bridge to suck each other’s cock. Gregor brought a rug with him which they lay out on the ground so that he can get his bare cock deep inside Carlo’s ass. Then Carlo takes a face full of cum. Gregor’s happy none got on the rug but then Carlo cums all over the rug – movie.

Young Tony Jerks Off
Sexy Tony Koch strips naked, shows us his cute little butt and strokes his big dick for us – photos.

Skylar and Ryan Fuck
Ryan Knightly does not appreciate having a vibrator poking around his hole. So he picks up Skylar West, strips him down and shoves the vibrator in him instead. He turns it on to the highest setting and Skylar begins to moan with delight. This paves the way for some hot cock sucking and ass fucking – movie.

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Str8 and Muscular Liam Beats Off



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Gay Porn Listings: 10-7-14

Dustin Fucks Ian
Dustin doesn’t waste any time taking control of the camera, as well as shy little Ian Levine, for this explosive amateur sex show. The twink puts Ian’s famous bubble butt into position to take all 8.5 inches of his hard cock. Ian lends a hand getting some close-up shots with the cam, capturing every inch of penetration and every drop of cum in this intimate new scene – movie.

Abel and Malcolm Fuck
As he is blown, Malcolm work’s the bottom’s hole with his wet fingers. Then he rims Abel before sliding in and fucking him in the missionary position. Close, Malcolm pulls Abel’s head back to aim into the boy’s open mouth, drenching his face as well. The bottom then tugs until he too cums into Malcolm’s open mouth – movie.

Sebastian Barebacks Andrew Collins
Throughout this intensely hot bareback fuck, Sebastian keeps calling Andrew his bitch, and Andrew definitely is that. Toward the end of the fuck session, Sebastian throws Andrew around the bed, like a rag doll, as he is getting closer to climax – photos.

Young Jim and Henry Fuck
Henry rams from behind, stopping long enough for his gorgeous thick cock to glisten in the sun. Within a few minutes, the bottom is being rimmed as he tugs on himself. Gasping, Jim unloads into Henry’s open mouth. The top then fucks Jim’s ass until he too cums. Sharing their loads, these twinks take it all in – movie.

Jack and Lukas Flip Fuck
Together, their chemistry is undeniable. Everything from making out to sucking cock to fucking is just more intimate. After he cums, while riding his boyfriend’s hard dick, Jack finishes off Lukas with a handjob – movie.

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Andy Barebacks Chase McCloud



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Gay Porn Listings: 10-1-14

Kurtis Fucks Wolf
Kurtis Wolfe and Tyler Wolf suck and do a little 69 rimming, before they get to the fucking. The fucking is passionate, hard and fast. It culminates with a warm cum shot while Tyler rides Kurtis. Kurtis then pulls out and shoots all over Tyler and his muscled ass – movie.

Rough Trade Sex Orgy
Slotmachine likes to swallow a big load and has a big hole which needs urgently to be filled. In the dungeon he is the perfect fuck for stallions Rod Painter and Peto Cast. Huge cocks nail down that throbbing hole, as Thomass watches greedily and then it is his turn to swallow everything up to the last drop – movie.

James Jacks Off
James Martin just turned 19 in and is quite the hot young hunk. He lives in beautiful Barcelona, Spain where he attends school. Tanned and beefy, this young man is very easy on the eyes. Enjoy watching, as he strips naked and jacks off – movie.

Young Sydney Jerks Off
In this solo jerk off scene, young Sydney is ready to show you what’s bulging under his briefs. He gets his twink dick out for a play on the couch, with the camera getting up-close and personal to all the solo action – movie.

Cum On A Log
Nick Benedickt strips naked, shows us his hole and jerks off, shooting his warm cum on a wood log – photos.

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Alfie Stone Jacks Off

VIDEO SOURCE: Alphamales


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Gay Porn Listings: 9-27-14

Bastian Hart Beats Off
Get to know every inch of sexy twink Bastian Hart, in this introductory interview and solo jerk off. He reveals the moment he first realized he was gay, what he looks for in a boyfriend, and all about the most intense sex he’s ever had. And Bastian does not disappoint when he gives the us a first look at his impressive twink dick and smooth ass in this intimate debut scene – movie.

Brett Bradley Fucks Dirty Boy Drake
Drake Stone waits quietly among the trees for his big dick dream fuck to come along, and it sure does. Brett Bradley soon walks over and pulls out his fat cock. Brett knows that Drake is a trashy guy, so he shows him who is boss right away, placing his foot on Drake’s chest as he jerks off over him – photos.

Str8 Boy Trey Jerking Off
Trey is a 20 year old straight boy, who loves it when a girl to plays with his ass. Stripped to his black underwear and harness, it looks hot on his muscular chest. Trey has a great body and a fine ass. Girls must love that thick piece of meat. Trey moans, lies back and gets himself close. Then he shoots all over his stomach and groin – movie.

Tomm Bareback Fucks Mayer
Muscular Tomm Bareback ties Mayer to a post, and power fucks his ass bareback. He blows his cum load onto Mayer’s gaping hole, then pushes it back in with his raw cock – movie.

Maxx Barebacks Jared
Feeling on top of the world, Maxx Fitch fucks Jared King until he is close, then pulls out and cums all over Jared’s freshly fucked ass. Jared is about to blow as well, and he dumps a nice load on Maxx’s face – photos.

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Kamyk Walker Jerks Off

VIDEO SOURCE: Hard Brit Lads


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Gay Porn Listings: 9-21-14

Pierre Fitch Fucks Max
After Pierre turned Max on his back and reamed him missionary style, he propped him up against a sliding glass door so the world could see him getting fucked. That sent Max over the edge, and the guys both shot their loads all over the window – movie.

Paul Fucks Joshua
Changing into various positions, these laborers stay hard throughout. Holding the bottom’s hips down, Paul starts to thrust from below and both are on the edge. With a “fuck me baby,” the bottom squeezes out every last drop of cum. The top shoots up from below, back into Joshua’s hole and then has his partner wipe that pole clean – movie.

Haruto Fucks Yura
Grinding on one another, Yura sits atop Haruto, as his hole puckers with delight. Whimpering, Yura is satisfied when Haruto goes down to work his Asian ass. Using a finger, Haruto lubes up and takes his time going in. Switching to a dildo, Haruto gets it ready, and then pumps it carefully into his partner. The last inch is inhaled by Yura’s desire – movie.

Jaime Fucks Julian
This Latin pair does some intense kissing, groping and sucking as these energetic boys get ready to fuck. Both have gorgeous big cocks, exemplified by their overfilled mouths. Docking their cocks together, Jaime reaches around and slaps at what he’ll soon by fucking. In the missionary position, Julian spreads his legs while Jaime spits and wets the hole, teasing as he inches in – movie.

Big Dick Skinny Boy Jacking
Young Thomas strips naked, shows us his ass and starts stroking his beautiful big uncut cock. After a nice long stroke show, he shoots his cum load onto the floor. – photos.

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Jack Union Jacks Off

VIDEO SOURCE: World of Men


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