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New In Gay Porn Listings: 9-27-11

Marco Bon Phoenix – POV
When you see how hot Marco Bon Phoenix looks sucking the cameraman’s huge cock you’ll instantly feel like you’re the one getting serviced in this POV scene filmed with the sole purpose of making you feel like this twink is there just for you. And just wait until you see him getting fucked – movie.

Young Kenzie Jerks Off
Kenzie Madison masturbating his cock on the leather sofa – photos.

Handy Man Gay Fuck
As both of these muscled hairy guys start stroking their massive tools, and showing off in front of each other the temperature soars. It’s not long before Carlo has his face buried deep in Spanners hairy bubble butt, his tongue probing and rimming deeply. Spanner, can’t get enough of Carlos fat man meat and jumps on top riding Carlo deep and hard – movie.

Asian and White Boy Fuck
The video starts with Erick getting Austin’s dick rock hard. After juicing up that cock, Austin can take it no more and needs to plow some ass. These two boys fuck passionately, and then Austin pulls out just in time to spurt his twink jizz all over Erick’s cute face – photos.

Twink Kitchen Fuck
When Gabe Russel walks into the kitchen and finds his twink roommate, Roberto Allegretto, looking for something to eat he decides to strip him down and feed him his cock. After some mutual cock sucking, Gabe rims Roberto’s ass and then fucks him all over the kitchen, until they each gives each other a mouth full of warm cum – movie.

Colin Power Fucks Joey Milano
Colin Steele relentlessly pummels Joey Milano deep and hard. Joey shakes and quivers as he is fucked by Colin panting to sweaty exhaustion. The scene reaches its climax when Joey sits on Colin’s rock hard cock and rides him cowboy style. He lets loose a huge load all over his chest and pecs. Colin quickly follows and busts his nut alongside Joey – movie.

Skinny College Boy Jacking
Super slim and smooth Sean White tugs on his firm cock – photos.

Luke Cross Fucks Orion Cross
Orion sucks Luke’s cock while Luke helps himself to a taste of Orion’s juicy pink hole. He rims Orion, then fucks him doggy style. Orion is happy as can be, telling Luke to slap his ass and pound him hard. And that’s just what Luke does. He sinks his ringed cock deep into Orion’s loose hole, then spews his creamy manjuice into Orion’s open mouth while Orion blows his own load – movie.

Josh Jacking Outdoors
Youthful, handsome, and with a great body, Josh Conners is such an adorable guy. He loved being naked in the woods while letting his hands roam over this smooth skin, slippery with sweat and sunscreen, tweaking a nipple while his other hand slides effortlessly up and down the shaft of his hard cock. And when the heat of the moment grows to a fevered pitch he shoots long ropes of cum all over that smooth chest of his – movie.

Smoking Hot Gay Sex
Most people like to have a cigarette after a hot steamy sex session but Igor Lucas and Zac Zaven smok the whole time they are getting it on. Igor rims out his ass and slaps it hard letting Lucas know he was the boy doing as daddy. Then Zac sucks Igor’s cock deep, so he can fuck his hole. Six cigarettes later Igor shoots his load all over the place – movie.


Young AJ Fucks Ian

In this scene, AJ Fucks Ian so hard he had a difficult time walking for a week, but Ian took every bit of AJ and his power Cock. Before the Fucking of his life, Ian got a good taste of AJs Dick and practically gagged on it, then found out how good AJ can Suck Cock. It’s a good thing AJ loosened Ian up a bit first with some heavy Ass play. Check out the look on Ian’s face when AJ gets three fingers deep into that beautiful hole.

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New In Gay Porn Listings: 9-23-11

Interracial Jail Cell Rough Fuck
Cooper enters the cell block to teach Tommy Rawlins a lesson for mouthing off. Cooper brutally dunks Rawlins head in the jail cell toilet several times before whipping out his big cock and forcing it down Rawlins throat. Cooper face fucks the inmate till he is choking and gasping for his breath. Rawlins proceeds to take everything Cooper gives him including being sodomized by a night stick and a prison style ass pounding – movie.

Big Dick Twink Jacking
David Newsome stroking his cock outdoors – photos.

Young Brody Bottoms for Diego
This young couple are dating and horny for each other so you’re in for some hot sex. The guys say they are versatile but today cute Brody is bottoming for handsome Diego – movie.

Bruno Durango Fucks Jared Michael
This video is of a live show done last year featuring big hunk Bruno getting to fuck Jared Michaels with his massive cock. And as you can see, Jared loves every inch of it deep inside him. He really rides it well – movie.

Bad Cop and Voyeur Fuck
When an interrogation gets extra saucy, who can blame a good voyeur for wanting to jerk off to the bad cop getting some real justice? See both a hot fuck session and the jerk off of a peeping tom in this hot little scene – movie.

Young Kyle Jerks Off
Redhead Kyle Powers proves his carpet matches the drapes – photos.

Hairy Big Cock Threesome
Huessein is washing himself off in an outdoor shower as this video begins. As he exits the shower he finds Tamas Esterhazy and Matthieu Paris in the nearby hot tub. As Huessein joins them, the dick sucking begins and the eternally hairy, Huessein becomes the center of this amazing threesome. They continue to fuck as the sun begins to set, and soon the cum begins to fly – movie.

Young AJ Fucks Tyler
Tyler starts with a nice round of oral action on AJ’s cock. AJ takes Tyler’s briefs off and begins ravishing Tyler’s cock, giving it a good oral workout, while stroking his own cock. AJ mounts and rides him like a stallion. AJ has Tyler bend over so he can do him doggie style, with some ass pounding action. Tyler moves to his back on the couch where AJ brings him to his peak, blowing an explosive load across his abs and chest. AJ’s then blasts cum all over Tyler, leaving him cum coated – movies.

Damien and Jason Flip Fuck
Damien Crosse is stroking on his thick Cuban steak when jock strapped and arm banded Jason Adonis gets his attention. In a moment, Jason is on his knees servicing the stud’s cock. Jason soon bends Damien over and rims his ass, getting it primed for a pounding. He starts smooth and slow, and then he picks up the pace and rhythm, delivering every inch with strength and force. Then the hungry bottom wants to ride his hot top, and moans and grunts in appreciation as he does – movie.

Cowboy Stud Fuck
Andrew starts by giving Jarrett one fuck of a blowjob and Jarrett reciprocates by working Andrew’s pole, slapping it on his tongue and taking all of it deep down his hungry suckhole. Then Andrew rides Jarrett like a bucking bronco right there in the open field for all to see. It’s not long before both of them are shooting nice thick loads within seconds of each other – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 9-20-11

Gym Flip Fuck
Hot muscle jock Alex Moretti wanted to get a workout so his buddy Lucas Tylor offered to spot him. Of course, it didn’t take long before Lucas had Alex’s shorts off. After some cock sucking, Lucas gets bent over and fucked. Then Lucas put Alex on the bench and fucked his ass – movie.

Fucking Thai Boy Kit
While Kit is stroking his cock the cameraman is rubbing in all the right places and soon takes over for Kit. When jerking isn’t enough he starts sucking Kit, taking all of his cock deep inside his mouth. The action moves to the bed where Kit’s smooth Asian ass gets loosened up and fucked – photos.

Latin College Boys Fuck
After a bit of swapping blow jobs, Francesco finally allowed Kamilo to slid that curved cock into his tight ass. Kamilo pumped until he finally pulled out and came all over Francesco’s ass then Francesco blew his thick load while Kamilo licked his nipples – movie.

Young Clayton Kole Fucks Leroy
Leroy teases Clayton’s uncut cock with his tongue, really working him up until he can’t take anymore and has to fuck him rigid. When Clayton forces his cock up the boy’s ass and proceeds to fuck him rotten, we think you’ll be blowing your load long before the boys do – movie.

Young Patt Jacking
Smooth twink stroking his big thick cock – photos.

Young Damien Beats Off
Damien Dreik sits down, reaching behind, and stimulating his manhole. Then he begins rubbing and fingering himself. He leans back and takes his cock in hand, stroking it vigorously. Damien cannot hold out and blows his load on his trimmed pubes – movies.

Muscular Studs Suck and Rim
Even while Ash was reciprocating with a hot blowjob of his own, Dean wanted to bury his face deep between his cheeks. He got the best of both worlds when Ash flung his legs up over his head giving Dean easy access to his rock hard cock, delicious balls and inviting hole. Things got all hardcore after a while and this horny ass muncher blew a load that shot all across Ash’s smooth back – movie.

Tom and David Flip Fuck
Hairy tattooed daddy Tom Colt walks up on sexy Latin sailor boy David Madrid and starts feeling his crotch. The two men start kissing, and before long, David is fishing Tom’s thick cock out of his uniform. David eventually slides his meaty cock into Tom’s hairy hole. David then gives his hole up to Tom, who pounds his Latin sailor good before pulling out and blowing his load all over David’s ass – movie.

Young Jock Gang Bang
Kenny Jacobs winds up as the bottom taking it up the ass first from Matt Wood, then John Hill and, finally, Lubrock. His hole is worked out and stretched more than it’s ever been before and the jock winds up drenched in cum as each young men rewards him with a huge cum load – movie.

Mason and Spencer Flip Fuck
Both Mason and Spencer have gigantic cocks and they loved shoved them up each other’s holes like virgins that have just discovered the pleasures of anal sex. The result? Mason practically got showered with cum – movie.


Silver Beats Off

Silver sets back on the sofa, stroking and slapping his Dick between two hands in a playful way. Play time is over and Silver lays down, thumping and pinching his nipples. With his Dick now ready to explode, Silver starts stroking firm and fast. Then he releases a huge Cum shot across his pubes, abs and clear up to his shoulder.

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New In Gay Porn Listings: 9-16-11

Ari Sylvio Jerks Off
Leaning back stroking his cock, he rolls back and begins fingering his hole. Moving his attention to his rock hard cock, he strokes it showing you just how hard it is. Ari is quite the exhibitionist and would like nothing more than to have you right there with him as a part of the action. With some firm stroking action Ari says he’s about to blow his load and he was not lying, he shot out a thick creamy river of cum. Now Ari reached total relaxation – movies.

College Boys Fantasy Fuck
You know those fantasies you have when you bump into someone in the hallway of the building where you live, or perhaps in a college dorm? Well, that’s what happens in this scene when Marty Marshall runs into Daniel Wood and nearly knocks him over – movie.

Muscular Latino Gay Fuck
You can hear the bed squeaking in the background as Vior’s ass takes a nice fucking. Vior now moves onto his back as Zuris pushes his legs back while thrusting his hips back and forth as he fucks Vior’s white ass. Finishing this scene off Vior shoots a nice load onto his smooth tight abs and Zuris shoots a nice meaty load out of his fat uncut cock onto Vior’s face – movie.

Skinny Twink Stroking
Cute boy Marty JErks Off and busts a nut all over his ripped stomach – photos.

Ivan Gets Fucked
I knew Ivan wanted me, so we kept the interview short and cut to the chase. Ivan said he enjoyed giving head, but he also proved an insatiable, valiant bottom. Too bad Ivan isn’t a tad more versatile: with that big cock of his, long and thick, I bet he would make a guy or two happy – movie and photos.

Interracial Just Gone Gay
This hot Latin stud is his first scene ever in the gay porn. He enjoys his scene a lot as he gets to have a nice muscular Black stud with a big cock show him the pleasure of just gone gay – movie.

Twink Roommates Sex Orgy
Frankie King is jerking off in bed when his horny roommates, Michael Troy and Gabe Russel, burst in on him. Even though Frankie tries to cover his uncut cock, the other uncut men make it clear they want some action and the threesome soon becomes a fuck fest where no man’s hole is left unfilled. Each man is left very satisfied sucking, rimming and fucking, leaving Frankie drenched in cum – movie.

Hairy Man Cock Play
Antonio Biaggi uses a vacuum pump to make his already enormous cock even bigger in this video. Antonio continues to pump until his cock is thick and long and huge. Finally, blowing a creamy load all over himself – movie.

Young Manny Beats Off
Sexy college guy Manny exposes his perfect ass and jerks off – photos.

Forest Fuck Threesome
As Derrick pleasures himself, Ryann Wood emerges from the forest and offers himself up for a quick fuck. With his dick occupied, Derrick turns his attention to Ryann’s hairy blond ass. He spits on his fingers and spreads the hole wide. Derrick begins fucking Ryann, with Luke Hass watching from afar, blowing a load all over his binoculars before joining the duo for a delicious threeway – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 9-12-11

Twink Cock Suckers
Luke and Noah sucking each others big cocks – photos.

Interracial Cum Facial
In this scene we have an Asian boy and a cute white twink. If you like messy facial cum shots, it doesn’t get any better than this – photos.

Diego Takes Juan’s 10 Inches
Fresh-faced 19 year old Diego Reyes thinks his smooth sweet ass has what it takes to tackle Juan Steel’s ten inches of monster cock. The Latino studs enjoy some sixty-nine action. Then Juan rims his hole to get him wet and lets him have it. Diego jumps on top of Juan to ride his massive cock, gyrating and moaning with pleasure – movie.

7 College Boys Fucking
Danny Starr proves just how much he craves cock, sucking on as many as he can get his hands on, having his ass filled, spit roasting and getting his own cock serviced. At one point Kai is treated to a daisy chain as Matt jumps over and takes the lad right up the ass. As soon as the fucking starts, everyone is at it, before the cum starts to fly – movie.

Muscular Guys Fucking
Check out the hot jock muscle on this sexy coupling. Brad Benton and Ross Stuart join forces for one of the horniest hot body-on-body suck and fuck videos this year. It’s no secret why these two are in such good shape – movie.

Nasty Fuckers
Rex throws his legs over his shoulders as he continues to beg Adam for it harder and deeper. The hot sex intensifies as Adam flips Rex onto his stomach and continues to fuck him missionary style from behind. Adam spreads his ass cheeks apart spits on his hole as he pile drives into Rex’s ass. The scene continues to climax when Rex drops his nut as he rides Adam cowboy style. His ass swallows his cock from tip to tail as he works his own load out from his balls – movie.

Shower Jacking College Boy
Young Caleb Jones jerking off in the shower – photos.

Logan Drake Beats Off
It’s hard to decide if Logan’s stunning eyes, ripped abs or big cock are his best feature in this solo video. You decide, but i think I have a hankering for which one you’re going to choose – movie.

Young Ryan Jerks Off
The shorts come off, followed by his boxers and with his cock hard and thick, Ryan turns to his knees, leaning over while massaging and fingers his hole. As he turns over to his back, he immediately grabs hold and starts stroking fast and hard, resulting in a spurting cum shot across his chest and stomach. He finishes by licking the cum of his finger – movies.

Dak and Roman Rough Fuck
Both these men are hairy and muscular and they join together in a fuck video to be remembered. Roman Ragazzi’s hairy butt opens up for Dak Ramsey’s big rod. This pair gets a bit aggressive, as Dak throws Roman around from side to side each time pushing his cock deep into Roman. As Roman’s ass gets worn down he shoots a load that spills onto his leg followed by Dak who also cums all over Roman’s leg – movie.


Kevin and Bobby Flip Fuck

Here’s a new sample video trailer from Broke Straight Boys. The site features Straight Boys that have agreed to Jack Off in front of the camera for much needed cash. The producer then tries getting these guys to do even more. The great thing is you never know what’s going to happen, as the producer pushes these boys to their Gay-4-Pay limits, and that’s what makes this site so popular. In this exclusive scene Kevin and Bobby indulge in a that involves both Str8 Boys Sucking Dick and Fucking Ass. Watch how Bobby copes with the biggest Dick he’s ever taken so far.



New In Gay Porn Listings: 9-8-11

Young Gay Latin Action
These guys suck and fuck when and wherever they can, and, in just about every position imaginable. From the kitchen to the couch, and to the bedroom these studs pound and plunder tight, puckered, juicy butts until their warm Latin jizz is flying – photos.

Young Caleb and Ian Fuck
Ian Samson sucks on Caleb Moreton’s fat cock, devouring the uncut slab of beef as they take turns sucking, then rimming each other. But as good as Caleb’s dick looks in Ian’s mouth, it looks even better up his tight pink fuckhole, fucking until they both spew – photos.

Thai Boy WIth Anal Beads
Aun is an 18 year old Thai Boy. Before long the pants come off showing us his cock bulging through his underwear. Soon after he’s naked and jerking his Asian cock in full force. The cameraman tells Aun that he has a sex toy for him – anal beads. Aun is very eager to try them and its obvious he enjoys every second of it – photos.

Skinny Boy – Big Dick
Young Adam pulls his boxers down and tugs on his big dick – photos.

Ronnie J Jerks Off
After a sexy shower Ronnie begins stroking and massaging his cock and balls with both hands. Bending forward, he begins reaching back taking hold of his goods, pulling and tugging downward. Ronnie sits back down, determined to blow away some stress, by shooting his load. With some fast and firm stroking action, he releases several spurts of cum across his 6 pack abs – movies.

Twink Basement Fuck
This scene has all the assets of a great twink one-on-one – a blond haired boy, some awesome oral foreplay, and a good fucking to close out the deal – movie.

Horny Pilots Outdoor Group Sex
We don’t know if it’s the phallic nature of the controls or the adrenaline after flying, but these pilots sure are horny. Jason Sanchez, Joseph Lewis and Zavier Vulcain can’t even wait to find a secluded spot, they’re just going to have their hot threeway on the wings of a plane in the open air – movie.

Muscular Boys Fucking
Derek mounts Cayden like a dog in heat and fucks his ass so hard that the gym is echoing with Cayden’s soft moans. Cayden is all about the nipples right now as he works Derek’s sensitive nubs as he works Cayden’s hole. And as if the whole thing couldn’t be any hotter they both cum at the same time and Cayden licks Derek’s dick clean of his delicious creamy spunk – movie.

Young Win and Roberto Fuck
Roberto Allegretto wakes up Win Solder from a nap and devours the entire length of the big dick, making it disappear down his talented throat before taking every single inch of the enormous shaft up his sweet ass. Roberto pulls off and Win sprays his load – movie.

Logan and Adam Power Fuck
Logan Scott and Adam Champ quickly get to a ferocious bearded make out session, Adam grabbing onto Logan’s meaty ass clearly indicating what he wants. It’s not long before Adam puts Logan on his back spreads his legs and fucks Logan’s hole until he busts a thick load onto Logan’s balls and leg which sends Logan over the top producing an explosive ending – movie.


New In Gay Porn Listings: 9-4-11

College Boy Suck and Fuck
Christian Raynes and Kayce James blow each others hard cocks and fuck – photos.

Tommy Fucks Mason Star
Once inside, Tommy pretty much made himself at home with Mason’s hole. But don’t let Tommy’s size fool you – it was just another chance for Mason to prove that he is indeed a star! Not only did he take that dick like a champ, he actually liked it so much that his load shot out of his cock like a river – movie.

Muscular Derek Beats Off
Derek Atlas lays back and begins stroking his love muscle, getting it good and hard. He’s ready to stroke it on home and that he does. With some fast and vigorous stroking action, Derek erupts with a huge, thick and creamy load across his 6 pack abs – movies.

Young Marc Jacks Off
College boy Marc exposes his hairy ass before masturbating – photos.

Interviewing Gio Cruz
Dropping to his knees, this super huge hung stud soon impressed his future boss (Trojan Rock) by swallowing his uncut cock deep down his throat. Trojan returned the favor, with grunts and groans as he sucked on the full length of Drillers concrete hard cock. The interview continues as these guys lube up each others cocks with their manly spit, until it all becomes quite clear that Driller is on the team – movie.

Gianni Fucks Young David
David, has brought Gianni with him for a sexy duo scene. There’s something about Gianni that reminds me of that professional boxer Oscar De La Joya, only he’s sexier cause he likes to fuck twinkish white boys and let us watch. Shot in the California desert, things tend to get steamy out there – movie.

Scott Tanner Jerks Off
In an empty elevator Scott Tanner finds a quiet moment to stroke his dick. Dressed in a cop uniform, sunglasses and all, Scott’s massive cock bounces in the soft blue light. The uniform accentuates Scott’s body as he massages his pecs and his massive balls – movie.

Muscular Chris Fucks Blake
Chris, who always looks like a greek sculpture, gives Blake quite a blowjob before flipping him over and using his talented tongue to give Blake a totally hot rim job. But all that is just preparation because soon enough he’s fucking Blake’s ass like there’s no tomorrow and Blake is loving every second of it. And everyone knows there is nothing like a major ass pounding from Chris Rockway – movie.

Black Dudes Fucking White Boys
It’s 2 interracial couples getting it on in one scene. Kamrun dicks Chris Khol while Buster Sly gives a lesson to Igor Lucas. Each gets their bottom sluts to swallow their cock’s whole and get them rock hard. While Buster is eating the ass of Igor and getting it juicy wet Kamrun watches while Chris is gagging on his cock. In one shot you get to see each of these big black dudes teaching their white bottoms how to take their cock – movie.

Mechanics Of Sex
Watch these Euro studs enact their horny, muscle boy fantasies on each other in this new video. You’ll be reaching for the tissues so quick, you’ll have to rewatch it several times – movie.