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Gay Porn Listings: 2-27-12

Kallum Rough Fucks Alex
Rough ass pounding and seriously horned up action, poor little Alex is Fucked into submission by a raging Kallum, hell bent on spewing his Cum over the smooth young lad, his slick Cock wet from hot spunk is so tasty he laps it up and feeds it to his lad – movie.

Jaxton and Caleb Toilet Fuck
Two naked gay muscle hunks going at it Hardcore in full view of anyone who might stumble through the bathroom door and both getting off on knowing how dangerous it all is – movie.

Birthday Gay Threeway
We are treated to a chain of Dick suckers, before two give up their tight butts for top guy Val to take full advantage off. Spit Roasting the Dick hungry twink, Damien is fed more Cock than ever, giving him a birthday he’ll never forget – movie.

2 Str8 Boys Fuck Gay Bottom
Gay Bottom Boy gets Fucked by not one, but two Straight Boys – movie.

Interracial Power Fuck
Kane Rider gives Danny Lopez his biggest Black Dick yet and shoves it down his throat as deep as it will go. Danny’s ass is begging for some attention so Kane eats it out, before sliding this huge Cock in. He shoves it right down to the base really stretching that hole wide and making Danny scream for more – movie.

Big Dick James Jordan
James Jordan is the hottest Black doctor you may find, he has a huge Cock that after being lubricated is ready to calm any Anal fever – movies.

Pierre Fitch Fucks Seth Knight
Putting lil-porn-pups around Pierre Fitch is like setting the timer to a bomb. Inevitably, it will explode. At first, I tried to get them to talk a little before we got started but neither one of them seemed to be able to focus on anything but one another. Pierre’s huge boner was peeking through his jeans for attention and Seth’s willing hole was winking right back – movie.

Rough Trade Sling Fuckers
Here we have Dungeons, Daddies and Slings. Daniels doesn’t waste time shoving his Cock in Alexander’s Ass while he’s in the sling. Next to a bench the Ass ravaging continues, as Alexander busts his nut right into Daniel’s open hole, then Rims that Cum right out – movie.

Curious James and Trey
James Wright told us during his interview that he’s had fantasies about guys before and we convinced him to make them a reality. To help out, we recruited the Sexy Trey Matthews and his big Uncut Dick – movie.

Hairy Daddy Fucks Young Blue
Nick has gorilla like body hair, extensive tattoos and a really big, curved Cock that slid right into the waiting Ass of Blue. But even at his young age, Blue is no novice at taking a large Dick and he loves to get Fucked. They changed positions at will, flipping around to any angle that felt right for the moment – movie.


Doubled Stuffed Muscular Stud

This Group Sex scene features four muscular studs with perfectly sculpted bodies, handsome looks and tons of Sex drive. It opens with some Dick Sucking and Ass Rimming. Then it moves to some Sexy double Fucking action, with nice up close scenes showing two Cocks buried deep into another guy’s Ass. In the end each of these handsome studs fire off huge loads of Cum.

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Gay Porn Listings: 2-23-12

College Boys Fucking
Sexy studs Bryan and Mark Fucking in a camping tent – photos.

Japanese Boys Fucking
Masumi Sucked Ken’s sweet dick until it was nice and hard. After some nice Rimming and fingering he offered up his Ass. Ken Fucks that Asian Boy hole like a machine. It’s some very hot Fucking with 2 beautiful boys, and of course ends with Ken’s Cum Shot – movie.

Hairy Ben Beats Off
28 year old stud Ben Vit rubs his Sexy body and Hairy Chest. He sits back and takes his Dick in hand and begins an aggressive work out. He quickly squirts out a thick creamy Cum Shot across his lower abs and pubes. Ben licks the Cum from his fingers and smiles – movies.

Big Dick James Jerks Off
Our photographer first shot James in a fashion shoot in LA over a year ago. When he got Naked for this solo Porn shoot there was a big surprise…his 10 inch Cock – movie.

Young and Muscular Guy Jacking
Buffed out Pauley exposes and flexes his Naked body and Jacks Off – photos.

6 Black Dudes Fucking
Riding Cock and giving it rough is this Orgy of Black beauties specialty. Soak up every minute of the action between Phoenix, Solo, Blaque Rod, Intrigue, Dragon and Pleasure Boi, without licking the screen in lust, if you can – movie.

Blindfolded Gay 3-way
Two Sexy guys are Fucking a blindfolded guy’s Asshole – movie.

Muscular Tony and Cavin Flip Fuck
Tony exposes his big Dick, to Cavin and he can’t resist going down on it immediately. In return, Tony gives Cavin a Rim job he will never forget, spreading it wide and ready for the Fucking he’s about to receive. Laying back to let Cavin ride, Tony enjoys the tight hole wrapped around his Dick until he decides to drive and Fucks Cavin – movie.

Young Danny and Freddie Fuck
We were excited to get Danny Montero back in the studio for another duo, especially when we realized we could pair him with angel faced Freddie White. These two are as fresh and youthful as it gets and watching them together is as beautiful as it is Sexy – movie.

Will Santos Fucks Bare Oscar
Well, here it is. The Fucking scene between Will and Oscar. The two Latinos really wanted to film this video, because of their romantic past – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 2-19-12

Gabriel Clark Fucks Kennedy Carter
The two started making plans about how Gabriel would Cum on his Ass and then lick it up and feed it to him. When it came down to that very special moment, Cum fired out of his Dick and covered Kennedy’s freshly Fucked hole. Gabriel Then turned into a Cum crazed freak and Sucked it all up, grunting like a grizzly bear that had just found its first meal – movie.

Tober and Josh Sling Fuck
In chains, Tober gets bent over for an Ass Rimming. Josh loves teasing his hole by rubbing and slapping his fat Dick against it. Moving to the sling, Josh plays with Tober’s Ass some more, licking and fingering it teasingly. The moment of penetration is shown clearly as that massive Cock slowly enters, but the thrusting soon intensifies to a feverous pitch- movie.

Str8 Latino Sucking Cock
Benjamin’s Cock truly expands to 9 inches and it is one big Latin tool. Benjamin seems to enjoy making Austin choke on his huge Cock as he forcefully pushes Austin’s head down on it. If you like big Dicks that are connected to extremely muscular Latin boys, then Benjamin has a big banana you are going to love – movie.

Young Cowboy 3-way
Colby Keller joins Chris Porter and Tommy Defendi for a cowboy themed Threesome Fuck scene. Colby wakes Chris from his nap. His thick hard Dick is out of his pants quickly and Chris turns his head to swallow it up. Tommy is watching from a distance, but fixing the truck can wait for now. He heads over and then these farmers really start plowing – movie.

Tomm Black Fucks Andy West
Tomm Black was in his office on the weekend trying to get caught up on some work when his buddy Andy West stopped by to help him out. Little did he know Andy had only one thing on his mind and that was getting Tomm’s fat Uncut Dick up his hungry Ass – movie.

Redhead Sam Fucks Matt Steele
Matt Steele seems a little bit nervous as he gently fondles his cock in a darkroom while watching porn! However he seems a lot more comfortable when fair skinned redhead stud Sam Slade shows up and unleashes his epic cock. Matt is powerless to resist the charms of a Dick that size and Sam gives it to him by working his impressively enormous dick deep into Matt’s sweet hole – movie.

Asian Twink Rough Sex
This video brings together two athletic Asian Twinks, Robin and David. The two boys hit it off right away and Robin takes charge with a wet French kiss. He orders David to lick his nipples and Suck his hard Dick, so he can get all the Sex Toys ready for the anal stretching that follows – photos.

Muscle Daddy Duke Rivers
He fingers his hole wearing nipple clamps, displaying his hairy crack, rubbing the leather strips of the flogger against his inner thigh. Working his fingers deep into his ass, he strokes his Dick, slicking the shaft and teasing the head with spit. Unable to contain himself anymore, he shoots a tasty wad of seed onto his furry belly, gasping with each pulse of Cum – movie.

Muscles, Snowball and Spit
This interracial Fuck fest is so hot because both Cody and Dente each bring their own amazing Sexual energy. And if you think these two are going to be all sweet, romantic and nice then stick around after the Cum Shot, when the two get a little nasty. I have two words for you, snowball and spit – movie.

Spit Roasting Young Amado
These well hung hung Twinks trade places repeatedly, taking turns Spit Roasting Amado and dumping their young Cum all over each other – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 2-15-12

Young Lex and Kyle Fuck
Dark haired and donkey dicked, young stud Kyle Martin finds himself alone in a sex club dungeon, but not for long, as slender skinhead Lex Harrison has noticed the boy’s monster meat and has a plan for it – movie.

Diesel Power Fucks Jessie Colter
Diesel gives Jessie a good ass Rimming, in preparation of power fucking Jessie with his huge Dick. Diesel rams him like a freight train, in multiple positions. The final is Jessie on his back, legs held up, as he blows his Cum load. Diesel then stands over Jessie, shooting a huge load across Jessie’s abs – movies.

Issac and Valentina Flip Fuck
These boys are so into each other they take it in turns giving each other a good hard Fuck. Share and share alike. They ram their Cocks in a range of positions, leading to a spunky finale where Issac shows off his party piece…extreme distance ejaculation – movie.

Bo Dean Fucks Angelo Marconi
Inked maintenance man, Bo Dean, and warehouse manager, Angelo Marconi, can’t keep their hands off of each other. Angelo loves Sucking Bo’s huge Dick and taking it deep in his throat. Angelo can’t get enough Cock and he takes it any way he can so Bo gives it to his boss, every last inch jabbing into Angelo’s Ass – movie.

Young Keiran Beats Off
Young Keiran Cooper seems a bit bashful and that shyness is a quality we fall for every time. Half Indian and half English, Keiran’ has a tan that many are jealous of and we imagine it makes him extra popular with the university boys – movie.

Hardcore Manly Threesome
The scene reaches its climax when Chris shoots all over Colin’s chest and stomach as he is riding him cowboy. Then Ray Boy spews a huge nut all over Chris and Colin’s chest and face. Chris dismounts as Colin shoots a powerful load of Cum all over himself. Ray Boy quickly ceases the opportunity and licks Colin clean, not wasting a drop – movie.

Muscular Hairy Man Fuck
Before long Erik is gagging himself on Erik’s Cock for an all-star blow job that quickly turns into muscled man Fucking muscled man, the grunts and groans growing louder as Samuel lays Erik’s back on a table and puts his leg in the air so he can really slam his Ass deep – movie.

Interracial Gym Fuckers
Danny being the slut bottom that he is couldn’t wait to get his mouth wrapped around that big Cock and then take it up his Ass. Before you know it Kane Fucks Danny’s Ass with his big Black Dick and showers him how to really get a pump in the gym – movie.

Sexy Asian Boy Jerk Off
After shaving his pubes away, Wong eagerly shows his Sexy Naked body, before smearing baby oil all over it. This sexy Asian Twink also give us a nice Cum Shoot at the end and he even gives it a quick taste – movie.

Muscular Derek Rough Fucks Chris
When Chris wraps his tattooed paw around Derek’s balls while he deep throats his enormous Cock. Pretty soon Derek uses every inch of his Dick to pound Chris’ Ass. Derek likes it rough and you can see him pull on Chris’ hair, holding his arms behind him and totally using him as if Chris was his own personal Sex Toy – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 2-11-12

Three Jocks Fucking at the Gym
They get Anthony up onto a mat where Chris has his turn Fucking him for a good long period as Daniel stands behind him Jerking Off and assisting by pushing Chris’s Ass to make sure he is getting in good and deep. In the end Chris pulls out and dumps a load onto Anthony’s smooth stomach. Daniel is right behind him and shoots his Cum onto the gym floor mats – movie.

Young Peter Jerks Off
Peter Sweet heads outdoors where he proceeds to Jack Off and blow his Cum load – photos.

Young Hung and Pegged
Sebastian has set about pegging the suspended Bailey Oince, making him endure some serious pain and Sucking on his Dick just to add to the humiliation. This is definitely one of the more out there encounters we’ve filmed – movie.

Str8 Boy Takes Cock
This is an amazing video to watch not only because we get to see these 2 best friends bond Sexually, but there is something so hot about the way Santiago moans for that Dick, like there is something deep inside his prostrate craving that special little feeling that is normally reserved for Gay men – movie.

Lucky Sucks Offf 7 Guys
Lucky Taylor has a group of jock Cocks to choose from in the lockerroom, as his teammates line up and throat fuck him one-by-one. It’s a gangbang of smooth, ripped studs that have to be seen to be believed – movie.

Muscular Jock Jacking
Ronny just finished wrestling and now he wants to bust his nut – photos.

Threesome Fist Fuck
Bosch Wagner has gone to see the doctor, Justin Cade. Bosch’s tongue goes right for the good doctor’s Ass while nurse Scott O’Hara watches through a crack in the door. This doctor is well equipped and Bosch has more than a mouthful. Scott comes in and Bosch is more than happy to satisfy the nurse as well as the doctor with Fist and toy alike – movie.

Two Boys Sofa Fuck
Two cute guys enjoying a nice Fucking session on the couch – movie.

Symon Jerks Off
Normally, the penis is not the first thing I notice about a guy but this one took me completely by surprise and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of it. Even as I sit here and write this description I can’t help but notice that my fingers are a bit wet, as I’ve been drooling all over this keyboard for the past hour thinking about it – movie.

Muscular Sean and Nicco Fuck
Sean took the initiative and went down on Nicco’s Sexy bubble butt, giving it the kind of tongue bath that makes a hungry hole gasp with pleasure. Then he rode Nicco for the rest of the afternoon. The cameras capture shot after shot of the hottest hardcore action these two could possibly muster until they both shot their Cumy loads – movie.


Str8 Euro Boy Jacking

Julius Cesta is a 21 year old Straight Boy from Prague. He’s never sexually been with another man, but after drinking too much at a party, he admits to kissing a guy, but that’s where it ended. He’s a tease and excited to Jack Off in front of the camera for the first time. Julius unzips and pulls his Uncut Dick the opening and plays with it. Then he removes his pants and stares into the camera while rubbing his body and stroking his big Cock. One leg up, and bending over a chair, Julius spreads his cheeks, giving us a clear view of his hairy Ass. He sits back in the chair, stroking himself and massaging his Ass. Next he moves to the floor and begins firmly stroking his Cock, delivering a thick warm Cum shot across his abs. Julius then showers, washing himself off as he rubs his body all over.

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Gay Porn Listings: 2-7-12

Self Sucking Muscular Latino
Muscular Brazilian Fernando Leon enjoys the taste of his own Dick as he Self Sucks while Leighton Cole plays with his own Cock as he watches. This leads to Cock Sucking and Fucking Fernando while bent over the bike- movie.

Christian Rock Fucks Buster Sly
Christian couldn’t wait to start Fucking that Black Ass hard, while his big balls slapped it. For someone who normally tops Buster sure knows how to take Dick up his Ass – movie.

Asian Twink Shower BJ and JO
Baht is an 18 year old student and this is his first time to do Gay Asian Porn. He strokes that Uncut Dick and spreads his young Asian Boy Cum all over the camera guy – movie.

Gio Cruz Fleshjacking
Gio Cruz pulls out a Fleshjack and starts shoving his hard Dick in. Trojan can’t resist helping, and Gio pulls Trojan’s swelling Dick out of his pants and Sucks on it long and hard. Getting back to his camera work Trojan watched as Gio spills his Cum all over his tight Muscular body – movie.

Steve Vex Fucks Angelo Marconi
Steve bends Angelo over a work table and goes to town, Rimming his ass. Now he’s ready to sit down on this huge Cock, so Steve lays back on the work table and let’s Angelo mount him. Watching Angelo ride Steve’s massive Dick is amazing, and seeing Steve take over and pound up into Angelo proves that he can take any Cock – movie.

Sling Fucking Alessio Romero
To make his bottom relax and prepare for the Fucking he’s about to get, Race puts Alessio in a sling. Alessio relishes the Fucking he receives and moans with delight, even as he gets the Cum Fucked out of him. But when Race gets ready to shoot his load you really get to see how amazing his abs look as he flexes to squirt out his Cum – movie.

Young Mckenzie Jacks Off
Chavs are really not my thing, but Mckenzie Wright was rather cute, and it did make me laugh how he kept his socks on during Sex. So I just had to film it. The bad boy even eats his own Cum – movie.

College Boy Flip Fuck
Flipping him over, Alex gets the urge to repay the Fucking favor, and Chris gets his first taste of Dick inside that Twink Ass of his, but greedy bottom boy Alex wants the last ride of the afternoon, and he’s soon back bouncing on top like a prize winning jockey – movie.

Remy Delaine Beats Off
Life must be hard when you look this good and have a Dick that big. In this scene Remy privately strokes his massive Cock without distraction. Its candy to our eyes and elixir for our Dicks – movie.

Big Cock Black Man
Castro is back and you always want more of this mega Cock. Let me tell you when you start watching him stroke his huge Dick you’ll get mesmerized. Castro knows how to get your attention and how to make anyone beg for his huge Dick – movies.


Gay Porn Listings: 2-3-12

Venezuelan Jock Jacking
Donnie Vives is a Venezuelan jock, and once he smiles and starts touching himself your under his control. Enjoy him Naked and playing with his hard Dick – photos.

Gabriel Clark Fucks Jake Bass
Gabriel was being his usual self – a cum-starved pigster – so he decided to do what he does best – find himself some boy to drill until his favorite juice starts sperming out of the boy’s Dick so he could satisfy his thirst. Enter Jake Bass. By the end of the scene Jake was taking it like a real man and Gabriel was drowning himself in Jake’s Cum – movie.

School Room Twink Sex Orgy
Dave checks the corridors for teachers, making sure the coast is clear. With dark haired Luke and fellow blond David all up for mischief, it’s a non-stop Dick Sucking saga that develops into a Fuck session, with the insatiable Dave making the most of having 2 greedy bottom boys eager for a Cock sharing Fuck – movie.

Young Pavel Jerks Off
Pavel Weisman takes his uncut cock in hand and begins stroking, at times using both hands. When Pavel stands up, you can really see his athletic 21 year old build. He kneels on the sofa and strokes his Dick in a downward motion. Pavel sits back, and with a few firm strokes, blows his load, splattering Cum across the couch – movie.

Young Leigh Fucks Josh
Young Leigh slides his Cock into Josh, spreading his butt apart as soft thrusts forward gets him in deeper. When Josh can’t hold back he unleashes his load while Leigh is still inside him. Leigh gets his rocks off as he stands over the smooth Twink, letting his thick jizz splatter over his chest and abs – movie.

Awesome Hardcore Ass Sex
After some major Dick Sucking action Jake is ready to Fuck Josh and Josh is practically begging for it. With Jake being so tall it’s quite a sight seeing him wrap his whole body around Josh’s smaller frame. Awesome hardcore Ass Sex in this video, so it’s not to be missed – movie.

Harley Fist Fucks Dolan
Soon, out come the Sex Toys and Harley shoves a massive Dildo up Dolan’s hairy hole, in preparation for taking Harley’s Black gloved fist. Harley Fist Fucks Dolan hard and deep past his wrist as Dolan moans and groans. Dolan shoots his Cum all over his belly, before deep throating Harley to a mouth filling climax – movie.

6 Muscular Soldiers Fucking
This video is an action packed video featuring six different sexy studs wearing army fatigues. They all take turns Fucking each other. In the end one by one each of these studs stokes out a huge load of Cum onto their Naked buff bodies – movie.

Young Eric and Ash Kitchen Fuck
Eric Evans is in the kitchen, but the only thing he’s cooking up is a hot duo with Ash Kahn. They start off kissing up against the counter as they undress and Eric is quick to fall to his knees – movie.

Big Dick Black Man
Hotrod is a Sexy Black man from Philly. He loves the beach and swimming pools. Seeing his huge Dick at the pool while the sun hits him is very hot. Also check out that round firm Ass of his – photos.