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Straight Boys Suck and Fuck

Here is one of the latest sample video trailers from Broke Straight Boys. The site features Straight Boys that have agreed to Jack Off in front of a camera for much needed cash. The producer then tries getting these guys to do even more. The great thing is you never know what’s going to happen, as the producer pushes these boys to their Gay-4-Pay limits, and that’s what makes this site so popular. In this exclusive scene Anthony and Bobby swap Sucking Dick, before Bobby Fucks Anthony six ways to Sunday.



Gay Porn Listings: 11-28-11

Tag Team Fucking of Stanislav
After a tag team Fucking from both ends Stanislav can’t take any more and shoots his boy load onto his smooth stomach as the 2 buff studs stand above him and sprinkle his body with their Cum – movie.

Miguel and Gabriel Power Fuck
Latin hotties Gabriel D’Alessandro and Miguel Temon return with their enormous Cocks to deliver a man sized serving of man-on-man action – movie.

Strung Up and Fucked
Toned, blond beauty Luke Desmond has to contend with the will of Sebastian in this video. Restrained and held in place high above the ground, he’ll have to stay and suffer the wandering hands and mouth of Sebastian, who is going to give that hot Cock a real work out with some oral and edging – movie.

Interracial Gym Fuck
Brian Bodine and Jake Havoc are boxing companions who would rather get in each other’s rings than a boxing one. After spying each other’s hot physiques in the shower they take to the floor of the gym for one hell of an interracial Suck and Fuck encounter – movie.

Davies and Davies Sounding
Real life boyfriends Brendan Davies and Luke Davies try out sounding for the first time in this kinky video. The bodybuilders worship each other’s physiques and shove thick, massive rods down their cocks in a display of mutual enjoyment – movie.

Cleaning Crew Sex Orgy
When these horny, young European hotel employees get bored of cleaning, they turn on their young workmate who didn’t turn up the day before. They mean to make him pay. See them inflict a Sex Orgy on him in the middle of the room, complete with some tag team Fucking and a messy ending that he’ll have to clean up – movie.

Young Liam Jerks Off
I really wish I were still with my ex Liam Tatum, his cock is huge! He let me film him Jerking Off and oiling himself up, before we split up. Man it was hot! I always watch this video when I’m feeling a bit horny – movie.

Roof Top Power Fuck
Surrounded by a beautiful rooftop garden and the stunning Manhattan skyline, Vin and Ford enjoy an afternoon in the sun. A couple of beers later and they’re into their into a Suck and Fuck video that will leave you dripping. These guys are dirty, young Fucks and they go hard at it on the roof and inside the apartment. Vin’s got a nice big Cock and Ford loves every single inch of it – movie.

Tim Grayson Jerks Off
Watching him alone working his huge throbbing Cock, the look of concentration and pleasure on his face, just makes you so hard you can hardly stand it. He runs his hands all over his hard pecs and abs, running his fingers lovingly across the globes of his ass, lingering along the crack and teasing his hole. And when he shoots his load he looks like he’s going to explode as stream after stream of delicious gooey jizz drips across his fingers – movie.

Aybars Fucks Trent Locke
Aybars’ dark looks are the perfect complement to Trent’s milky appearance in this video. Trent explores Aybars’ muscled torso – his tongue lapping at his partner’s hairy pecs and abs. Then hits the plump jackpot throbbing between his legs. Aybars responds with a vigorous Rim Job on Trent’s Ass. Then, mounting Trent, Aybars Fucks his partner fiercely looking like a caballero riding his white steed – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 11-24-11

Peter and Johnny Fuck Like Dogs
These two 19 year old college boys met one day on campus and have been Fuck buddies ever since. Bottom boy Peter is in Ecstasy when Johnny’s Cock is running in and out of his hole. These two Fuck like dogs in heat, and they love it rough. Johnny gives Peter a huge cum facial, Peter losses his load riding Cock and Johnny even comes again to finish off the marathon Fuck fest – movie.

Robert Anthony Beats Off
Robert is 22 years old and sports a beautiful smile. Lying back he removes his shorts and begins rubbing his cut Cock through his underwear. Once removed, Robert strokes his hunk of man meat and rubs his balls. Bent over, he begins fingering his hole. On his back, Robert takes hold of his Cock, jerking firmer and faster. He’s soon at his peak and releases multiple loads across his dark torso – movies.

4 Twinks Fuxking
What’s hotter than a couple of Twinks with big Dicks? How about 4 of them? Watch Julian Mattei, Lukas Brown, Luke Taylor and Timothy Nixon pair off and get into a frenzy of Dick Sucking following by some heavy duty Fucking – movie.

Chocolate Gay Sex Oorgy
There’s barely a spare hole available in this Black thug Fuck video. These guys are so hungry they need all holes filled at all times. Don’t miss seeing this chocolate Orgy go off. It’s a gang Fuck initiation worthy of full thug membership – movie.

Table Football Sex Orgy
Tony starts playing table football with sexy hunks David Novak and Yenier. They all end up having a threesome right there, on top of the pool table. The three of them perform a daisy chain Fuck. Penetration with pool sticks is also included – movie.

Young Jody Jacking
Fit boy Jody busts a nut outdoors – photos.

Interracial Sling Fuck
Kane Rider’s big Black Dick gets some Latin loving from Rocco Martinez in this hot sweaty scene. These two take a turn eating each other out and getting their holes all wet. Rocco swallows Kane’s fat Cock, getting him rock hard and ready to Fuck his ass. Kane then puts Rocco in the sling and shoves his Black Dick up his Latin Ass and makes him scream as it stretches his slut hole wide – movie.

Nick and Sean Flip Fuck
After Rimming his bubble butt for a while Sean felt way more at ease and got really into sucking Nick’s beautiful Dick. Nick wasn’t going to let him do it all, though, and went down on his stiff rod as well. And the feeling of Nick’s lips on his dick drove Sean absolutely wild and he just had to Fuck Nick’s hot Ass. Then they flip flopped and Nick got to ride him home, both of them spilling their Cum all over Sean’s hairy chest – movie.

Big Dick Matt Takes 2 Boys
Hooking up in the club, these three boys are in for a long night full of hot Sex and rampant butt Fucking that will leave us all exhausted. Matt Hughes and his famous 11 inch dick are back and in fine form as it gets shared around Alex Stevens and Philippe – movie.

Blond College Boy Jacking
Sexy and smooth Chris Powers Beats Off after soccer practice – photos.


Gay Porn Listings: 11-19-11

Tied Down and Stroked
Roped up to a chair by Ashton Bradley, Steven Prior can’t reject the handjob being given to him. With black wax still staining his thighs and cock, this is going to be one messy Jack Off session – movie.

Big Dick Black Men Fuck
This thug thought he was going to get his way with his gun, but he was the one that got jumped on. When Jacob forced him to suck his cock to make it hard and ready to plunge in his tight ass. Jacob made him gag on his 10 inch fat cock and he got fucked hard until he Cums in mouth – movies.

Fist Fucking Threesome
Power and McQueen pump Reed from both ends then pull out the anaconda dildo and shove it in his puckered hole. Finally Reed begs for a fist up his ass and McQueen takes over. All the tag-team fist-fucking makes Power and McQueen so hot they jack off and shoot their loads all over the dazed Reed – movie.

Gay Stud Gym Orgy
When these four athletic boys finish their workout, they get themselves into a Naked massage and eventually a Gay Sex Orgy in the middle of the gym. See them Suck and Fuck each other’s ripped bodies before a climactic bukkake ending – movie.

Ass Eating Muscular Studs
Lucky had to remind himself to come up for air as he was so into Rimming that perfect Asshole. It was so hot that he shot a huge load with his face buried between Jayce’s bubble butt cheeks. And when Jayce couldn’t hold off anymore he let himself spray his jizz all over Lucky’s rock hard pecs and abs – movie.

Asian Str8 Boy Fucks Gay Twink
After a ride on Gao’s motorcycle, Dome is ready to ride on something else. Gao is a real muscular Asian guy that really knows how to give it to Dome. Watch this Asian Str8 Boy Fuck his Sexy young Gay friend – movie.

Italian Straight Boy Scott
If you love big cocks, muscular Twinks, pierced nipples and damn hot straight guys, then watching this video is a must – movie.

Twinks Fucking
These twinks have ripped bodies you just dream about running your hands down. They’re horny little fuckers too. See them Fuck in this very naughty one-on-one before the Cum starts flying in each other’s faces – movie.

Young Thomas Beats Off
Thomas Fiaty is a 21 year old, uncut boy, who is home alone and horny as hell. Thomas leans back on the couch, with his hard cock pulled through the top of his underwear, as he strokes his cock top to bottom. He loses the underwear and continues stroking with one hand, while fingering his hole with the other. Thomas kneels and let’s loose with multiple cum squirts – movies.

Chris and Remy Gym Fuck
Chris Crawford is training at the gym when he gets distracted by the incredibly hot and well hung Remy Delaine. After orally worshiping his fat Cock, Chris gets to slide his own Dick in Remy’s hot bubble butt. Remy rides it hard and fast – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 11-15-11

Latino Spit Roast Threesome
In this scene a hot threesome unfolds with Kaike Montani, Rick Solares and Tony just before the party got started. Loads of Dick Sucking action and plenty of Rimming, with both Tony and Kaike taking and giving as much Cock as they can with the help of Rick, who anchors them at either end with his hot muscled body – movie.

Slim Boys Fucking
Young Myles and Sebastian Mann Fuck on the futon – photos.

Dad Fisted by a Cum Pig
This daddy has an insatiable hole that only a true butch Cum pig with a horse hung Cock can fill. Watch as Chad Adams fists and fucks this chubby dad’s big juicy bunghole – photos.

Luca Bisio Jacks Off
Though only 20 years old, Luca can’t think of anything he hasn’t tried at least once. Hung, tanned, athletic, with an enormous, sexy tattoo and a cocky smile, this hot Sicilian boy has it all. Something tells me we’ll see more of him – movie.

Interracial Sling Fuck
When you have two big dicks in a sling room there is a good chance both guys are going to Fuck. Buster is the first one to jump in the sling and open his legs to let his Ass swallow a nice long white Cock. Christian thinks he has the upper hand but Buster quickly puts Christian in the sling and teaches him how to take big Black Dick – movie.

Soldier Sex
River Fiasco takes a ride on Justin Christopher’s massive 9.5 inch Dick in this video. Justin puts his huge Cock deep into River’s hole. They Fuck until River lets go of a huge load and Justin’s Cum covers River’s belly in an eruption of warm, salty goodness – movie.

Twink Room Mates Fucking
Once Mark’s brother leaves, the two boys strip Naked and get down to some serious Cock Sucking and butt Fucking. Beautiful uncut Dicks and hairy asses with Andrew topping Mark and pumping him full of Twink Cock until they both explode with fresh Cum all over Mark’s drenched abdomen – movie.

Zeb Atlas Naked
There is nothing like the warm Miami sun beating down on your Nude muscles and rock hard Cock – photos.

Andrus Twins Bang Javier Milan
Having one twin at each end of him, Javier is a bit overwhelmed, but happy to be in the middle of the sexy young brothers. In the end. Javier Cums on his stomach then each brother takes a turn dumping their load on Javier’s chest, giving him and Andrus brothers Cum bath – movie.

Nick Jacks Off Outdoors
There’s something in Nick’s eyes that makes you think he knows how hot he is. When he’s posing for the camera in this solo video, it’s with great confidence and understanding of his sexuality. Without an ounce of fat on his entire body, you’re going to love seeing his finely tuned physique glisten as he Beats Off his big Cock outside – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 11-13-11

Latino Rough Trade Fuck Session
Jorge Blanco and Ruben Rodriguez are 2 massive guys ready for action. Deep throat blow job, armpit, nipple licking and ass hole drilling before these two hunks shoot their Cum – movie.

J.C. Diaz Fucks Jet Stevens
Jet quickly goes down on J.C.’s thick Dick and pretty soon Jet is taking a seat and bouncing up and down on his buddy’s Cock. They switch up the positions several times for lots of Ass pounding. Then Jet shoots his Cum with J.C. still deep inside him. J.C. falls back and releases his own hot load – photos.

Muscular Randy Fucks Ben Brown
Ben Brown is in for a rough ride as bodybuilder Randy Jones gets Naked with him. Hairy young cub Ben enjoys sucking super muscled Randy’s enormous Cock, until Randy flips him over and Fucks the hell out of him – movie.

Daddy Dillen Fucks Scott
Daddy Dillen McFate plays with Scott Brandley on a motorcycle. They suck each other until Dillen’s hard and ready to Fuck. Scott Cums midway through the Fuck, but Dillen continues with some awesome shots of his balls swinging as he plows Scott’s hole – photos.

Fire Side Young Threesome
Ilya, Maksim Kolev and Ilya Dushko have been friends for a while. They love the outdoors so when their first snow hit, the three went outside for a snowball fight. Pretty soon they are indoors, warming up in front of a fire and having hot Sex together. Ilya gets to Fuck not just one twink, but two, before exploding all over adorable Dushko – movie.

Gabriel Fucks Young Brandon
When the Fucking began Brandon was really enjoying himself. But little did that poor bottom boy know what he was in store for. After a merciless Fucking and total domination of his hole, the expression on Brandon’s face said he’s been taken way past the point where his fantasy ended and he was in that space where all of Gabriel Clark’s bottoms go and never come back – movie.

Big Dick Str8 Boy Fucks Ashley
Matt Hughes and his stunning 11 inch cock return and this time Ashley Ryder has the honor of getting Fucked. Mercilessly pushing his Dick into his bottom buddy, Matt is here to get off, and Ashley’s butt makes the perfect place to do it – movie.

Hairy Asian Boy Jacking
19 year old Asian Thai boy Ruy Chai loves to show off for the camera. Ruy has quite furry legs and he is proud of his hairy ass, since most Asian are more smooth and body hair is popular in Asian countries. This makes other guys jealous of him, and they would do anything to get in bed with him – movie.

Cuban Boy Shower Jacking
Duarte loves playing with his much larger than average Cock. He goes into the shower playing with his 10 inch Cock in a playful manner. He flips it around making loud noises as it slaps his legs. He then finally Cums for the camera – movie.

Slender Twinks Fucking
Martin Sweet and Jimmy Call are in the mood for some Fucking and hook up. At Martin’s place, after making out, the slender Twinks swap blowjobs until Jimmy finally has to satisfy that itch only a Cock inside his Ass can satisfy. After getting pumped full of Dick he’s rewarded with Martin’s load, which splatters all over his belly, then stands to give Martin a cum facial – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 11-9-11

Samuel Colt Sounding
San Francisco muscle stud Samuel Colt will enchant you with that hairy chest and a winning smile. But let’s not forget Samuel also Fucks himself with steel rods. The greatest moment of his act is when he takes a 16 inch long silicon sound and shoves the whole thing up his cock. Watch as he has the orgasm of his life – movie.

Will and Mishka Rough Fuck
This one-on-one has slim boy Will Hurt giving all of his asshole to Mishka Slovok, a big bruiser of a top. Mishka gets his horny pig bottom in the sexiest of positions in order to shove that cock inside him as deep as possible. He’s rough too – pulling Will’s hair as he drives his tool deeper – movie.

Tony and Cavin Flip Fuck
Tony exposes his thick, massive cock, to Cavin and he can’t resist gulping it down immediately. In return, Tony gives Cavin a rim job he will never forget. Laying back to let Cavin ride, Tony enjoys the tight hole wrapped around his cock until he wants to drive and wrestles Cavin to the floor, spreads his legs and starts Fucking with rhythmic strokes – movie.

Seducing a Straight Friend
Manuel Lopez knows it’s risky business, trying to seduce a Str8 Boy. After inviting his buddy Adrian to help him clean his attic full of junk and porn magazines, Manuel wishes to add another trophy to his collection of straight boys whose ass he’s tapped. Find out what happens next in this hot little tale of closeted encounters – movie.

Caged Twink Gets Abused
Poor silver haired Jonny…the pain he has to endure in this video is almost too much to view. Watch as this caged Twink gets hot wax tipped onto his smooth body and big cock by the merciless Keiron. He screams out in pain but has no choice but to take each bit of scorching hot liquid as he fights against his restraints – movie.

Erotic Asian Sex Massage
Rain and Ray give each other an erotic oil massage. It makes them so horny they end up fucking each other in a romantic candle lit room. Ray really gets in the mood and has an intense climax when Ray touches his cock – photos.

Big Cock Fucks Young Bottom
Some of you guys are going to be drooling all over your keyboards when you see the mammoth Cock in this video, being inserted into a hot twink bottom boy’s Ass. It’s so wrong it’s got to be good. Don’t miss a second of this Sexy pairing – movie.

Bo and Justin Sling Fuck
After a major round of Justin pumping Bo’s ass, Bo lays back in the sling for another ride. Justin fills him up; using the sling like a swing, Bo pulls off and then backs onto the massive cock that waits for him – movie.

Farm Boy Jerk Off Break
Bridge Layne wanders through the grassy yard looking for a good sunny place to bring himself to climax. He works his cock past the point of no return and lets a huge stream of jizz splash onto his tight stomach, rests for just a moment, then he’s ready to get back to his chores – movie.

Spa Threesome Gay Sex
When one ripped hottie is caught jerking off his thick tool on the edge of the spa, it’s only a matter of time until he attracts the eye and hard cocks of his companions, which turns into a hot Spit Roasting season – movie.


Chad Sucks Off Str8 Boy AJ

Here’s a new sample video trailer from Broke Straight Boys. The site features Straight Boys that have agreed to Jack Off in front of the camera for much needed cash. The producer then tries getting these guys to do even more. The great thing is you never know what’s going to happen, as the producer pushes these boys to their Gay-4-Pay limits, and that’s what makes this site so popular. In this exclusive scene AJ has his Dick Sucked by another guy for the first time.



Gay Porn Listings: 11-5-11

Josh Finley Beats Off
23 year old Josh Finley moves to the top of the couch, where he gives his uncut Cock a thorough work out. Now leaning over the back of the couch, he slaps his ass, jerking his cock with one hand and fingering his hole with the other. As he nears his happy ending, Josh leans back against the pillows and strokes his way to a Cum bursting finish across his abdomen and torso – movies.

Twink Buddies Fuck
When young Andy Roll and James Font get together they waste no time getting down to business. Soon, they’re trading blowjobs and making the others cock feel good before having a good long Fuck – movie.

Shower Jacking Twink
Karl Martin gets soapy in the shower while stroking his young cock – photos.

Fucking The Shit Out Of Zac
Zac swallows Kamrun’s thick uncut Black cock and takes it all. Kamrun Rims that hairy hole out, before he slides his thick meat in and Fucks the shit out of Zac’s slut hole – movie.

College Geek Jerks Off
Young Chase Hines Jacks Off while wearing only his tie and black rim glasses – photos.

Young Latin Power Fuck
Alejandro throws Yoel’s legs in the air and goes for a direct assault on his ass. The two young guys fuck until they sweat and then they cum, all ending up on Yoel’s tight body – movie.

Thai Twink Noo
Asian boy asshole close-ups, dildo play, ass fucking and cum shot – photos.

Muscular Reese Fucks Tristan
Reese loves fucking man ass and he’s been wanting to bang Tristan for a while now, and once he got the chance he loved every minute of it. Tristan obviously did too, judging from the nice thick load he shot all over Reese’s smooth chest. And when it was Reese’s turn he blew a wad of cum right on Tristan’s handsome face, and Tristan happily lapped up the drippings from Reese’s cock – movie.

Chris and Ray Power Fuck
Chris throws Ray on all fours, straddles his ass and continues to fuck him wildly. The scene reaches its climax when Chris shoots his spunk all over Ray Boy’s face, mouth and tongue – movie.

The Orgy
I don’t want to give out too many of the details but I’ll just say that one of the guys really enjoyed getting drunk on cum, and I mean that literally – after swallowing 4 huge loads of cum – movie.