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New In Gay Porn Listings: 7-28-11

Big Dick Tony Jacking
Tony is a 6′ 2”, 175 pound, 18 year old San Diego native who fantasizes about having sex out in the sand dunes on his dirt bike. One of his tattoos says ”Ride til I Die”…which is exactly what you’re going to want what to do with his 9′ inch cock. Experienced riders only though; you’ll have to be able to handle the girth that compliments his length- movie and photos.

Gym Fucking Hairy Boys
Reese made full use of all the workout equipment in the gym to bend Chris over and fuck his ass like there was no tomorrow. They got quite a workout, being two sweaty horny gym jocks going all hardcore until Reese shot a huge load all over Chris’ back and Chris followed it up with his own spray of jizz all over his own furry chest – movie.

Young Daniel Jerks Off
Cute twink Daniel masturbates on a bean bag chair – photos.

Cum Filled Boys
Whether standing, doing it Doggy Style, Sitting, Laying or kneeling, these two hot muscular studs fuck in the bedroom before filling each other’s holes with jizz – photos.

Pool Side Twinks Fuck
Hernando and Daniel enjoying the hot sun hop in the pool to cool off but only to find when they exit the pool their still hot and horny. Making out pool side, their hands exploring each others tight firm bodies. Jerking each other getting firm and thick, taking turns blowing each other. Getting sixty nined and a finger in the ass, before bending over and taking every inch of his mates thick hard cock while jerking his fat cock. Pulling out and unleashing his creamy load all over his young lover while he sprays his own load – photos.

David and Francesco Flip Fuck
Francesco makes out with David before the boys goes down on each other. Francesco then attacks David from the rear, burying his face between his round asscheeks to munch on his hole. Then he slams his big dick inside and fucks him. They change places and David fucks his partner up the ass, pumping it as hard and as fast as he can until he withdraws and creams Francesco’s face and chest with his cum. Francesco sits back and masturbates, ending their exhaustive session with an explosion of his creamy spooge – movie.

Latino Fucks Blond Stud
At one point Marcelo is fucking him so hard you can’t even see the end of the condom as it is buried deep within Rocky’s ass. Both our boys finish this scene off while cumming simultaneously onto Rocky’s milky white chest – movie.

Sling Fuck 3-way
Hot threesome in a dungeon where every ass gets fucked. Hot muscle bears who enjoy big cock in the ass – movie.

Petr Strokes His Cock
Young Petr Zykov is at home after a long day, looking to release some stress. He removes his shirt and pulls his jeans down, exposing his large uncut cock, which he begins to stroke. Petr removes his jeans, lying back on the couch where he resumes jacking off, giving you a front row view of his warm hairy hole. Petr takes his cock in hand and with very little effort at all, delivers a huge stream of cum right before your very eyes – movies.

Skater Dudes Fucking
Set on location in Sydney, Australia, this video sees well hung, uncut hottie Remy Delaine hooking up with the equally stunning Cameron James. The duo meet rollerblading through the city’s beautiful locales, before escaping back to an apartment for some big cock worship – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 7-24-11

Big Cock Porn Star 3-way
Tommy, Donny and Damien get busy kissing and groping to kick things off.Tommy and Donny sink to their knees and take turns sucking Damien’s chubby cock, juicing it up with spit. Then Damien tackles his two friends’ dicks, gagging on one and then the other. Ready for more, the three studs start to fuck and then one after the other, they shoot their wads – movie.

Interracial 3-way Cum Facial
Crazy facials for these hot studs. Cum in and watch as they shoot off their loads – movie and photos.

Hairy Man Threesome
The sexual energy is tremendous as these men suck dick and eat ass taking turns in the shadows of the hallway. Martin dives into J.’s beautiful hole first while J. sucks Remy’s cock. Remy’s ass is next for rimming as Martin and Remy are lip locked. When Martin throws his legs up for dick Remy obliges and plunges his huge uncut cock. Both Martin and J. then proceed to take turns on Remy’s fat dick – movie.

Hairy and Black Gay Fuck
Taking both of their cocks in his hand Eric stroked them like they were one, really showing off how hot the contrast of their skin tone was. But it wasn’t until Jackson shoves his cock deep into Eric’s hungry hole that he realized how wild this ride was going to be. Eric does his pelvic magic, jerking off Jackson with his talented ass and Jackson thanks him but covering his furry chest with a nice thick coating of jizz – movie.

Element Eclipse Sounding
Element Eclipse is a pain pig in training – and he happens to have an 11-inch super cock that is one of the nicest penises in porn. What is amazing is that Element can take so much steel inside his dick. He’s not using just a little sound or a tiny toy – we are talking about long, rough, severe dick toys that make you wince when you see him plunging them rapid fire down his open piss hole. Watch as he takes a long, ribbed rod and shoves it all the way down his dick, all 12 inches deep – movie.

Sucking Off Str8 John
In this scene, the house camera man and slut goes down on Straight BOy John’s big dick, giving him his first blowjob from another guy – photos.

Muscular Heath Jordan
Don’t miss this exclusive photo set of adult film star Heath Jordan as he bares all of his masculine semi-hairy body, as if his blue eyes and handsome face were not enough – photos.

Santino Jacks Off
Big, black beauty Santino Vega is back to give us another look at that incredible donkey dick and built, tattooed flesh – movie.

Young Tomas Jerks Off
As Tomas Lucky begins stroking, he feels the tension leaving his body. Tomas lays back and begins slapping and spreading his ass, massaging it with both hands. He moves across the room, laying on a cabinet and goes to town, jerking fast and hard. When he peaks, he squirts a huge stream of cum on his stomach and half way up his chest – movies.

Kinky Japanese Boys
Japanese twinks Masataka and Hiroto are back for more fun and games. Horny Hiroto starts by licking Masataka’s body and sucking his cock. Then he finds a trusty toy vibrator, and inserts into Hiroto’s twitching butt hole. Then, after some foot play, its back to sucking dick and shooting Cum – photos.


Young Artur and David Fuck

In this scene, 19 year old David Skabeta walks along the canal, in hopes of hooking up with 18 year old Artur Lafek. As he cuts through some trees in the park, Artur is waiting. They head for Artur’s apartment. Having not seen each other in weeks the two are horny and ready to engage each other like they did that first night together. The boys kiss and undress each other, revealing their Naked bodies and Uncut Dicks. David drops to his knees to Suck Artur’s Cock. Both standing, they massage each others foreskin, before Artur drops to his knees to service his friend’s Dick. They move to the sofa for some 69 until Artur stands, placing his Dick in David’s mouth, just prior to a good Ass Rimming. Now comes what they’ve been waiting for, Fucking every which way, with David giving in first, followed by Artur creaming David with a final thick Cum load across his neck and chest.

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New In Gay Porn Listings: 7-20-11

Muscular Flip Fuck
Ryan’s finger makes Chip beg for his larger rock hard cock to plunge deep inside, which Ryan is more than happy to do. Chip shoots a spray of jizz all over his smooth chest. But it just doesn’t satisfy, so he has to ram Rockford for all he’s worth and when he’s through, Ryan shoots a nice thick load all over Chip’s face. But not to be outdone, Chip goes for the gold as he works up another load and shoots twice in the same scene – movie.

Musclebound Warehouse 3way
Come and check out these muscular men fucking like dogs. From BJs to rough fucks in different positions so much testosterone coming out of this room. If you walked in just get ready to get fucked and swallow cum – movies.

Big Cock Latinos Fucking
Renato Morales can’t seem to take his eyes off of Pedro Loma’s cock, though, until he’s mesmerized by it and leans over to give it a taste. When Pedro starts fucking him, it’s not immediately evident that he will be able to handle such a big piece up his ass. He makes it through, though, and takes Pedro’s long, slow fucking without any complaining. It’s not long after he pulls himself off that torture device before he’s draining his nuts on his own stomach while Pedro takes matters into his own hands and does the same – movie.

Muscular Soldier Fuck
Hairy Arabian heart throb Sami Damo has a tight cut body that looks very nice next to the beefy bod of Paul Wagner in this video. Sami is hanging lose, smoking a fag and Paul gets distracted by his striking Middle Eastern looks. It’s not long before the boys are sucking rimming and fucking at base camp – movie.

Muscular Derrick Beats Off
Derrick is all pumped up and ready to show off what he’s worked so hard in accomplishing. After a bit of teasing, he gets down to business and his business is all about making you hard, horny and ready to blow your load right along with him. Derrick begins stroking fast and furious, delivering a thick white creamy cumshot, right to your front door – movies.

Luke Cross Fucks Brian Woodard
This scene brings us Luke Cross enjoying Brian Woodward’s young ass. They share some 69er fun first. Then Luke hops on that boi hole and works it with tongue and cock. Brian’s hole drinks up the cum and then he licks his top’s Cock clean – movie.

Muscular College Boy Jacking
Sexy stud Stefan rubs lotion all over his ripped body – photos.

Spit Roasting Diego Catalan
Diego Catalan is a phat ass bottom and Buster Sly took notice when he buried his face deep in that ass to get it all wet and play with that tight Latin hole. But not before Buster gave Diego a good face fucking his thick uncut cock deep down that throat. But while Buster was eating that butt out the camera man made Diego suck his cock too. Talk about getting it in both ends – movie.

Caedon Fist Fucks Ashley
Ashley and Caedon enter the dungeon, and immediately get into a hardcore make out session. Ashley asks for him to go deeper before he hands Caedon gloves and lube signaling that he wants much more. Caedon gets right to work fingers, then hands and then fists and wrists each deeper and with more satisfied grunts and groans from Ashley. While Caedon’s fully inside him, he flips to all fours allowing Caedon to drive even deeper, sliding one hand in after the other and causing this greedy boy to open his cavernous hole even wider – movie.

Asian Interracial Threesome
Koa starts by kissing him while Nathan sucks his cock. Soon they switch positions and cute Asian boy Koa is doing all the sucking while Nathan is busy on Damian’s nipples. Before long both of these hot boys are busy sucking his cock at the same time. This is just plain fucking hot and it’s obvious that Damian is in heaven – photos.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 7-16-11

Bathroom Sex Orgy
Missionary group sex in the bathroom, after Michael has been caught masturbating all-alone – movie and photos.

Phenix Fucks Pool Boy Jimmy
Not much of a storyline in this scene – Phenix Saint was laying by the pool, naked, when Jimmy came over to clean the pool. Phenix asked Jimmy to put some lotion on his back. Jimmy got fucked – movie.

Damien Fucks Troy Daniels
Troy’s ass is more accommodating than his throat as Damien pounds him from behind, an erotic mix of pleasure and pain showing on his face. Troy lays back and spreads his legs wide so Damien can rim his hungry hole to get it nice and wet before the next round of fucking. Troy cheers Damien on to fuck him harder and harder until both blow big, juicy loads – movie.

Young John and David Flip Fuck
While playing a board game, John Parker and David Wood soon wind up playing a different sort of game. One that involves some very stiff pieces, pretty red lips, and plenty of tongue action. After taking turns showing off their oral talents, the two jocks rim each other until David throws his legs up in the air for David to do with as he wishes. The dark haired stud shoves his big, uncut dick inside and fucks John before pulling out and taking John up his own ass. David rides his fuckbud, milking the shaft with his hole until they both spew buckets of cum – movie.

Young Bobby Beats Off
Bobby Long shows off his beautiful uncut cock before laying back on the couch and sliding two fingers deep inside his asshole. He slowly grinds his fingers in and out of his body then pulls out to show off his bright red asshole as it gapes open and begs for more. He stretches his hole wide open then sprays himself down with a huge load of cum – photos.

Thugzilla Rough Fucks Big Tease
In no time, Big Tease shows he’s more than his name by deep throating his friend with slick expertise. Thugzilla taunts him while slapping his thick, fly tool against the boy’s handsome face. Thugzilla wastes no time slamming that hot mocha hole, pulling Big Tease’s hair, and spanking his perfect ass. After pile driving the lad with every inch of his beer can cock, Thugzilla sprays a shower of cum all over Big Tease’s face and chest. The boy obediently sticks out his tongue to lap up every drop – movie.

Str8 Mac Gets Erotic Massage
Mac has been with his girlfriend for 3 years. He is straight, but considers himself open minded. Chad begins rubbing Mac up and down his entire body, slipping his hands between Mac’s ass cheeks and gently massages his hairy hole. Chad pushes his finger deeper and you can see a subtle smile on Mac’s face. Chad loves opportunities like these and cannot wait to see how Mac feels after his first erotic massage given by another man – movies.

Latino Puppy Play Fetish
Alessio Romero and Leo Forte team up for what is not your typical puppy play pairing. This is straight up dog-on-dog action and watching these two Latin studs battle it out for the role of Alpha dog, with their puppy tail butt plugs and seeing them in puppy hoods makes this one unique. If puppy play is your fetish then watching these sloppy dogs, growl, spit, suck and fuck their way to a cum filled finale will undoubtedly have you blowing your load, too.

Castro Big N Thick
This cinnamon skinned Latin papi teases us on the balcony with a glimpse of his huge thick cock before stroking it until he blows his load all over himself – photos.

Leo Gets Wrapped
Leo James is found chained to the ceiling of the mill by Kenzie Madison who soon takes advantage of this situation and begins to mummify poor Leo in clingfilm. Once Leo is completely restrained, Kenzie then hooks him up for some electro play, stimulating his cock and balls until he is ready to explode. Finally Leo is wanked to a very messy climax – movie.


Daddy Bond Does Ryan Raz

This dynamic between two well-known pornstars really hits the mark. Ryan Raz and Bruno Bond aretwo powerhouses of the Porn industry who make one hell of an intergenerational team. Watch as mature and Hairy Muscle Daddy Bond shows this young. hairless up and comer who’s the boss.

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New In Gay Porn Listings: 7-12-11

Sex Toys and Fisting
Christian Rock’s long cock fits well in Frank Young’s mouth and then his asshole. Frank also gets double fucked several times with a cock and dildo combination. Next, a water bottle gets used, and then finally a fist – movie.

Cayden and Chris Rough Fuck
When two powerhouses like Cayden Ross and Chris Rockway start fuckin’ around there’s no telling what will happen. Cayden likes it a little rough so when Chris grabbed his hair and started riding him like a wild buck, Cayden was more than ready and then some. And for the icing on the cake Chris shoots a nice big load all over Cayden’s upper chest – movie.

Muscle Studs Fucking
See two hot muscle studs in ‘Muscle Car Club’ where huge cocks penetrate some tight asses – movie and photos.

Cock Sucking Str8 Asian
Mac is obviously nervous in the shoot. He starts by undressing and rubbing his cock through his jeans. Soon the horny cameraman is helping him by rubbing his cock, sucking his nipples, and eventually going in for the kill; taking his cock deep in his mouth. It’s not long before this straight Asian boy is shooting a huge load of juicy cum all over his lean Asian body – photos.

Young Christian and Mason Gym Fuck
It’s time to hit the gym with muscle twinks Mason Wyler and Christian Owen. But they’re in for a training session of a whole other sort. Watch them use punching bags, weight tables and whatever else is available as they suck and fuck each other in this hardcore practice session – movie.

Big Dick Frankie Malone
Petite twink Frankie Malone masturbates after wrestling practice – photos.

Big Dick Latino Jerking Off
Alex is full of energy and his underwear is filled with an uncut 10″ cock. Don’t miss him as he plays with his balls and his big dick creeps out from behind his foreskin. Wow what a sight – movies.

Young Artur Jacks Off
Lying back, looking at you with his dreamy eyes, Artur Lafek holds his large uncut cock, pulling his foreskin to and fro, showing off his dick. He slowly strips, while rubbing his perfect athletic body. He reclines on the couch, massaging his balls and stroking his cock. With his legs pulled back, Artur massages and fingers his hairy hole. Assuming the position, he grips his manhood, jerking his way to a thick, pearly white and creamy cumshot – movies.

Playing With Str8 Boy Jay
Jay is a 21 year old straight boy from San Diego. Blow jobs are his favorite but only if they swallow. While he says he is only in to girls, he says he loves sex so much that he’d put his cock in any hole. Our camera man takes an active role in this film, first helping Jay out by playing with his cock, before dropping his pants and getting a hand job from Jay. As his cum squirts out all over Jays belly, Jay becomes more excited and shoots his load too. Maybe Jay won’t be straight for long – movie and photos.

Threesome Sofa Fuck
These three ripped Euro boys relax by the open fire, the mood getting them all randy for a love-in. Two of the sexy lads engage in some foreplay while a third plays voyeur to the ensuing action. Then it’s all on as the trio join forces and produce a hot and steamy threeway on the couch – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 7-8-11

Jake Austin Beats Off
Inked stud Jake Austin is only too happy to give us another look at that tattooed body, those big nipples, that long cock and perfect ass in this solo video. What a catch this twink is – movie.

Adrian Long Fucks Mason Star
Mason Star hooks up with big dick Adrian Long. There was so much chemistry between them – they fucked like a couple that has been together for years. Seeing Mason devour that big piece of uncut meat with each hole on his body will make anybody shoot instantly. Last but not least, please don’t watch this scene unless you’re absolutely sure you want to witness one of the most amazing cum shots – movie.

Adorable Young Ralph Jacking
Cute twink Ralph rubbing his cock hard – photos.

Spit Roasting Young Vic Degai
Luke Besson and Vic Degai are making out hot and heavy when Tommy Hard walks in on them and a threeway ensues that includes a hell of a lot of dick sucking, ball munching, cock sharing, and hole stretching. Not one mouth is left untouched as each man takes turns sucking and getting sucked. Oral sex turns to Vic’s hole getting primed and spit lubed. The twink gets spit roasted and even Luke gets his sweet ass fucked before all three explode with huge loads, sharing every last drop of cum – movie.

Muscular Stud Threesome
Brett Swanson gets to be the bottom boy for Reese Rideout and Patrick Dunne. After all the dick sucking and ass fucking Brett can’t hold off any longer. Reese’s cock is just what he needs and he shoots his load with Reese still inside him. And without missing a beat, Reese pulls out and barely gets the condom off before covering Brett in his hot love juice – movie.

Young Euro 3-way
It’s young Euro threeway time, guys, and boy have I got a hot trio of sexy Czech boys for you to enjoy. These muscle twinks with their sweet uncut cocks are going to have you steaming up the screens before they even take their clothes off – movie.

Mediterranean Stud Fuck
If you like your men young, muscled and beefy, look no further than Ennio Guardi and Thor. These swarthy, Mediterranean studs are hot enough by themselves. Together, they just downright sizzle. Thor’s mouth stretching wide to accommodate Ennio’s fat cock will make you bust a load but if not, wait until the end and you see the huge load of cum that erupts from that beautiful piece of meat – movie.

Big Cock Sex Show
In 2007 we did a live show and always wanted to reedit it and give you guys a better quality video. Im sure you guys are going to like the end result featuring my model Bira and his buddy Andre – movie.

Kyle Power Fucks Young Adam
Tasting each others long thick dicks, these two boys lick and suck every available part of their bodies before Adam can’t take it and starts to bounce on Kyle’s cock, making his knob twitch even harder than before. Both boys have stunning bodies, smooth and tattooed. Kyle pounds incessantly into Adam’s hole. Feeling it slide ever deeper, Adam jerks himself into a creamy orgasm as Kyle grinds down, his sweaty body flexing at every thrust – movie.

Diego Gets Jack Hammered
Diego loves to work cock with his talented Latin ass, and Damien is a guy who loves to throw down in every position twice. Diego gets jack hammered, and flipped in every direction in this video. Damien is clearly calling all the shots from force feeding Diego his load, to making sure not a drop is wasted when he loads up his ass – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 7-4-11

Interracial Twink Cum Fest
Welcome cute Koa from the Phillipines, a cute and nerdy European Asian boy Damian and a white twink with a big cock named Nathan. This video is all about the cum; actually getting the cute Asian boy’s face plastered in cum. Watch as the cute white boy gets the blow job of his life and finally shoots an amazing load of cum all over Koa – photos.

Coutry Road Gay Threesome
Tom and his buddies are out for some walk outside, and they found an empty spot nearby where they could have sex in peace – movie and photos.

Chris Neal and Jake Wetmore
Chris plows Jake’s ass relentlessly as he pile drives his huge cock into Jake’s deep ass crack. The scene reaches its climax when Jake rides Chris’s cock cowboy style as he jerks out a huge load of cum all over his chest and pecs. Chris throws Jake onto his knees doggie style and drops his nut all over his twitching hole. The scene concludes as Jake licks and cleans up all the cum from Chris’ sloppy cock – movie.

Daddy Fucks Mojo
Bearded and masculine Rusty Stevens takes on the delicious young jock Marcus Mojo in this sneak peek XXX encounter. If you want to see a ripped, blond beauty being completely fucked by his older, rugged companion, this is a dynamic duo not to be missed – movie.

Muscular Lawson Beats Off
Lawson Kane has a body to die for and looks mighty hot as he rubs and strokes his big black uncut cock, pulling it out of his bulging red briefs. He sits back and begins rubbing and stroking his monster cock, pulling the foreskin up and down. Lawson stands up and bends over, rubbing and tugging his man meat, pulling downward, prior to fingering the rim of his hole. Lawson sits down, leaning back as he jerks his way to a thick creamy cumshot, which he spreads all over his defined abs – movie.

Young Threesome Gym Fuck
After sucking on both, Luke Taylor and David Road, Connick Dade gets David in the middle. The adorable, innocent looking beefy twink gets both holes skewered by Luke and Connick. After a while, tattooed Connick is on his back, on the weight bench with Luke riding his enormous dick and David feeding him his own tool. Soon, the three young men shoot their loads, leaving Connick drenched in cum – movies.

Horny Stud Sex Orgy
We got four studs right here to entertain you in a plentiful gay group sex scene – movie and photos.

Rock Hard Tank
Tank has the bulging biceps and pecs that you wish he would wrap you up and bury your face into his chest before you work your way down his washboard abs and huge black cock – photos.

Muscular Derek Jerks Off
At 6 foot 220 pounds Derek Atlas looks like someone you’d hate to run into in a dark alley but would love to bump into in a bathhouse. When he’s down on all fours and smacking a pair of firm round globes that house a deliciously hungry hole you’ll find your jaw somewhere around your knees and a creamy spot of precum in your shorts – movie.

Draven Fucks Felipe
Draven Torres follows horse hung Felipe Carson home after a gym work out. Felipe allows Draven into his apartment and the two waste no time in getting down to action. Felipe sucks on Draven’s pretty uncut cock a bit and then Draven returns the favor not knowing how huge Felipe really is and is surprised, but takes on his huge cock. Felipe then shows Draven his ass allowing Draven to not worry about being plowed by such a horselike cock. Draven fucks Felipe every which way until Felipe cums and the Draven returns the favor all over Felipe – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 7-1-11

Drew and Petr Fuck
Drew makes the first move, removing Petr’s underwear; licking and sucking his cock. Petr moves to the floor where he begins sucking Drew. On the couch, they 69 until Drew begins rimming Petr. With his hole good and moist, Petr sits down on Drew’s dick, receiving a good hard lap fuck. They fuck on their sides while Drew begins stroking Petr’s cock. Drew rolls Petr to his back and gives it to him front and backward. He pulls out and squirts a big facial cum shot on Petr, who sucks Drew clean. Petr quickly jacks off, letting go on Drew’s face – movies.

Behind The Scenes
Drew stands over cameraman Steve and strokes his dick really showing off the size. His cock is really the star of the show! Drew fucks Logan doggie style as Steve gets all the hot camera angles. Logan’s ass needs a break, so Bruno jumps in to take over fluffing duties making sure that Drew stays nice and hard. When Logan returns, Steve directs him to lie on his back so Drew can pound his hungry hole. When the guys cum, it is an explosive on camera moment that you have to see to believe – movie.

Bobby’s New Bitch
1 Black wanting to be fucked by 2 huge big black cocks. Anyone say 3some? Hell Yeah!!! This is just a hot video with so many things happening from blowjobs, fucking, rimming, so many different positions. Are you ready to start jacking off and cum – movies.

Eat My Hole
Factory Video Productions presents Eat My Hole! The guys aren’t shy about putting their tongues down an asshole to prepare it for a good fucking – movie.

Muscular Gay Barn Fuck
In a barn, you always know what’s gonna happen between two hot muscular studs: Ass rimming, blowjobs, anal sex and huge cumshots – movie and photos.

Str8 Cable Guy Fucks Me
Stag Homme is back with another scorching hot episode of Straight Man Fucks Me! Once again Francesco DMacho is on the hunt for hot and horny young straight men that are willing to give him a good pounding with their fat hetero cocks for some money! This time DMacho was able to strike a deal with an incredibly beautiful cable-guy. This is one blindfolded hunk that youd give anything to for an assful of his fat piece! Watch it all come to a warm and gooey chaotic climax all over Francescos face – movie.

Star, Saint and Clay 3-Way
What do you get when you put three hot, horny, monster dicked boys together and let them do whatever they want? After a whole day of sucking, fucking, spit licking, and a few buckets of cum this scene definitely breaks the record for cum shooting – movie.

Topher Fucks Top Boy Austin
Topher and Austin show us some excellent oral sex in a fantastic 69 position and then Austin Wilde gets fucked hard by that big tool of Topher’s. Austin doesn’t bottom much, but he will stick his ass up in the air for the right guy–and Topher is definitely the right guy – movie.

Muscular Triple Cum Shot
If you’ve never seen Travis at work before you might not know that he just doesn’t stop. Andrew goes in for more with some hardcore ass fucking and Travis shoots a second load. They flip and finally Andrew gets his, and you can tell he’s been waiting all day. He shoots such a load that some of it almost flies past his head and the rest pools in a little lake of jizz pooled in between his pecs. Not to be outdone, Travis jerks himself off and shoots yet a third load – movie.

Extreme Penetration
Think the fist is as big as it gets in this extreme penetration one-on-one with Dyn0 and Joey Jordan? Think again. There’s all manner of ass toy about to be used in this hardcore ass-stretching. Settle in for quite the boundary pusher – movie.