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Jarrett Bangs Johnny Hazzard


In this scene, Johnny Hazzard gives Jarrett Rex a kick ass blowjob. Then he Rims his Ass with his talented tongue. But when Jarrett goes to blow Johnny, he finds that Johnny is a bit of a tease. He pulls away just as Jarrett goes down, and playfully slaps him across the cheek making him work so much harder to get his lips wrapped around his Cock. Jarrett is so horny that he bangs Johnny hard. Johnny is almost shocked by the way Jarrett’s Dick seems to get even bigger and wilder, the longer they Fuck. Finally Jarrett shoots his load, but it’s Johnny’s Cum Shot that nearly blows a hole in the wall!



New In Gay Porn Listings: 6-27-11

Spit Roasting Calvin
Miguel Temon returns in this video to play with Calvin Michaels and Sebastian. Calvin only wants to service his two tops with his mouth and ass. They fill both holes with cock. Calvin also gets double fucked with Miguel’s chub cock and a big dildo – movie.

Latino Group Sex Show
This threeway fuck between Davyd, Guto and Marcos is part of a great live show done back in 2009. It has been re-edited for you and compiles all the best action from their encounter – movie.

Big Dick Colby Does Chris
Colby Keller has a massive cock and Chris Porter can barely take it down his throat in this video, but he tries. Ultimately he gets it in, even if his eyes bug out from the pressure of having his face stuffed like a turkey. They fuck hard until Colby blows his big load while being fucked – movie.

Asian Top Gets Fucked
Yai is a cute Asian boy with a nice piece of meat between his legs. He is 22, gay, and has never been fucked before. It shouldn’t be shocking that with such a huge dick he is a top. The photographer asks if he can fuck him for more money. Yai pauses and says the he can as long as he goes slow. After some nipple licking and cock sucking he is ready to go in for a good fuck. He loosens up Yai’s ass with his finger before putting his cock in Yai’s ass – photos.

College Boy Group Sex Scene
With Krisopher Thierie, Gary Bond and Brant Shy to play with, Tommy Hard orchestrates a hot orgy that’s chocked full of cock sucking, ball slurping, asshole rimming and fingering, and balls deep fucking that will leave you breathless. Especially when Tommy towers over the other three and sprays all of them with a huge load of cum that the twinks then share in a wet, sloppy kiss – movie.

Tazzy Hock Jacks Cock
When he removes his blue jeans, he looks mighty hot in those striped briefs. He slides off the briefs, lies back on the couch and begins stroking his uncut dick. It’s not long before Tazzy’s cock is good and hard. He massages his balls, squeezing them tightly. Now changing positions, he has one leg up, bending over the couch, rubbing his ass, while tugging his cock downward. Moving to the floor, Tazzy vigorously strokes his way to a thick creamy cum shot – movies.

Black Suck Off Orgy
The boys have really gone hard with their workout in this new gangbang video. They’ve lined themselves up for a gym circuit of oral sex – and they’re going to be as tough as personal trainers on the boys sucking hard on their Black cocks – movie.

Leather Men Rough Fuck
Billy Dewitt moans and groans as Steven Richards sinks his huge dick into Billy’s eager ass. Billy spreads his hole open even wider, allowing Steven to sink his cock into him balls deep. Before long, Steven is dumping his load, then licking up every last drop of it. then Steven flips him over and rims Billy deep, opening him up for a second fucking. Steven rams Billy’s hole like a champ, pummeling him while Billy begs for more. Then Billy sucks Steven’s massive dick until Steven blows a monster load all over Billy’s face. Sated, Billy blows his load on Steven’s dick, and the men kiss – movie.

Servicing Str8 Boy Mike
Str8 22 year old Mike King stopped by for his first erotic massage by our resident masseuse, Chad Brock. Chad chats with Mike while he begins rubbing him up and down on his backside, parting his cheeks while rubbing and fingering Mike’s pulsating hole. Now up on all 4’s with his balls dangling, Chad does some rubbing, tugging and poking around. Now on his back Mike watches Chad massage his cock. Amid the heavy stroking, Chad begins sucking Mike’s cock, making Mike’s eyes roll back. Mike is having a hard time holding back as his body tremors while he is fighting off what is to come and cum it does. Mike let loose all over his abs – movies.

Tommy Beats Off
Ripped college boy Tommy pulls his thick cock from his blue jeans and strokes it for us- photos.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 6-23-11

Football Team Gay Sex Orgy
It’s time for a team building exercise for these extremely fit footballers, and a giant gangbang should just about bond them better than any training session. Watch those hard bodies go at it in some awesome orgy action. There’s so much sportsman cock going around, it’s hard to know where to look – movie.

Muscular Adrian and Xavi Fuck
Overlooking Madrid’s main throughway, muscle god Adrian Toledo and Xavi pour themselves a couple of glasses of bubbly while basking in an outdoor canopy bed. What occurs in this bed is utter sensual passion which burns up the screen as the lovers explore every inch of each other’s bodies. After they suck each other off Adrian goes for a long ride on Xavi’s beautiful mouth-watering fat cock in two sweltering fuck positions until he gets every last drop of cum fucked out of him – movie.

Josh and Trevor Fuck
Gay Porn Star Josh West and Trevor Bridge heat up the screen, with this action packed shoot. Trevor tries to swallow Josh West’s huge cock, sucking as deep as he can. With the tables turning, Josh ravishes Trevor’s cock with some vicious oral action. Trevor gets up on the table while Josh gives his hole some tongue and thumb action. Josh eyes that tight hole with his Cock and takes the plunge deep into Trevor’s ass. Then Trevor sits down on Josh’s cock, bouncing so hard they just about take down the chair. Now down on the floor, this fuck fest really heats up, with Josh pounding Trevor’s ass, making Trevor blow his load. Josh removes the condom and shoots multiple wads across Trevor’s stomach and chest – movies.

Rough and Nasty Gay Sex Orgy
Porn Legend Logan McCree is laughing and have a good time. Behind him is an orgy of 4 guys going at it, with Bruno Bond and the 3 other Logans. Its not long before Logan McCree gets into the action. He rims the bottom in a daisy chain and then works his way one by one through the cast. He fucks Logan Scott while Bruno and the other Logans go at it. Finally one of the Logans, begs to fuck Logan McCree and he finally says yes. In the finale all the Logans and Bruno blow their loads on Logan, then he rolls up and shoots in his own mouth – movie.

Twink Flip Fuck
Our boys start out with a passionate make out session leading up to Jerry on his knees serving Billy’s hard twink cock. Billy of course returns the favor and goes to town on Jerry’s nice uncut cock. Jerry now leans Billy up against the wall so he can have his way with Billy’s virgin hole. Now it’s Billy’s turn as he gets Jerry into the doggy position and has his turn fucking his ass.
Jerry squeezes a hot load out of his uncut cock onto Billy’s face and Billy does the same to Jerry’s face – movie.

Interracial Big Cock Fuck Scene
In a tree house hideaway surrounded by lily padded, bubbling Koi ponds, Justin Christopher and Marc LaSalle kiss tenderly while their hands roam over each other’s beautiful, muscled bodies. A light tropical shower herds them indoors where we find them in a sensuous sixty-nine. Marc takes on Justin’s uncut, fat, ten-inch cock, diving down to the root while Justin laps at Marc’s own impressive man meat. The two then position themselves for a fervent fuck with Justin sliding into Marc’s eager ass – movie.

Latin Twink Gay Sex Orgy
Four guys in one bed, I guess you already have an idea of what will happen! Every cock is out of their cocks and ready to be sucked on – movie and photos.

Hairy Outdoor Flip Fuck
Bearded hotties Wilfried Kight and Damien Crosse hook-up in a flip flop fuck for this outdoor sex sequence. Damien’s body keeps getting better and better – as you’ll see from his amazing arms in this performance – and they compliment the chest rug on Wilfried perfectly. Don’t miss this versatile pairing – movie.

Storage Room Gay Fuck
Pig-porn-pioneers Brodie and Andrew were moving some stuff in a storage unit a couple weeks ago. Andrew being the hungry power bottom that he is 24/7 and Brodie being that cocky mean fucker whose dick requires constant service at all times It was only a matter of time before those two sniffed each other and started going at it. Not to disappoint, in the middle of moving stuff around, Brodie decided to whip his meat out and feed it to Andrew. Needless to say, Andrew was all over Brodie’s dick like a cock-starved pussy-boy. Before the storage unit manager could say anything Brodie had already claimed Andrew’s holes for the day and was using them whichever way he liked – movie.

Blond Twink Jacking
Dirty blond boy Sunny tugs his thick cock – photos.


Euro Jock Jacking

Pavol Zbynek is an 18 year old, semi pro Ice Hockey player from Prague. When he’s not on the ice, Pavol loves to cruise the local Gay clubs and dance all night. He enjoys a striking body and packs a big Uncut Cock. His hairy chest and butt are quite inviting, as he strokes his body all over. Pavol bends over, showing us his pulsating hairy Asshole, that’s begging for attention. Once Naked, he leans back, he massages his Ass, while stroking his Uncut Dick. Ass up on all 4’s Pavol pulls downward on his Cock, while rubbing and spreading his hole. When he is ready to finish, Pavol rolls on to his back and strokes out a creamy warm Cum shot.

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New In Gay Porn Listings: 6-21-11

Young Gay Roommates Threesoem
Kristopher Tierie, Junior Wild and Brant Shy are new roommates who discover they have a few things in common. They all like to suck dick and love to fuck. The young men get into a dick sucking party that leads to Kristopher getting slammed by Junior. Turns out that although he enjoys sucking dick, when it comes to fucking, Junior is all top. Kristopher gets his sweet and tender twink hole fucked until they each erupt with a load of fresh cum – movie.

Interracial Twink Cum Orgy
This video is all about getting the cute Asian boy’s face plastered in cum. Watch as the cute white boy gets the blow job of his life and finally shoots an amazing load of cum all over Koa – photos.

Jake Deckard Fucks Anton Harri
You’re going to love this team-up between muscle daddy Jake Deckard and ripped, pale beauty Antton Harri. The boys head outdoor for their shoot where the bronzed Deckard starts chowing down on Antton’s ass and then fills it with his Cock. Antton’s going to be feeling this one for awhile – movie.

Raphael and Roman Fuck
Raphael’s cheeks flush as he rams his rock hard dick up Roman’s hungry hole and makes him moan like it’s his first time. But Roman’s been around and really loves having his ass invaded like this. Raphael is all business as he bends Roman over a chair and goes to work on his ass – movie.

Spit Roasting Jak Williams
Three hot young Football jocks get together and have a fucking great time. Jak Williams has fantastic legs and a great cock that are shown off to perfection. Hardcore anal and spit roasting, Jak knows exactly how he likes it, and simultaneous spunking covers him in hot cum – movie.

Gym Jacking Str8 Boy
Victor Cage very quietly runs his hands all over his body. Every once in a while he peeks around to see if anyone is watching. He gives it a few strokes then reaches around to give his firm ass a bit of a grope. Then he goes back to working that stiff cock of his. He shoots a nice thick load all over the gym floor in complete silence. In this case, you get the be the voyeur and Victor has just gotten off knowing that his show has pleased you – movie.

Latin Twink Camping Fuck
Hiking through the woods, James and Caike reach a clearing and set up camp. Caike heads off to collect firewood, but when he takes too long to return to camp, James goes in search. To his surprise, he finds Caike playing with a dildo up his ass. James takes over and rams his cock deep inside of Caike as he strokes his massive cock to full release – photos.

Virgin Ass Gay Threesome
This is a threeway that you’re not going to want to miss. Miguel Temon finally gives up his virgin ass! He gets warmed up by a nice rim job before taking it a couple ways from Christian Rock and being seeded. Christian then finishes off Will Hurt – movie.

Alexander Medina Beats Off
Alexander Medina was cruising the Malecon in Havana looking for some action and a few extra pesos. A quick invitation back to a private apartment to pose shirtless then led to have him reveal more. Alexander, model perfect, strips to reavel chisled abs and a defined tight muscular body. After a few more patient minutes Alexander was convined to show more and more and then finally stroke his beautiful white uncut Cuban cock for the camera until he blows his load onto his perfect abs and sighs in exhaustion – movie.

Euro Cyclists Gay 3-way
If there’s the Tour de France, then this video has got to be a part of the Tour de Fuck. Three hot Euro cyclists stop off from their circuit to engage in an outdoor threeway that’ll have at least one of them too sore to hope back on that bike seat – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 6-16-11

Watching 2 Men Fuck
Dominic Sol unleashes Tyler’s dick from his pants and goes down on it quickly. He gives every inch of Tyler’s cock attention while big dicked Luke Hass watches from afar. When Tyler can’t take anymore cock sucking he bends Dominic over to eat his ass. Once his hole is warmed up, Tyler slips on a condom and slides right in – movie.

Hairy Latino Jerks Off
We welcome Ron, he’s 5′ 6” and 160 lbs. Some of Ron’s hobbies include jacking-off to porn, lifting weights, and playing sports. Ron is definitely on the hairy side which we must admit is a turn-on for many of us out here who enjoy some fur to play with in bed – movie.

Hairy Ryan and Trent Fuck
Ryan looks like he was carved from stone and then decorated with just the right amount of dark fur. And the way he throws his legs back as Trent goes down on his dick, lightly licking around his low hanging balls, shows that he really gets into his work. And Trent is having the time of his life, letting his facial scruff rub against Ryan’s ball sack making it tingle as his rock hard cock nearly slaps Trent in the face. And finally when he can’t take it anymore he fucks Trent’s hungry suckhole until he builds up such a load that he shoots it all over Trent’s face. And Trent is so turned on by this that he sprays his jizz all over his chest like a pervy fountain – movie.

Young Cum On My Bat
Home from practice Christian jerks off on his baseball bat – photos.

Kinky Gay Stud Threesome
Watch this innocent boy-on-man massage turn into all manner of hot action with this video. There’s even a cheeky voyeur watching the intergenerational fun evolve – and when he can’t hold back any longer, he gets involved too. This is a kinky threeway you’ve got to see – movie.

Str8 Ryan Gets Sex Massage
Ryan Matthews comes in for a session with our in-house masseuse Chad Brock. This is Ryan’s first erotic massage and attempt at SeXploration. Chad begins by rubbing Ryan’s arms, back and legs and moves on with rubbing and fingering his tight hole, making Ryan’s hand tremor. On all 4’s, Chad gets in some more finger penetration and holds Ryan’s balls in one hand, while stroking his cock with the other. Chad rims Ryan’s hole with a little tongue action, which Ryan obviously likes! Ryan sits up and leans back against Chad, while he massages his front side. Laying on his back, Chad finishes Ryan off with some vigorous stroking action, with Ryan spewing an erupting cum shot – movies.

Abusing Young Leo Fox
Kenzie Madison soon gets to work on Leo Fox’s toned body and big cock before tying up his cock and balls, separating each cum filled nugget tightly with string. Leo is then put on his knees for Kenzie to begin anal play on his Tight hole. Kenzie’s fingers are soon replaced with a candle that is allowed to drip hot wax over Leo’s cock and balls before he brings him to orgasm – movie.

Interracial Pool Table Fuck
Igor thought he would get a quite came of billiards in and sink that 8 ball but he didn’t expect to be getting his balls busted by a big Black cock. When Buster sees Igor’s little white ass bent over the pool table he was tonguing it before Igor could get a shot off! Next thing Igor knew he was on his back on the pool table getting drilled by a 9×6 Black cock and being told to take it all bitch! He had no choice but to take that cock in any position Buster wanted – movie.

Three Soldiers Fucking
Three military studs, horny as hell, just need to suck didk and fuck ass. These muscular guys are ready to fuck until they cum – movie and photos.

Fucking Black Ass
Intrigue feasts on new cummer Mike Jarvis’ virgin cock in this video. And as part as of his big royal welcome, Intrigue even bends over and offers up his ass to that fat Black cock. Now that’s a welcoming committee and a half – movie.


Str8 Willy Wanking

Here’s a new sample video trailer from Broke Straight Boys. The site features Straight Boys that have agreed to Jack Off in front of the camera for much needed cash. The producer then tries getting these guys to do even more. The great thing is you never know what’s going to happen, as the producer pushes these boys to their Gay-4-Pay limits, and that’s what makes this site so popular. In this exclusive scene Big Dick Straight Boy Willy Beats Off.



New In Gay Porn Listings: 6-12-11

Big Dick Bobby Beats Off
Bobby Long saw Mason Star hanging out at my place as we were filming and he told me he wants to face-fuck him until his teeth fell off. The story of how I met Bobby is pretty cocky too. When he heard from my friend that I run a gay porn site he came up to me and said, ‘How the fuck am I not on your site already? Get your camera. I’m ’bout to jerk my big dick for ya.’ And boy I’m telling you – that dick is to bend over for. Just make sure you don’t drool too much over your keyboard – movie.

Pool Side Twink Threesome
Enrico Sanchez teases Dimitri Borodin and Chester Pool out of the water as he lathers up, then jerks off in the shower overlooking the pool. When the three hot twinks get together, it’s a frenzy of cock sucking action and fucking that leads to all three men spewing hot loads of goo and extreme sexual satisfaction – movie.

Rich Ryan Jerks Off
His hard pecs and tight abs are covered in well trimmed dark body fur and his collection of body art tells a story that only he knows. Getting to explore his exhibitionist streak we shot him outside so he could release his meaty cock for the world to see. Hung muscle studs like Rich are what make hardcore gay porn so exciting – movie.

Daddy Zack Fucks Matthew Ross
Slim, toned, and with luscious red lips, Matthew gets his beautiful cock sucked by beefy muscle bear Zack. Then it’s Matthew’s turn to show off his oral skills and he’s hot to watch, especially with that thick dick in his mouth as he looks up at Zack. Makes your balls tingle and the lust run through your veins! Watching Matthew get fucked is even hotter still, especially as he’s riding Zack and the two of them explode with massive cum loads – movie.

Santos and Rodriguez Flip Fuck
Santos and Rodriguez begin with deep kissing. They undo each others jeans and drop them down around their knees. Santos drops to his knees, sucking Rodriguez dick like a mad man. It’s pay back time and Rodriguez sucks Santos off. Ready for action, Santos takes position by sitting on Rodriguez cock. He then begins bouncing, while stroking his own cock, riding Rodriguez like the stallion he is. After switching back and forth, giving each other a good plowing, Santos strokes Rodriguez throbbing cock in front of his mouth and gets a mouth and face full of cum. Rodriguez sucks Santos balls while Santos jerks off, spewing a load all over his 6 pack abs, ending this fuck fest with dual release – movies.

Young Reece and Billy Fuck
Smooth ass gets stretched by thick cock. This is fantastic scene, great location in a typical rudeboiz flat makes you feel like you?re really there and can almost smell the sex coming off these smooth lads. Looking right up at his tight hole, we can see it get stretched in one of the horniest angles of the film, you really do want to reach out and feel the action for yourself – movie.

Spit Roasting Ryan Raz
Ryan Raz again proves he’s the ultimate bottom boy with this video. Sandwiched between the gorgeous Jason Crew and Brogan Reed, he’s the tasty center of a sexy spit roast that’ll have you wishing you could take his place if he didn’t look so damned good getting fucked – movie.

Dominik and Dan Flip Fuck
The scene starts out on a couch, with Dominik Rider giving hairy daddy Dan Rhodes the blowjob of his life. Dominik deep throats and slobbers on Dan’s cock, taking his time to savor every inch of it. Dan then bends Dominik over the couch and slides his big cock up inside Dominik’s hole. Both men talk nasty to each other while Dan fucks Dominik, eventually spilling his nut. Dan then gets on his knees and sucks Dominik’s cock and takes his load. They finish up with Dominik taking a turn as the top and plowing Dan’s hole – movie.

Young Threesome Daisy Chain Fuck
Ryan bottoms for both men here, and Jason gets his ass plowed as well. They engage in a chain fuck, with Christian fucking Jason and Jason fucking Ryan. What’s great about this scene is that they guy I pegged as most likely to bottom is the exclusive top in this scene – movie.

Hairy Leather Boys Sling Fucking
Watch those two bears in a swing where one gets his ass fucked with multiple toys before he gets a big cock deep inside his butt, stroking his dick and cumming – movie and photos.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 6-8-11

Muscular Pool Side Fuck
Chris claims to be a power bottom so Zebs Atlas invites him over and fucks him outdoors by the pool – photos.

Young Rafak Jerks Off
Hard bodied young stud Rafak stroking his big cock – photos.

Young Guys Fucking
I know you boys love young bucks wielding uncut meat in heated fucking, so I’ve got a blonde and brunette pair to spice up your screens in this video. Expect loads of cum and nasty hardcore ass-pounding with this complimentary pair of twinks – movie.

Parker Dildo Jacking
When Parker finds himself alone in his hotel he knows just how to keep from getting bored. And with a hungry bubble butt demanding service, he has no choice but to break out the blue butt tamer to cool his fire – movie and photos.

Fire Fighters Fucking
Fire in the hole! Yeah, you heard right; all the friction from these horny fire fighters is sure to mean sparks will fly. Watch as they slide down each other’s poles and man their own firehoses in a kinkiy orgy sure to keep your own fires burning at the same time – movie.

Latino Twins Gay Sex
This is from a great live show I did with the twins Gio and Dio back in 2008. That’s right…two smoking hot muscled Latinos together in a pair. Try and restrain yourselves as you watch it, boys – movie.

Locker Room Gay Sex Orgy
In the locker room, you will find hot guys just waiting to get their cock sucked or their ass fucked – movie and photos.

Hairy Dudes Fucking
Its a well matched pairing with Christian and Johnny. Johnny takes his time as he devours and deep throats Christian, inching his way down further and further around his thick warm longneck. Passions heat up steady as Johnny takes a seat right in Christian’s lap. Johnny bounces and glides on Christian’s greasy shaft, whipping his hips and ass muscles to clench with every pump of pleasure – movie.

Twink Interracial Gay Fuck
A boring day home alone leads to Brice McCullough and his Asian roommate Jon Lee searching for friends to chill with. Finding none, Brice shows Jon what two lonely boys can do for an afternoon. Both strip down to show their smooth twink bodies as Brice lifts Jon onto the glass kitchen table and fucks him. Transitioning to the bedroom, Jon climbs aboard Brice’s cock again, and both guys jacking off at the end – movies.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 6-4-11

Benito and David Gym Fuck
This scene begins with these two hot studs doing some cardio in the back room gym. It’s not long before the shorts go down and the cocks come out. Benito sucks David’s cock like crazy, while playing with his own cock and getting it rock hard. Once these hot gym studs are totally naked they take turns sucking each other off. After a long suck-a-thon Benito loosens up David’s ass and sticks his cock nice and hard and gives his a good fuck – photos.

Alex Granger and David White
While getting some cardio exercise, David White is distracted by Alex Granger, who’s getting a workout of his own right beside him. When Alex nearly stumbles, David is there to catch him. The minute they touch, their clothes fly off and David is soon on his knees, giving Alex a blowjob. The hot, blond stud returns the favor and, after a while, both young men rim each other before David bends Alex over and fucks his hot ass. Then it’s David’s turn to get fucked. He takes Alex’s cock up his tight pink hole, then rides him until they both erupt with juicy cum loads – movie.

Muscular Stud 3-way
Dallas Evans and Milo Sommers were both asking to do a scene with Eric because he’s just such a hot fuck. Since three is a lot more fun than two we threw both of them in. Milo stars fucking Eric’s hot ass while he eats out Dallas’ butt, while Dallas is making out with Milo. Take a moment to think about it, and then go watch the video – movie.

Sebatian Fucks Collin ONeal
A friend of mine in Colombia recommended Sebastian to me and gave me his MSN. I video chatted with Sebastian for about 5 minutes before I wanted to see me in person. I opened the door to my hotel room and I was very happy with what I saw. Then Sebastian puled down his pants and his curved uncut hard on popped out. When I saw a cock like that I decided why not let him have it. So yes, I let Sebastian put his big, curbed uncut cock up my ass – movie.

Kinky Asian Medical Exam
Our medical specialist Dr Twink has to see a new patient. Ice has been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days. Of course the Doc has just the right cure for this boy. He pulls out all his tools and starts an all natural treatment. After a kinky milk enema and a lot of anal action Ice starts to feel better – movies.

Braxton Takes Huge Cock
Matt whips out a huge, massive piece of meat and practically chokes Braxton with it as he pumps more and more cock down the tattooed blond’s throat. But Braxton doesn’t complain. In fact, he wants more! After rimming Matt’s beefy ass, it’s Braxton that bends over and takes the huge dick up his ass until they both explode with large loads that splatter all over Braxton’s flat belly – movie.

Friendly Neighborly Handjob
Karel Tichy has just turned 18 and horny as hell, he springs his uncut cock from his tattered leather pants and proceeds to take hold of himself, while rubbing and pinching his nipples. Karel continues stroking his cock and squeezing his balls, while rubbing himself up and down his smooth body. With no warning, up behind him emerges his neighbor, who begins rubbing Karel from chest to toe with oil. Turning his attention to Karel’s smooth bottom, his neighbor begins rubbing his ass, exposing his pulsating hole, taking him by the balls and uncut cock, he squeezes, while pulling and tugging downward, he succeeds in making Karel cum multiple times – movies.

Bad Boy Rick Fucks Brandon
Rick is one good son of a bitch! That fucker clearly does not give a fuck about anybody else but himself. He was nice enough to talk to the camera for a little bit before he started molesting Brandon who, by the way, absolutely loves being on the receiving end of any kind of sexual abuse. Talking about being a submissive bitch, Brandon takes a few pretty hard punches from Rick and at one point I thought he broke something. But no. I’m just sitting there in disbelief wondering if this was really happening in front of me or if I was having one of the best wet dreams ever – movie.

Big Dick Farm Boys Fuck
Denis Reed and Joey Intenso strip down to reveal fat 8 inches of farm cock that needs attention. Denis teases Joey’s cock with his hot mouth and gets it all rock hard before he bends Joey over and finger fucks his hot farm boy ass. Spitting on it and getting it all wet, Denis slides his fat cock up that farm boy ass making Joey moan and beg for a pounding. Riding his cock like he does a horse Joey takes it deep – movie.

Antonio Biaggi Jerks Off
No one can give a solo performance quite like Antonio. He just has so much to work with, it hardly seems fair to the other solo artists that toss for our cameras. This well-hung, bald hottie could entertain the masses with his monster cock for days. So strap in and enjoy another one-man show with the big dicked spunk – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 6-1-11

Rough Trade Sling Fuck
Tony Buff runs into Doc Benway on the street and lures the punk down to an abandoned storage area under the street. Buff, in the mood for some heavy punching and impact play, has a willing candidate in Benway as the pain pig happily and with great pleasure takes everything Buff has to give, including heavy punching, spit, deep kissing and pit smelling – movie.

Latin Leo’s Sex Show
I met hot firecracker Leo dancing at a club in Tijuana. He had such sexy moves and such a nice personality that I thought I would go up and talk to him. Right before he was about to leave I proposed he come and do a private dance in my hotel room in Tijuana and he agreed. So I then cleared off a table, he jumped up on it, and then did a private strip dance for me – movie.

Miro and Otto Barn Fuck
It’s muscle on muscle as jocks Miro and Otto hook up in an abandoned barn and take to each other’s cocks like a pair of wild animals. After sucking and slurping on their partner’s tools it’s on to some fierce fucking; putting those fine physiques to some energetic work – movie.

Bad Boy Rick Nolan Strokes Off
Rick is the type of guy that every gay dude beats off to while dreaming of sucking his dick. He’s the quiet type that your mama warned you about. I met him at a sex party when I was in Montreal. There were two guys on their knees sucking his dick while he was checking some random shit on his phone as if they weren’t even there. From time to time he’d smack the “bitches” (as he likes to call them) and spit on them to make sure they behaved and were well soaked in his juices by the time he was ready to cover them with his load. Shooting his jizz into those hungry bitch-mouths was his birth-given right and he totally owned it. I knew I had to have him on the site – movie.

Relentless Contorted Ass Fucking
With the late afternoon light fading into darkness, Aybars and Logan McCree finally get the chance to trade off sucking and fucking. Logan goes first, freeing Aybars’ big cock from his jeans for a suck. With the fireplace all ablaze behind them, Aybar then starts fucking Logan’s ass. The two men move into different positions, working hard to glean as much pleasure and satisfaction from the relentless, contorted fucking – movie.

Simon Tanner Jerks Off
Simon Tanner, a 23 year old bisexual stud from the UK. Laid back in his chair, Simon runs his hands down in his jeans, massaging his cock. The jeans come off, followed by his bright yellow, ball hugging briefs. His road to self satisfaction is paved with a session of masturbation, hole stretching and fingering that is so hot, that when he blows his thick creamy load, you’ll be blowing yours at the same time – movies.

Gym Fucking
First day at the gym, and already these guys managed to sneak into a room and engage in some hot fucking – movie and photos.

Young Ryan Beats Off
Would you check out the thick knob at the end of Ryan Matthew’s long cock. I mean, that thing would fucking hurt being shoved inside you. Lucky for our twink bottoms, Ryan is solo in this video and happy to show off that monster along with his sweet-looking tattooed body – movie.

Black Thug Gym Sex Orgy
It’s time to hit the gym with a gang of all new thugs, just as horny and ready to rumble as our last group of orgy-loving recruits. They make use of all the work-out benches as only our thugs know how in this first peek at a whole new series of Black gay group sex – movie.