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Sucking Str8 Bobby Off

Here’s a new sample video trailer from Broke Straight Boys. The site features Straight Boys that have agreed to Jack Off in front of the camera for much needed chash. The producer then tries getting these guys to do even more. The great thing is you never know what’s going to happen, as the producer pushes these boys to their Gay-4-Pay limits, and that’s what makes this site so popular. In this exclusive scene Str8 boy Bobby lets Darren Suck his Cock.



New In Gay Porn Listings: 3-25-11

Czech Boys Fucking
Patrik and Jan are two escorts from the Czech Republic, brought together under a $300 cash incentive each to perform gay sex. Patrik is bi-sexual but Jan is gay, which is why he is very comfortable with a cock up his ass. Patrik handcuffs Jan to the bed naked and feeds him his uncut hard cock. They taste each other’s manhood in a 69 before Patrik inserts a long thin dildo up Jan’s ass right up to the hilt. The dildo paves the way for Patrik’s cock and he fucks him from behind, Jan arching like a cat as he takes his grinding fuck.

Army Pilots Fucking
Young army pilots Marius and Tim get all up in each other’s cockpits for this action video. They get frisky on the couch before sucking each other’s flight sticks and engaging in a bit of ass rimming. Then it’s on to some hardcore ass docking between the fit little fuckers.

Dan Rough Fucks Rios
Ink-loving Damian Rios sucks Dan’s incredible and gorgeous uncircumcised meat, his tongue gauging deep into Dan’s foreskin as this video begins. Dan’s black rubber clad hands glide all over Damian’s beautiful tattooed flesh as he pulls open Rios’s supple cheeks. His huge cock slides in and out of Damian, fucking him hard and long.

Crazed Brazilian Fucking Machine
Angelo is paired with Brazilian hairy hunk Alexsander Frietas in this video – perhaps one of the hottest men in porn today. He can only be described as having a unique fucking style and it’s balls to the walls, 100MPH crazed animal fucking like you have never seen before! Check out this machine in action.

Hairy Boys Picnic Fucking
What a perfect day for a picnic! Logan and Scott choose a prime spot by the river, lay down a blanket and whip out their cocks… wait, what? Yep, that’s right these horny outdoor fetishists have brought a picnic basket full of lube and condoms so they can snack out on each other all day.

Asian Boy Gay Sex
This gay Asian porn blog is all about posting pictures and videos of the cutest Asian boys on the Internet. The focus is mostly on Thai and Japanese, but also includes Asian boys from the Philippines, Lao, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, and Malaysia. The blog also features difficult to find Asian boy web cams – BLOG.

College Jock Gym Fuck
Jock beauties Paolo and Jerome trade blow jobs and joust with their hot cocks in this video. The Euro hotties certainly put their athletic bodies to good use in this Czech countryside-set encounter, with no time to even take off their work-out gloves before they launch onto each other.

Blake Powell Beats Off
Hot muscle jock Blake Powell jerks his beautiful cock, shoots a nice hearty load and even tastes it.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 3-18-11

Bruno Sling Fucks Junior
Bruno begins his hot one-one-one with muscle-stud Junior by reaching down and feeling Junior’s still wet open hole. Then Bruno fucks Junior in a sling hanging from the bed. It is a tender yet energetic fuck. Then the two flip and Junior fucks Bruno on the bed. Finally Bruno fucks Junior a final time and they both finish with creamy load

Santino and Drake Power Fuck
Drake Jaden stares longingly at hung dark stallion, Santino Vega in this video, in preparation of what is to cum. Like a true cock loving pig, Drake shows he has the skills to swallow inch after inch after throbbing inch. The pair are well matched in energy and in beautiful contrast. Vega’s sleek brown inked skin driving deep into Jaden’s smooth pink flesh. He takes command and has Drake yelling for more, twisting his legs apart to get to the juicy pink center. He drives it deeper and deeper until both men blow their massive loads!

Interracial Extreme Penetration
Amerifist returns to put his big black fist to work on yet another white hole willing to take the punishment it deals. He kneels down beside the bed in proper position to really inflict ultimate damage on that soon to be gaping ass and it’s an awesome sight to see the interracial extreme penetration in action.

University Dorm Sex Orgy
Who doesn’t remember the good ol’ days of college dorm sex? This video might refresh your memory as three college jocks take turns sucking and fucking each other in the university dorm. Talk about hot frat boy lovin’ these studly specimens really go for it. Yee haa

Fucking Ryan Sanders
Ryan Sanders begs for a hard pounding, so give him one, and jizz in his buttcrack.

Black Man Gay Sex
Featuring the latest in solo, duo, and group Black and interracial gay porn photos and videos. If you like hardcore Black Gay porn, give this blog a quick scan – BLOG.

Young Brett and Thor Fuck
Thor Sigurdson gets his first crack at a hot ass with Brett Swanson as the lucky bottom.

The Pizza Boy
Stag Homme introduces beefy Madrid-native Adonis in his porn debut as a pizza boy who’s got a delivery to make to Damien Crosse. Only problem is that Adonis doesn’t have change to break Damien’s 50, so he does what any good and quick-thinking pizza boy would do, offers the rest of his services so he can keep the change. Adonis sucks on Damien’s thick uncut cock before taking it up his ass in a climactic fuck sequence. All the unexpected sexual excitement leaves Damien’s ass quite hungry, so Adonis bends Damien over and eats that luscious ass real good before he plows it with that big hefty piece of his. “Al Gusto” finishes with Adonis fucking Damien’s throat until he unloads all of his thick cum in the back of his throat.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 3-11-11

Denis and Matthew Fuck
Hot, athletic hunks Denis and Matthew strip off their clothes and show off their beautifully muscled bodies, honed from hours of sports and gym time. The contrast between the blonde hair and pale smooth skin, with dark hair and hairy, muscled chest of the two guys is so hot and it only gets hotter when the donkey dick hiding in the blond’s bulging pants is unleashed! It’s soon buried deep inside the dark haired hunk’s tight hole and getting fucked hard and nasty!

Fisting Asian Bottom Ben
Asian bottom Ben Reyes gets a serving of Andre Barclay’s tattooed arm in this one-on-one fisting video. He is on all fours first as Andre eases him into the encounter, before being flipped onto his back where his top really starts to let loose.

Black Gay Sex Orgy
If it’s a conga-line of black cock-sucking you’re after, look no further than this hot gang bed video with five very fine studs going at it on the bed. After that buffet of fellatio is over it’s over to some hard-hitting anal action and a spit roasting that’ll have you supremely hungry for more.

Janusz Jacks Off
Get set for the chest and abs of a gay super-hero, with a thin masculine coat of hair covering those hard but voluptuous pecs. The super body belongs to Janusz, a blond European gay porn stud. He loves posing off his manly physique – his buns of steel, triangular shaped back with muscles twitching with every move he makes.

Fucking Young Gordon
Put your balls into Gordon’s sweet ass! He won’t mind at all.

30 Loads of Facials Part 3
The world’s nastiest series is back!!! Stag Homme returns with another 30 anonymous straight men to shoot their fat loads all over Francesco and Damien’s faces!! “Episode Three” brings you all the uninhibited action of the world’s nastiest reality porn in a double-screen format which makes sure you dont miss any of the good stuff! It’s all about me sucking, getting fucked and best of all, loads and loads of white thick creamy milky gooey splooge all over my face and the back of my throat.

Curtis Beats Off
Curtis McCoy jerks his big beautiful black uncut cock, rams it into a Fleshjack and then shoots a thick creamy load all over himself.

Lane Richards Fucks Kent Riley
They stunned you with their debut action set and now beaus Kent and Lane return for their video close-up. Watch the gorgeous, dominant top Lane, take apart Kent’s twink hole after sucking his impressive cock dry. This is a match that’s not to be missed.

Double Cock Sucker Dominic
Erik Grant’s cock is almost the same size as Gunner’s. So when Dominic Pacifico is looking for cock, he goes straight to the two biggest dicks for a pounding. On his knees, Dominic takes a turn sucking each huge cock. Erik pushes Dominic onto Gunner’s dick while he goes for a taste of Dominic’s ass. With a tongue in his ass and a dick down his throat, Dominic is in heaven. Then he takes both massive dicks at once!! A big dick DP is followed by multiple rounds of ass-fucking and dick-sucking, with Dominic always on the bottom. As he is pounded, Dominic releases his cum all over his well defined abs. Erik and Gunner follow, covering Dominic with cum.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 3-4-11

Flip Flop Fisting
What’s better than seeing Ryan Patrick get his hole stretched wide? How bout hip flip-flopping with David Novak so that he can inflict some punishment of his own with that fist? This new video is a lesson in versatility that’ll have you in awe of this duo’s skill set.

Five Black Dudes Fucking
There’s holes being shoved full of cock on either side of the bed in the newest chapter of our latest thug orgy video. As one hottie’s ass is being hammered, another’s mouth is being stretched wide with monster cock. It’s a multiple show of hole-in-ones that’ll have you boned up in seconds.

Big Dick Biaggi Fucks Fox
Bahiano’s face says it all in this new one-on-one video team-up with Antonio Biaggi. We give kudos to any man willing to try and tackle Antonio’s mammoth beast, and when it’s deep inside his hole, you can tell Bahiano is struggling to contain himself at the feeling of something that huge penetrating his ass.

Fucking To The Max
Andrew is fucked to the Max in this hardcore scene, where his partner busts his balls in his tight ass.

It’s black in white for this extreme interracial fisting video. There’s nothing quite like seeing a white hole stretched apart by a meaty black fist, so don’t miss a second of the penetrating action as our ripped white stud takes as much of it as he can stand.

Self Sucking Threesome
While Chip Tanner is trying to suck his own delicious uncut dick, Donny Wright and Roman Todd walk in on him and catch him in the act.

Dominic Gets Spit Roasted
Dominic Pacifico becomes the willing bottom to Rafael Alencar and well=hung Luke Hass in this video. Dominic services both huge dicks on his knees and as Rafael shoves that huge tool deep into his ass, Dominic chokes on the dick that is in his throat. After a long round of fucking, Luke wants his turn to fuck Dominic so Luke and Rafael switch, both huge rods still demanding attention.

Kent Riley and Trevor Romero
I’ve ended the month with one hell of a raw treat for you twink lovers. Having captured our hearts and boners earlier in the month as a bottom, Kent Riley switches roles to show us his versatility in this encounter with fellow new-cummer Trevor Romero. Enjoy.

Marek Sucks Off Mariusz
Marek is interested in Mariusz’s juicy uncut cock. He has a fetish – he gets off by working his partners’ dick up to cum point with his mouth then to watch his recipient convulse in orgasm and jizz all over the place. Poor Mariusz ends up getting his masculine hairy body covered in cum.


Str8 Boys First Time Anal

Here’s a new sample video trailer from Broke Straight Boys. The site features Straight Boys that have agreed to Jack Off in front of the camera for much needed chash. The producer then tries getting these guys to do even more. The great thing is you never know what’s going to happen, as the producer pushes these boys to their Gay-4-Pay limits, and that’s what makes this site so popular. In this exclusive scene str8 boys Jayce and Charlie get talked into doing Anal Sex for the first time.