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Gay Porn Listings: 12-28-11

College Boys 3-way Spit Roast
Two huge dicks take dark haired Jak Williams to the limit as he’s Fucked hard from both ends. This scene is by far the horniest seen in a while, Spit Roasting and Cum showers bringing it to an awesome finale – movie.

Muscular Interracial Suck and Fuck
Cayden is very vocal, letting everyone know how hot it is to get his ass pounded by this gorgeous Black man. Tyrese Fucks Cayden’s Ass with a cocky aloofness of a guy who gets laid on a daily basis and that in and of itself drives Cayden wild. After shooting a huge sticky load of his own, Cayden opens his mouth wide inviting Tyrese to shoot his warm Cum all over his face – movie.

Randy Power Fucks Callum
He may think he’s a bad ass but once Randy whips his Dick out, Callum is on his knees Sucking on the man’s huge tool. Soon, he’s getting Fucked from behind, then on his back. Randy Fucks the masculine bottom, giving him every single inch and pounding him hard until he sprays a huge Cum load all over the stud puppy’s chest – movie.

Fucking A Straight Asian Boy
Thae is a 23 year old Thai Boy, and aside from having a hot Asian Ass, he also has a big thick Cock. Watch him stroke his Cock while getting Fucked – movie.

Plumber Fucks Carl Robinson
Soon Max is fucking that hot ass doggy style. Next Max gets him on the floor and keeps on ruthlessly pounding Carl. Feeling that huge dick piercing deep inside him, he shoots his load all over his stomach. Max keeps on pounding, finally spreading his Cum all over that Ass – movie.

Astroboi and Felix Get Kinky
Master Astroboi, with 9.2 inches of fat Cock, ties Felix Coyote up, spanks his Ass and stretches his tight hole. But pay attention to new comer Felix Coyote’s huge 9 inch Cock. Bondage, spanking, submission, boot licking and facial Cum Shots are all part of this kinky big Dick scene – movie.

Japanese Passion Fuck
Soon Yuya is unbuttoning Kento’s trousers and Sucking on his Cock. What follows is some sweet lovemaking with Yuya on the top as he gives this boy’s beautiful ass a good hard Fucking. Finally, he pulls out and shoots a Cum load all over his ass and back – movie.

Hardcore Interracial Fuck Scene
The scene opens with Joey and Jack sucking and servicing each other’s Cock as they lie side-by-side on the bed. And from there it goes totally Hardcore – movie.

Daddy’s Extreme Fist Fuck
Hairy daddy Devyn Miles inserts various large items into Tommy Rawlin’s ever expanding Asshole with no problem. Devyn then proceeds to Fist Fuck and Rim him for a long time, causing Tommy’s hole to expand in a way that you just have to see to believe. He continues to Suck Cock while he keeps punching his gaping rosebud. This video ain’t for the squeamish, that’s for sure – movie.

Young Gay 3-way
Nick presses on John’s back and slides his Cock into his Ass, as he sucks on Lenovo. Jealous of the Ass action he’s seeing, Lenovo gets John on the floor, flips him over so he can still get Spit Roasted, and gives John a taste of both Dicks Fucking him, and letting these two boys own his Ass, before a Cum Facial finale – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-23-11

Amerifist Fists Nicolas Torri
The dominating Amerifist has Nicolas on his knees in no time, wrapping his willing lips around Amerifist’s stiff and thick Cock. Then on all fours, Amerifist Rims Nicolas well and then grabs onto his hips and pile drives him hard and fast, pounding his massive Dick deep preparing Nicolas for the Fisting he will deliver – movie.

Back Room Muscle Fuck
Rob Boxxer and Pagan Prince have drinks at a sports bar, which proves to be the perfect foreplay for this pair of muscle men. Watch them take off and enjoy each other’s ripped bodies in a horny one-on-one Fuck scene that’ll have you cheering like they’re playing team sports – movie.

Security Guard Suck and Fuck
Lucky Taylor may have changed his hair over the last few years, but not his naughty on screen ways. Here he’s teamed with Julian Kolp in an extra naughty Fuck encounter that makes for quite the performance – movie.

Roman and Jake Jeep Fuck
Hairy muscle stud Roman gets things started by going down on Jake Deckard in a jeep. Then Roman bends over and takes Jake’s Dick up his hairy hole. The jeep provides many great places to Fuck and Roman and Jake find each and every one of them – movie.

Big Dick Matt Jacking
Matt Cole is famous for his ripped body, his huge Dick, and his beautiful Asshole. In this solo, we get to see all of the above. Matt strokes his Cock and spreads his Ass open for all of us to see, and with his hard Dick throbbing, he demonstrates what a real man can do – movie.

Drake Jayden Jerks Off
Furry, bald and big dicked, Drake Jayden is all man in this solo set, where he shows off that Cock with a “come get me boys” stare – movie.

Brazilian Boys Fucking
Bruninho and Douglas proved to be the perfect couple in this video. Just look at the way Douglas takes his cock. Whether in doggie or riding it hard on top, they look smoking hot together. This little tattooed Brazilian bottom was born to take that Dick in his Ass – movie.

Emo Boys Pain Test
Tattooed emo boy Drake Blaze sure looks like he could take a lot of pain, but Ashton Bradley soon puts that evaluation to the test. Stretching Drake out as far as he can go and covering him in pegs, Ashton pushes the boy to the far reaches of his limits before slowly massaging his large cut Dick to an explosive climax – movie.

Outdoor 3-way Spit Roast
These three Euro beauties love a bit of risk, so they’re going to have their hot Threeway Sex out in the open air. Ruslan, Jason and Robert strip off and engage in a scorching hot spit roast in the outdoors, unafraid of being caught by passers by while Sucking and Fucking each other rotten – movie.

Sebastian Rough Fucks Max
Sebastian Leon is joined by young cutie Max Middleman for an irresistible Sex adventure. Sebastian slaps Max around while he chokes down all of Sebastian’s tremendous Cock. After savagely Fucking Max’s mouth, Sebastian then puts Max on all fours and relentlessly shoves all his Dick deep into his pink, tight asshole – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-19-11

Muscular Asian Man Jacking
Christian Thorn is one of the most adorable Asian men around. His small frame is packed with tight muscles and his stiff cock is absolute perfection. This smooth muscular jock is adorned with lots of Sexy tattoos that wrap around his thick bicep and decorate his rippled chest and abs. His breathing increases as he stokes his Dick and gets it nice and hard. Finally he shoots a thick load of Cum all over his smooth tight stomach – movie.

Hairy Daddy Takes Carlo
Carlo likes daddy Cock and Gauge certainly fulfills his desires. Daddy Guage flips Carlo over onto his back as he Fucks his Ass good while Carlos screams for more. Daddy desires Carlo’s boy cock in his ass so they switch it up and Carlo Fucks Daddy. In the end Carlo pulls out and shoots a warm Cum load onto Daddy’s hairy stomach – movie.

Harley and Alec Gym Fuck
This muscular, seasoned hunk soon gets to work on his innocent, puppy eyed boy, who loves to pleasure his superior and takes oral requests with no complaint. Gagging to get a large Cock up his butt, this young gym boy thrusts his ass aloft and takes a seriously deep Fucking – movie.

Big Cock Hairy Man Fuck
Well hung Michael Vincenzo gets paired with hot Arabian Sarib in this video. These two guys are perfectly matched in physical type, and Sexual energy. The Fucking is beautiful and the clash of furry chest and thick Cock lights up the screen with Erotic delights – movie.

Nasty Mechanic Ass Fucking
David Torres is having his bike fixed, but when he goes to the garage, Tony Duque, the mechanic, hasn’t moved a finger yet. But Tony has no problem using the right tools on David’s juicy ass.A good Fuck is what David needs, although his bike will have to stay there an extra week – movie.

Gabriel Clark Fucks Jake Bass
Jake Bass had heard of the legendary Gabriel Clark and decided to put his Ass to the test. He knew there was only one man who could initiate his bottom career and it had to be done right. By the end of the scene Jake was taking all that Gabriel could deliver. Then Jake shoots his Cum load straight down Gabriel’s throat – movie.

Kinky Japanese Boy
From forks to a spatula, this cute Japanese Boy’s Ass sucks it all up. At the same time, his big Cock is rock hard. Enjoy this kinky Asian solo Jerk Off – movie.

Twinks Power Fuck
Zac’s Cock is so big David can’t fit it all the way into his mouth, and instead jerks it and sucks it at the same time. David then squats over Zac, letting his huge Dick work its way into his Ass. David is brought up and pinned into a ladder as Zac powers his massive Dick into him. Both smooth slim bodies tensing and twisting as Zac Fucks his mate hard – movie.

Young Chase Lyons Beats Off
Chase Lyons removes his shirt and begins rubbing his upper body all over, licking his armpits. The pants come off and his package bulges, shooting right out of the top of his briefs. Leaning back on the couch, Chase strokes his huge cut cock. Then he lays on his back and blows a huge load clear up his chest – movies.

Andrus Twins Spit Roast Javier
The famous Andrus Twins are at it again! This time Leandro and Frank bring their boy Javier Sosa to a dirty Cuban kitchen for a bit Spit Roasting fun. The twins change Fuck positions a few times and then Cum all over Javier’s chest – movie.


Troy and Micah Power Fuck

At Men Over 30, Troy Halston hooks up with new comer Micah Andrews. Troy shoves Micah’s face into his crotch before undoing his pants and giving him a taste. Micah doesn’t struggle as he gets his Face Fucked. Troy then drops to his knees to see if Micah has anything to offer. He takes out Micah’s Dick and starts to service it. Then Micah’s tongue moves south and starts to Rim Troy’s Ass. Troy’s Dick gets rock hard and that mouth just isn’t enough. Troy gets Micah on his knees and slides inside. Micah moans as Troy Fucks him deep. Troy turns him over on his back and goes right back to pile driving his bottom boy. Troy then gets up and sits on a chair and watches as Micah lowers himself back onto his Cock. He sits on Troy in a reverse cowgirl and rides that meat like a seasoned jockey. Troy isn’t one to just sit back so he too starts to slam his Dick up into Micah’s hungry hole. That does the trick and Micah explodes Cum all over his smooth chest and navel. Troy then stands and strokes his load out all over Micah’s face.

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Gay Porn Listings: 12-15-11

Muscular Adonis Jerks Off
When you first meet Adonis Rivers and look into his eyes, that’s it, you want him now. His body is just amazing from six pack to chest, arms, firm ass, to his cut hard caramel cock. Check out all the cum he releases on his stomach – photos.

Whipped Daddy
Daddy Forrest Gunner is strapped up to a big X by Buddy LaRue. Buddy brings out a leather whip and proceeds to whip his back and ass, switching to a bigger whip which has Forrest shouting out. Then he’s turned around and we can see his hard dick so I guess he likes the whipping. Clothespins are then attached all over his body, including to his genitals – movie.

Young Steve Fucks Rick Hunter
Big Dick Steve Prior stretches Sexy young Rick Hunter wide open with his awesome Cock. Slapping his balls against Ricky’s smooth butt, there’s more young meat inside Ricky than ever before, and as Stevens slowly fucks Ricky, the look on their faces is breathless ecstasy as both sets of balls are emptied of their Cum loads – movie.

Daddy Doc Fuck Jock
Our younger stud Brett wasn’t feeling well so he went to visit Doctor Cameron who instructs him to get completely Naked so he can give him a thorough physical. Of course, this is a physical of a different sort – movie.

Young Latinos Power Fuck
Duarte squirms and screams as Kamilo pounds him full force, but then Kamilo pulls Duarte up to the edge of the bed and pounds him a bit more while Duarte’s huge cock flops around finally making Duarte cum. Kamilo then pulls out and cums all over Duarte’s tight butt – movie.

Muscular Itallian Exhibisionist
I took Angelo and my stills man to the Central Station in Catania and began filming against an abandoned train car. Abandoned, perhaps, but the location certainly wasn’t secluded. A group of voyeurs soon took their seats nearby and the metro would come and go every five minutes. Angelo happily took his clothes off and showed off his hot muscular body – movie.

Str8 Self Sucking Boy
Nick gets his Dick rock hard and then proceeds to Suck on it – movie.

Matt and Chad Flip Fuck
Matt begs and moans in delight as he is pummeled by Chad’s thrusting hips. Matt is only too happy to be bent over the fuck bench while Chad rides his Ass. The scene sizzles when the tables are turned and Matt pokes his huge Cock into Chad’s willing butt. Matt rides his hairy ass hard and deep without any hesitation – movie.

Muscular Samuel Beats Off
Samuel Star must be something to see at the gym because even laying on the couch and working his huge handful of cock is a stunning site to watch. And when he shoots his thick creamy load you wont help but think of how the deep guttural sounds that he makes would sound perfect floating through the air as he was ramming his cock deep inside you – movie.

Muscular Forest Fuck
Big muscle man Tomm Black pushes Thor to his knees to start sucking his fat uncut cock. Once Thor gets his boyfriend rock hard he sits right down on that man meat. Tomm pumps away and teaches his boyfriend yet again hot to be a hot submissive muscle bottom – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-11-11

Young Wes Jacks Off
Wes is 19 year old Straight boy. He closes his eyes, as he begins to pleasure his cut Cock. Laid back across the pillows, his lubed up Cock is both stiff and mouthwatering. He continues stroking and warns that he’s going to Cum and within a few seconds, Wes lets go with a creamy load across his smooth 6 pack abs. He wipes his fingers full of Cum and licks them off – movies.

Young Austin Beats Off
This solo Jerk Off video with Austin Grant is going to leave some of you in desperate need of a cooling down once it’s over. This twink and his big dick are scorching hot and put on quite the show in this outdoor solo shoot – movie.

Cute Boys Fucking
Horny boys Patt and Roddy Sucking and Fucking each other – photos.

Muscular Double Fuck
Trey Casteel and Billy Berlin join well hung Antonio Biaggi for a three-way and Billy plays bottom for two tops. Trey Fucks away until you think Billy can take no more. But then when you think his Ass is torn to bits, Biaggi takes position and begins driving home all 11 inches of beer can thick Cock. It’s a Fuck Billy will forever remember – movie.

Muscular Latino Motorcycle Jacking
Manuel Torres the Porn Star stroking his hard Cock on a Harley Davidson – movies.

Chuck and Nick Flip Fuck
Well hung Chuck and Nick take part in some no holds barred man sex in this video. The duo explore each other’s Cocks, spit and switch roles three times before Nick finally gets to swallow Chuck’s load. Then it’s Nick’s turn all over Chucks chest. If you like rock-hard, Sexy, filthy men you’re going to love this pair – movie.

Young Michael Kitchen Jacking
Michael Paulo tugs on his hard Cock on the kitchen counter – photos.

Ryan Alexander Beats Off
My friend Ryan Alexander has been staying with me for a few weeks and damn he’s hot! I can feel the chemistry between us getting stronger and stronger. We filmed this little video of him for some fun – next time I’m hoping I can get involved too – movie.

5 Guys, 1 Bed part 2
In Five Guys One Bed part one, Diego Sans, Raphael Cedano, Dante Ferraro, Jorge Fusco and Nicco Sky all got a taste of some hot Latino cock. A blowjob is nice, especially when you have so many cocks at your disposal you don’t know where to start. But nothing beats good old fashioned Gay Group Fuck – movie.

The Whistleblower
The Whistleblower is an explosive Fuck scene starring Johnny Hazzard and Stag Homme Exclusive Goran as two gun toting lovers after their heist. Directed by Damien Crosse – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-7-11

Alec and Gio Gym Fuck
Gio lets Alec work his meat until his hunger is so strong that he flips Alec and starts eating Alec’s hairy ass. Having worked his tongue in Alec’s sweet hole for quite a while, Gio needs more, and turns him on his back before Fucking him hard and deep. Wanting all of Gio’s enormous Cock, Alec groans wildly, before shooting his Cum over his belly and chest – movie.

Truck Stop Threesome
This cop was checking the truck stop bathrooms to make sure there was no illegal things going on. When he walked in he found 2 guys Fucking through a glory hole so he handcuffed one and made the other Suck his Cock. Then he Fucked them both – movies.

Asian Boy Anal Adiction
When Joe meets up with his friend Ae, the boys waste no time getting down to action. Joe loves anything anal, so before he Fucks his cute friend, he Sucks the twink’s Cock and sticks his tongue in the boy’s Ass. Then he shoots a big load of Cum in Ae’s mouth – photos.

Sexy Gay Threesome Action
Tommy strokes his Dick as Phenix has his way with Mason, until Tommy can’t take any more and ends up Cumming all over Mason’s face. Meanwhile, Mason is absolutely loving getting Fucked by Phenix and shoots all over himself as Phenix pounds his Ass – movie.

Latino Rough Trade Gay Sex
Aitor Crash strikes back with Nicos Casanova in a very dirty scene with two of the sexiest guys fucking, sucking, smoking cigars, and licking feet – movie.

Gay-4-Pay Latinos
Keep in mind that these guys are Str8, but they don’t mind experimenting in front of the camera. Sean teases Ricco before going down on his Latin Cock. One thing leads to another and Sean is riding Ricco’s Dick like it’s not in first time – movie.

Interracial Power Fuck
The scene opens with John on his hands and knees servicing Jack’s Black cock. The hot sex intensifies when Jack pulls John to the side of the bed, bends him over, and power Fucks his Ass relentlessly. John shoots his wad all over Jack’s chest and pecs. John pulls himself off of Jack’s cock just in time to watch it explodes all over his face and stomach – movie.

Latin Stud Sex Orgy
What do you get when you put five of our hottest Latino models together in one room, on one bed. You get the hottest Latino Gang Bang this year, possibly this decade. Expect lots of cock sucking and rimming as these guys let things get wild. And one lucky guy gets to receive a Latino Cum dump – movie.

Japanese Cock Sucker
Already hard from seeing this hot guy at his door, Minato is wanting to get his dick sucked. Tomo shows his expert cock sucking skills as he blows this cute boy, and then happily takes his creamy cum load all over his face – movie.

Kealin Jerks Off
Kealin tells us he’d like to be an underwear model and went on to pose in his jock strap. Working himself up, he seems to be enjoying being in front of the camera. As he gets comfortable on a chair, he leans back and beats out a huge load across his six pack and pubes – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-2-11

Trojan’s Tool Box
In this exclusive behind the scenes documentary, the cameras are turned on Trojan, the film makers and models, as we get to see the masters of their craft in action. As the overalls come down, ass licking, Cock Sucking, and wild Fucking antics come up – movie.

Silver Daddy Butt Fucker
Silver daddy Ray Butler finds himself a younger man to fulfill his fantasies and service his throbbing big Cock. He’s a good little man servant, Sucking Daddy’s Cock. Seeing that big Cock makes his hole quiver and soon he’s doggy style awaiting his Daddy’s Dick. The Fucking is intense and passionate – movie.

Young David and Simon Fuck
Skinny young Simon seduces sexy David by, teasing him with flashes of his ever growing dick and hot hairy ass. After a serious blow job session, David gets the pleasure of Simon’s massive knob sliding deep into him. David and Simon are a great pairing as their young smooth bodies wrap around each other, rock hard Dicks being put to their best use and covering each other in wads of sticky Cum – movie.

Hairy Daddy Fucks William Vas
Bronson rams his huge Cock into Williams hole and begins Fucking him hard, slapping William on the Ass over and over. William straddles Bronson and is bounced up and down on Bronson’s Cock. On the floor with legs up, Bronson gives it to him good. William stands over Bronson and Cums all over his hairy chest. Bronson takes his own Cock in hand and squirts a huge creamy load on his stomach and they finish with a kiss – movie.

Daddy Dillon Fucks Owen
Dillon Press is a nasty daddy who loves to order his boy Owen Daniels around. Dillon fingers and Rims Owen’s hole, then Fucks him a second time before shooting his load on Owen’s lips and tongue. Owen finally gets off by jacking off while Dillon caresses and kisses him from behind, then licks his own jizz off his fingers and feeds some to Dillon – movie.

College Boy Fuck Fest
California skater boy Austin and bottom military stud Derek put on a fuck-a-thon. Things begin when Austin slides his Cock deep into Derek’s hungry hole. Position after position, the Fucking doesn’t stop till Austin’s load is ready to blow – movie.

Two Huge Cuban Cocks
After playing around with Michael for a bit, Jose realized Michael’s huge Uncut Cock was not going to get to full hardness.So the two agreed that Jose would try to fit Michael’s long fat Cock into his mouth, and then mutually Jerk Off. Two huge Cuban Cocks Cumming right next to each other – movie.

Balck Muscular Fucker
If you are into big Muscular Black guys with a huge Cock you need to check out Muscle Hung. This colossal man will make you sweat when he sticks his huge Black Dick up your Ass. He will lift you up in the air and slam your ass back and forth until he Cums – movie.

Muscular Bryce Fucks Chris
Chris jerks himself off while rimming Bryce’s hot ass and Bryce does the same. Bryce loves to give as much as he likes to get, except when it’s time for Fucking. He’s so turned on by ramming Chris’ hot hungry hole that he just keeps going. And once Chris Cums all over his tattooed chest Bryce can’t hold it any longer. These hot studs cum within seconds of each other and i t’s electrifying to watch – movie.

Fucking Young Oliver
In the mood to get your cock sucked by a dark haired twink and then Fuck his sweet Ass? Check out Oliver, in this almost interactive POV scene. Watching Oliver will make you feel as if you’re the one getting Sucked Off. By the time Oliver’s tight and hairy little Ass gets deeply penetrated, you’ll be feeling as if you’re the lucky guy Fucking him – movie.