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Muscular Bryce Fucks Eric


In this scene, Muscular Bryce Tucker decides he is going to Fuck Eric Pryor in the Ass. Eric does not resist, as he loves having his Ass hammered by a big thick Dick and Bryce will not disappoint. Eric gets him ready with a BJ that would curl your toes and you can see by the look on his face that Bryce is enjoying it. Then Bryce dives face first into his Ass and gives it good Rimming. Eric can do nothing else but wait for that huge Cock that will follow. Bryce Fucks him every which way, even pulling his Ass up so his body is resting on his shoulders, giving him a perfect angle to drop his hard Dick in as deep as he possibly can. Once done Fucking that Ass he shoots his warm Cum all over Eric, who follows with his load.



Gay Porn Listings: 5-30-12

Hairy Daddies Fucking
The scene opens with these masculine Daddies passionately kissing one another, when Paul eagerly slides down to service Matt’s thick Cock. The action intensifies when Paul slides his huge Uncut Dick into Matt’s hole. He moans in delight as he is Fucked by Paul’s thick Cock – movie.

Muscular Rocky Fucks Jon Julian
Rocky couldn’t resist Jon’s cute boyish face and within minutes dropped his pants and shoved his Dick into that eager mouth. Jon instantly got hard and serviced his buddy, while his Ass twitched for some Dick. Rocky bent Jon over the desk and pushed his fat Cock up his boy hole and started pounding away – movie.

Nathan Locke Fantasy Jacking
This solo Jerk Off scene features 23 year old Nathan Locke. With two hands, he strokes his Cock to and fro, until he’s good and hard. Nathan sits back and envisions he’s Fucking some stranger in the alley out back of the club they met in. At the end, he delivers a warm and creamy Cum Shot across his abs and pubes – movies.

Big Dick Lucio Jacking
Lucio Saints treats us to a Jack Off session with the aid of a fleshjack. In addition to enjoying the view of his gorgeous Naked and inked body, he gives us a rare look at his Asshole, which hardly ever gets used. Lucio ends his Sex Toy play with a nice big Cum Shot – movie.

Three Gay Cowboys Fucking
Tom Wolfe finds cowboys Parker Perry and Aybars Sucking each other, and gets invited to join in. Parker soon has two cocks in his mouth and it’s not long before he is getting his hairy ass Rimmed by Tom, who Fucks Parker good and hard while Parker has his lips wrapped around Aybars Cock. This cowboy Threesome ends in a trio of Cum Shots – movie.

Fred Fucks Young Brett Carter
Young Brett hooks up with hunky Fred and soon spit is dripping down Brett’s chin as he gets Face Fucked. Then Fred wants a piece of Ass, and after a good Rimming, Brett is taking every inch of Fred’s Cock. It’s a pure Sexual frenzy that ends with Cum all over the freshly Fucked Twink – movie.

5 Black Men Fucking
These five Black thugs get to know each other a little better with some Cock Sucking action on the couch. But it’s just an entree to the main course of Fucking some Black Ass. Enjoy the group Sex action as these Unique Treasure, Casanova 26g, Awesome D, Kings Deire and Cody Miles get it on with each other – movie.

Alessio and Dirk Kitchen Fuck
We catch Alessio Romero and Dirk Caber engaged in a somewhat mundane moment of kitchen chores that quickly turns into hot and sweaty Sex between lovers with no pretense. A little bit of taste testing quickly turns into an erotic feeding session between hairy, hunky husbands – movie.

Twink Suit Sex
Reece Ryder and Lucas Davidson are in theiur business suits when they decide to have some Sexual fun on the new sofa. Once Naked, the young guys Suck Dick and
Rim Ass, before Lucas Fucks his buddy. Lucas ultimately dumps his load over Reece’s arched back and butt – movie.

Latino Suck Rim and Fuck
Robinho is muscular and super-hung, and Thomy lusts for his Cock. After oraly servicing his man, Thomy gets his Ass Rimmed, before Robinho shoves his Cok in and Fuks him. They end their time together stroking orgasms out of their Cocks, Robinho dumping his Cum on Thomy’s leg and Thomy shooting all over himself – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 5-26-12

Young Euro Stud 3-way
Italian stallion Max and Czech superstar Vilem are a match made in heaven. Both masculine, gym-built, tall, and hung. Add boyish Giorgio and you’ve got the perfect threesome. Guess who ends up bottoming – movie.

Young Morgan Fucks Brayden
While Morgan has been in the industry for quite a few years Brayden is just getting started. Brayden used to fantasize about being in porn movies when he was a kid and one day someone approached him and asked if he wanted to do it for real so he decided, why not. Watch as Morgan Fucks him for the first time on camera – movie.

Joshua Webber Jerks Off
Joshua starts stripping off and playing with his Ass and nipples. He takes out his huge, Uncut Dick and strokes it. Taking a 9 inch dildo he eases it into his tight young Ass before taking a monster 11 inch black dildo, shoving it deep inside. Pounding his ass with the toy he works his cock even harder before he shoots warm Cum over his smooth chest – movie.

Hot Tub Muscle Fuck
Goran voraciously Rims Mike’s Ass before making tender love to him which climaxes in quite a splash all over the screen, as well as top notch Fucking. There’s plenty of intensely consuming kissing and a Cock Sucking sequence that will surely satiate anyone’s desires – movie.

Phenix and Bobby Fuck Seth
Phenix Fucked Seth’s hole like it was the last thing he was ever going to do, and then Bobby did too. There was nothing stopping them and both Phenix and Bobby didn’t hold anything back. In the end, Seth’s chest was covered in a thick layer of Cum and judging by the smile on his face, his hungry hole was finally satisfied – movie.

Mummified Twink
Blindfolded and wrapped tight in cling film like a modern day Twink mummy, Aaron Aurora is in no position to protest an older man playing with his exposed Dick, the only thing allowed out of that wrap. It gets rock hard from the attention and stroked, with Aaron none the wiser to his captor – movie.

Pounding Virgin Ass
Clay Osborn may have had a virgin Ass, but not after this scene. Nicolai Rivera spares no mercy as he Fucks deeper and deeper – movie.

Bruno Knight Fucks Jason Michaels
Greedy Jason devours all of Bruno’s massive Cock like a good boy. Bruno attacks Jason’s tight puckered hole with a vengeance – licking, spitting and tongue fucking him. It’s not long before Jason is face down, with Bruno Fucking him deep – movie.

Euro Twink Threesome
This video is a Twink lovers delight featuring 3 Sexy Uncut European boys. Two are on top of the other in the 69 position as another is Fucking the one on top from behind. Switching things up they take turns Fucking each other which leads to massive amounts of boy Cum flying everywhere – movie.

Aybars Fucks Trent Locke
Trent explores Aybars’ Muscular torso, his tongue lapping at his partner’s Hairy pecs and abs and then hits the plump jackpot throbbing between his legs. Aybars responds with a vigorous Ass Rimming. Then, mounting Trent, Aybars Fucks his partner, looking like a caballero riding his white steed – movie.


Gay 4 Pay Suck and Fuck

Here is one of the latest sample video trailers from Broke Straight Boys. The site features Straight Boys that have agreed to Jerk Off in front of a camera for much needed cash. The producer then tries getting these guys to do even more. The great thing is you never know what’s going to happen, as the producer pushes these boys to their Gay-4-Pay limits, and that’s what makes this site so damn popular. In this exclusive scene Denver and Colin Suck Dick and Fuck.



Gay Porn Listings: 5-22-12

Str8 Boy Yuri Jacking
19 year old Yuri Bulakov’s pants come off and he stands on the bed, bending over and pulling his Dick and balls downward, while showing off his hairy Ass. Knowing he’s about to hit his peak, he lays back on the bed and strokes himself fast and hard, delivering a Cum Shot across his abdomen and chest – movies.

Bravo Delta Unmasked
He is already well known and has fans around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have seen him edge himself with flashlights and shoot his massive loads. But what no one has ever seen is his face!. He’s known as Bravo Delta and today he’s taking off the mask – movie.

College Classroom Fuck
These college boys like to study hard. But sometimes they want to hit more than the books. Hiding from their teacher, they help each other out while Jacking Off under the desk. But soon those hard Dicks need more than a helping hard. With the teacher no where to be seen, it’s up on the desk for a Blow Job followed quickly by some hard Fucking – movie.

Muscular Interracial Fuck
Tate devours Steve’s Cock and worships it, but soon lets his smooth hole take the attention, as Steve Rims his Ass before sliding his Cock in. After flipping each other into all sorts of positions, Steve Cums on Tate – movie.

Threesome Muscle Fuck
The scene opens with Lee, Chad and Colin passionately kissing and groping one another as Chad eagerly slides down to service both of their cocks. The action intensifies when Chad is pulled to edge of the bed and tag teamed by Colin and Lee. The scene reaches its climax when Lee shoots his nut and leaves Chad a huge cum facial – movie.

Young Billy and Zack Flip Fuck
Billy Drake has the bigger 9 inch Dick and starts by shoving it down the throat of his buddy Zack Black. Zack, of course, can’t swallow it all so after a few minutes of mutual Sucking Billy finds out that Zack can take it all up his Ass. Then he flips Billy over and shows him how to take his nice 8 inches – movie.

Tsuyoshi Fucks Shou
Smooth bottomed Japanese Boy Shou submits to Tsuyoshi’s aggressive topping ways. Shou is Sexually controlled by Tsuyoshi and we are lucky enough to watch – movie.

Twink Spit Roast
If only all waiting rooms had young Lukas Davis in them, then the queue would pass very quickly as he and fellow patient Scott get down and dirty on the benches. Young intern Zac joins in, he’s on his knees in seconds. And before its over Lukas gets Spit Roasted and Scott gets covered in Cum – movie.

Luke Rider Beats Off
They say they grow them big in Texas and when it comes to the gigantic Cock between his legs they were not lying. He loves stroking it with his big strong hands, skillfully cradling his heavy balls while stroking the incredible Dick until the beads of sweat on his forehead let you know he is close – movie.

Latino Gay Sex Orgy
Lucas arrives on the scene blind folded, with his friends that have a surprise for him. When the blindfold is taken off, Lucas has two Dicks for Sucking. The Sex Orgy starts right there. Four guys Cum on the Birthday Boy’s chest. Lucas’ face, mouth and body are covered with Cum – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 5-18-12

Fist Fucking Chuck Deep
Chuck wastes no time hopping up on the bar and squatting down on Amerifist’s hand in this video, sliding down onto his wrist. With Amerifist coaching him, Chuck rides his hole harder up and down Amerifist’s arm, going deeper and deeper – movie.

Hairy Dadies Fucking
Precum may be Patrick’s middle name, but he doesn’t mind sharing it with his new best friend, Jayson. When it comes to fuck buddies, giving and receiving is the fun part of these games. These two Daddies give each other a helping hand, and much more – movie.

Bath Tub Sex Orgy
The tub has never looked more attractive as when these three young Muscular guys hook up. The well tuned bodies of these boys are put to good use with some Sexy Cock Sucking action and deep anal Fucking – movie.

Skinny and Smooth
Cute Robbie Lee Jones strips and Jacks Off – photos.

Big Cock Office Fuck
Jesse is trying to get his work done when he’s unexpectedly distracted by Tyler Hunt who’s Xeroxing his Cock and has no problem coaxing Jesse to join him and fool around. The two work together non-stop, rocking back and forth in different configurations until they finally Cum, blasting two sticky loads of Cum all over an exhausted Jesse – movie.

Black Man Sex Massage
Things quickly escalate in this erotic massage between Casanova and Tico Time. From massaging muscle to massaging prostate, it’s the kind of deep penetrating attention you’d kill for – movie.

Chris and Dante Power Fuck
Chris knew if he was gonna Fuck that ass he better get it ready so he gave Dante a Rim job that had his hole begging. Without missing a beat Chris plunged his Cock deep inside Dante every which way he could think of. Lots of Fucking and huge gushes of Cum later these two where exhausted – movie.

Cop Sex Orgy
The officer in charge can’t wait to give his squad a special treat after a job well done. The office erupts in a Anal Group Fuck fest that ends with Cum all over the fit men – movie.

Zac Jacks Off
Being a true bottom, the moment his Cock gets hard, Zac’s legs start to spread and he massages all over his body. As he watches Porn, while stroking and caressing himself, his nipples harden and he starts to moan. Licking his lips and biting his tongue ring, Zac Cums fast, shooting a nice stream of Cum up onto his stomach – movie.

Young Thomas Jacks Off
Thomas Klone sends a stream of warm Cum up his slightly hairy chest – photos.


Gay Porn Listings: 5-14-12

8 Latinos Sex Orgy
Bruno Bordas, Tomas Samper and Julian Terra decide to check out a bathhouse they heard about. The steamy spot turns out to be the perfect location for a hot sweaty Sex Orgy of eight – movie.

Young Alex and Danny Fuck
After a good Rimming of Danny’s delicious Ass, he’s begging for his Cock more than his mouth and Alex is right there for him to enjoy. Spraying spunk over his freshly Fucked body, Danny empties himself completely just before Alex dumps his own Cum over Danny’s butt – movie.

Hairy Hardcore Fuck
Thierry savors that Ass and Fucks it hard. You can hear that’s what Felix was waiting for. He works that Dick until he makes Thierry explode. Thierry is hungry after such a workout and he decides to lick up the fresh Cum he just splashed all over him. Then gets another mouthful of Cum from Felix – movie.

Muscle Daddy Power Fucks Ivan
Zack Hood was delighted when he found Ivan Rowdy hanging out in his bed ready for some Muscle Daddy Cock. Zack was all over that little butt Rimming it out and spitting on it, getting it ready for his Uncut Dick. He picked Ivan up and sat him down on his Dick like it was his mission in life and power Fucked that Ass like it owned it – movie.

Asian Twink Gay Threesome
Yai and Masumi sandwich Salim and take care of his needs. At the end of this Asian Group Sex scene, the camera pans to profile all of these lovely Twinks: Salim’s hard Cock, Yai Sucking and Masumi guiding Yai’s head onto Salim. Salim and Masumi stroke themselves as Yai, kneeling, waits patiently for his Cum Facial – movie.

Nick and Chad Sling Fuck
When Nick determines that Chad is more useful with his hands untied, we watch him as the rope expert releases the restraints and puts Chad in the sling for a good Fucking. Chad is a pliable and active participant who loves having Nick’s big Cock shoved in his face from the comfort of the sling, moaning with pleasure throughout – movie.

Caleb Moreton Beats Off
This 22 year old kneels on the chair, showing off his tight Ass and hairy hole, as he rubs and fingers himself. Caleb moves to the floor, where he can put more focus on bringing himself to his climax. He gives his Ass more attention, as he slaps his butt and heavily strokes his Cock, resulting in a Cum splattering release across his entire torso – movies.

Latino Outdoor Fuck
Junior and Andre are side-by-side, fishing in a little pond on the property, and Andre has his shirt off in anticipation. They wander over to a tree, kiss and lick each other’s nipples. Eventually, Andre sits on Junior who’s lying on his back on a bench, with his Cock bobbing in the air – movie.

Str8 Boy Zac Jacking
Zac is a straight boy who loves hearing the girls tell him how big his Dick is. His favorite part of Sex is the initial penetration but he’s also excited by dirty talking and gives us our fair share of that while he plays with himself. He professes his desire for a blowjob while he Jacks Off fast and hard, before Cumming all the way up his happy trail – movie.

3 Twinks Sex Orgy
This is a 3-way scene that must be seen to understand and truly appreciate just how hot these 3 young and dirty Sex Pigs are. Julian blows his load all over himself then Marty sucks Jack’s Dick and takes the stud’s load in his mouth before delivering a Cum Facial all over Jack’s face – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 5-10-12

Jay Power Fucks Parker
Parker gets on his knees and opens wide to consume Jay’s Uncut Dick. Jay then throws Parker down and begins servicing Parker’s big Cock aggressively, then Rims his hairy hole with licks and slurps so aggressive the poor guy is quivering with excitement. Then Jay Fucks Parker fast and furious like a well oiled machine – movie.

Skinny Big Dick Nerd
Twink Trey Seagles Jacking Off onto his soccer ball – photos.

Rough Trade Cock Suckers
JT is a hot little bad boy with tattoos, piercings, and scars to accompany his “fuck you” attitude and big Dick. The attitude works Conner into a Dick Sucking frenzy. The oral encounter that ensues is a study in Cock Sucking. Each guy takes a turn on their knees, feeding Cock to the another, before they blow loads all over the concrete floor – movie.

Max and His Sex Toy
Max is 21 years old and from TX where everything is big, including his dildo. Max is a versatile top who loves to be watched while either stripping Naked or having Sex. It’s a big turn on to him and he even loves Sex in public places. So next time you’re in the park look around for Max, because you never know – movie.

Kayo Sucks First Dick
Kayo, who has never had Sex with another guy, or girl, before decides to try Sucking Dick and Vince is all too happy to let this curious virgin experament on his Cock – movie.

Military Twinks Threesome
The army seems to be the place for hot young men to hook-up and Fuck, as 3 military boys begin a scorching hot 3-way. Seeing the skinny hot bottom boy of the group get slammed is going to have some of you blowing in no time – movie.

Japanese Twinks Fuck
Starting off in a missionary position, Tsuyoshi slides all the way in and thrusts as Ryo moans and hangs on to Tsuyoshi. Rolling Ryo onto himself, Tsuyoshi has him ride on top. The camera picks up both of their butts, one filled with the other’s long hard Dick. Ryo is a great bottom, taking all that Tsuyoshi is giving – movie.

Muscular Interracial Fuck
Their bodies glisten with sweat as they Fuck with Valentin now down on his back. The white Russian jacks himself off and Cums while his studly Black soldier Fucks him until he finally pulls out and Cums – movie.

Boxing Boy Jerk Off
Young and buff Jimmy Powers Jacks Off with his boxing gloves – photos.

Pool Side Gay Threesome
Soon Claudio is in the middle of the boys as he gobbles up Fredy’s Cock and Leslie punishes him with a particularly strong Fuck. With Claudio turned onto his back, and his abs crunched so tight it’s amazing, he gets it from Fredy this time. Claudio Cums first, all the way up to his chest, followed by impressive hits from the other two – movie.


Muscular Studs Fuck

In this scene, two Muscular studs get into some passionate kissing and tongue action which progresses into a hot Finger Fucking sequence preparing for the Fucking that will follow. Nice up close-up shots show a thick rock hard Cock buried deep into a handsome studs Ass. While getting Fucked from behind he Jerks Off and Cums all over the bed as the blond stud pulls out and shoots his warm load all over his Muscular thigh.

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Gay Porn Listings: 5-6-12

Gay XXX Porn
Bringing you the latest in Gay Porn, this blog covers all interests, from young guys to mature Daddies, smooth to Hairy, and all ethnics. This blog is updated regularly with solo, duo and Group Sex action for you to check out.

Interracial Gay Group Sex
One wonders when blond jock stud Jake Andrews woke up this particular day if he had any idea there would be two Dicks having a swordfight in his mouth during one of the hottest interracial threeways of the year. And the look of pure ecstasy on Jake’s face when Sean is pounding his ass and he shoots his load is absolutely priceless – movie.

Ethan Fist Fucks Blake
Blake is an expert at getting fisted and knows just what he likes. Blake strokes his hard cock feverishly with Ethan’s hand inserted well past the wrist, cumming profusely. With Blake squeezing his nipple, Ethan blasts a huge load all over Blake’s chest then comes around to the side to have Blake suck every last drop out of his Cock – movie.

Young Jake and Alex Fuck
Alex Vaara and Jake Bass are a match made in heaven. They are both young, cute, and full of Cum. So the little fucks decided to ditch all the big muscle boys for the weekend and instead spend a few days alone, getting to really know each other. It was so cute watching them flirt and waiting to see who will make the first move – movie.

Spit Roasting Neil Stevens
Cute young blond Nico gets the treat of a lifetime when hung studs Neil and Leon get together and Fuck him from both ends. Both studs having a go on his Ass, pushing deeper and deeper as he moans out while feeding off stiff Cock. This young Cum Whore gets a facial from both guys after shooting his load – movie.

Str8 Latino Xavier Jacking
Xavier takes off his shirt and works on getting hard. Unzipping his pants, to make room, he hard in no time and strokes his Cock while watching Porn. Getting fully Naked, he stands up, shakes his Cock and grips it firmly, and brings it to a Cum filled finish – movie.

Alpha Male Fuckers – Behind The Scene
This has been the funniest and horniest lot yet! Each day of filming has been absolutely hilarious. We had attitude, sensual love making, cum eating, fashion, precum tasting, philosophy, hairy cracks and clubbing – movie.

Young Kyler Beats Off
22 year old Kyler Benz removes his underwear and with his legs spread wide, he strokes with one hand and grips his balls with the other. Now on his knees, he pulls downward on his Cock, while giving us a good look at his hole. Nearing his peak, Kyler strokes harder and can’t hold back, blowing his Cum everywhere – movies.

Twink Gym Fuck
Young Gym buddies Danko Bell and Antonio Rinaldi are training together but with all that testosterone rushing through their bodies, they soon forget about working out and draw their attention to the others hot, toned body. And the Cock Sucking and Ass Fucking soon follow – movie.

Muscular Jay and Parker Fuck
Parker gets on his knees and opens wide to consume Jay’s Uncut Dick. Jay then throws Parker down and begins aggressively servicing Parker’s big Cock, then Rims out his hairy Ass so aggressive that the guy is quivering with excitement. Then Jay Fucks Parker fast and furious like a well oiled machine – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 5-2-12

Sex Crazed Jackhammer
After sucking each other’s Dicks Jarrett needed to bury his face deep in Cameron’s Ass. But a Rimming was mainly a primer to get his horny hole ready for a good Ass Fucking. And Cameron’s skills as a bottom drove Jarrett into a wild fucking frenzy, ramming his hard throbbing cock in and out like a Sex crazed jackhammer – movie.

Jacob Jacking
Starting with a short slide show of still photos, Jacob Slader enters the studio for his jerk off scene. While still posing in his jeans, he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his big Dick. No wonder he’s a porn star! Sitting back in a chair, this bad boy likes to portray being a tough guy. He is actually very sweet and intelligent, but perpetually horny – movie.

Fucking Hairy Bruno
Bruno wants to feel Tiko deep inside him. He wants to be pinned down and screwed for hours. But this piece of prime English beef is too horny to just sit back and enjoy, he needs to dictate his own rhythm, go at his own pace. He uses Tiko as a Fuck machine and takes his Dick and works it with his Ass until Tiko shoots a load of warm Cum all over his back – movie.

Sex Massage Fuck
John didn’t waste much time massaging and next thing he knew Ivan was riding his fat uncut Dick like a good little boy. Fucking that boy hole was so sweet and he just knew he had to Fuck him in a few more positions before shooting his Cum load – movie.

Twink Power Fuck
Slamming into the hot ass, skinny Victor works into that waiting hole, thrusting incessantly with his smooth balls slapping back and forth and his tight young body tightening even more each time. Wanting a faster pace, David’s legs are spread and Victor gets a rhythm going, and we see every inch slide in and out of David’s Ass – movie.

Japanese Jerk Off
Ryo Yamashta gets comfortable on the couch and removes his shirt to show us a nice, lean body. Ryo strips to his underwear, stands and spins around to present his tight little butt. Sitting back down, he is hard within minutes and working his way to a Cum shooting finish – movie.

Hot Latin Fuck
Andres Sucks on Damian’s Uncut Dick, with time out for an occasional kiss. Damian bends Andres over a table to Rim his Ass, which in turn leads to Andres going for his friend’s Ass and Fucking him in the same position over the table. They finish standing side-by-side Jerking Off – movie.

College Boys Flip Fuck
Fucking him, Daniel kisses Jack and drives him into a frenzy before the two trade places. Jack takes his turn at Fucking Daniel. The dark-haired hottie impales himself on Jack’s big Cock and rides him, before letting lose with a big load of Cum that splatters everywhere. Jack then sprays his own jizz all over Daniel – movie.

James Cobbler Beats Off
James is a Straight Boy wanting to try out Gay 4 Pay Porn and needs a little help from a flufer to get hard in front of the cameras. So instead of this just being a solo Jack Off scen, the Str8 Boy gets his Dick sucked by another guy – movie.

3-way Latin Double Fuck
Julian is at pool with friends Agustin and Joaquin. Next, some intense Oral Sex goes down. As the heat Sexual increases the three move to the bedroom for some heavy Fucking. Julian and Agustin top Joaquin who seems totally insatiable–he just cannot get enough – movie.