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Gay Porn Listings: 7-31-12

Flip Flop Fist Fuck
Erik’s huge hand reaches for Colin’s colon, and then he slams a big black dildo inside before his own Cock. The roles quickly reverse, and Erik’s beautiful Ass is put on the line. Bent over on all fours, Erik takes a two handed Fisting that makes him grimace and grin – movie.

Young Redhead Jacking Off
Preston Drake is a cute redheded college boy who strips Naked and shows off his boner – photos.

Young Alick Jacks Off
Alick is a buff young model who is dying to show you his nice sized Cock – movie.

Str8 Boy Mickey Jacks Off
Go Go dancer Mickey is Straight, but that doesn’t stop him from flirting with the Gay boys. With his rock hard abs and lean muscular body, Mickey has no problem attracting the attention of any guy. Want to see how he does it? Stick around for the end because Mickey does what he doesn’t do even in his private dances – movie.

Hairy Riley Beats Off
Riley Coxx is a middle eastern stud, and they don’t come any hairier than he. Riley promised a self facial with his Cum Shot, and got pretty damn close. He’s one hell of a Sexy guy, so let’s hope we see him in some future action scenes – movie.

Zeb’s Hotel Encounter
After dancing at the Board Walk in Ft Lauderdale Zeb meets a sweet guy that’s looking for some tips for his Muscles and caree. Next day Zeb invites him to his hotel room and gives him more than just some advise – movies.

Twink Group Sex Orgy
We’re treated to three distinct groupings of twink on twink action all in one shot, but as soon as they reach the reception sofa, it’s a tangle of limbs, dicks and butt holes. There’s so much going on you’ll have to watched more than once to take it all in – movie.

Outdoor Jerk Off
Dean Carlson has never done anything like this before and as he slowly pulls his great big cock out of his shorts you wonder why. For those of you with a tan line fetish you will love his dark body and white Ass. He loves the outdoors and has quite the exhibitionist streak. – movie.

Twink Suck and Fuck
Cute boys Sam and Travis Fucking each other hard – photos.

Latin Twink Outdoor Fuck
Camilo and Walter have an impressive backdrop as they taste each other’s Dicks and partake in some outdoor Fucking. Don’t miss taking in the view in this Twink Fuck scene – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 7-26-12

Element Abuses Kurt Andrews
Element bends Andrews over and introduces him to his electrical stick. At the height of Kurt’s rush of pain, Element switches from the jolts of the wand to his energized, massive Cock and he proceeds to pound Kurt violently in an effort to get a warm Cum load out of Kurt, which he shoots onto his chest with Element’s following shortly after – movie.

D.O. Power Fucks Alexander
Looking dapper in their black bowlers and orange jocks, D.O. and Alexander Garrett waste no time going wild on each other. Alexander gets down on his knees to worship D.O.’s thick Cock and soon D.O. is wanting more. Beginning an aggressive assault on his partner’s Ass, D.O. first he Rims Alexander’s hole, then he Fucks it hard – movie.

Mathew and Bryce Rough Fuck
Mathew Mason lies on his back with Bryce Star straddling him. Bryce has skewered himself onto Mathew’s massive Cock, grinding himself down as he works his tight hole around Mathew’s Dick. Both men moan and groan with pleasure, as Mathew takes control, standing between his legs and shoving his cock deep inside his ass – movie.

Asian Boy Nation
Features muscular, well built, and Sexy Asian American guys having duo and Group Gay Sex with white, Latin and black studs.

Dirty Sauna Threesome
Three guys relax in a sauna. They all want to be licked and Fucked hard, and who will be the first – movie.

Jimmy and Calvin Fuck
Calvin saddles up and humps himself on this hung Brazilian. The camera angel plunges you deep into the penetration. Position two has Jimmy dominating from behind, but that doesn’t stop little Calvin from humping on his rod like a dog in heat. In the end, Calvin is the greedy cum guzzler as streams of warm Cum jet across his face – movie.

Boyfriends Anniversary Fuck
21 year old Michael Rogue and 32 year old boyfriend Danny Lopez are celebrating their 1st Anniversary together, with a toast of Champagne and quickly move on to Sucking Dick, Rimming Ass and Fucking until the Cum starts flying – movies.

Hairy Muscular Hardcore Fuck
Stag Homme presents for the first time together two of the biggest names in today’s adult industry, the Italian super adonis Alex Marte and the all American muscle god Spencer Reed. What follows is some hot Sucking, Rimming, Fucking, and one exquisite Oral Cum Shot – movie.

Muscular Adi and Robert Fuck
It was not very long before these two are entwined in a Sexy 69. Then Adi starts Rimming Robert and really getting into it when Robert does the same. Throw in some really hot Hardcore Sex, a little foot fetish and the guys both shooting some nice big Cum loads and you have got yourself one incredible video – movie.

Frat Boy Fuckers
These two ripped frat boys have some naughty fun in their dorm room, and that includes some of the hottest pile driver Fucking you’ve seen between a pair of young guys – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 7-22-12

Jock Shower Fuckers
Hit the showers with these two stunning jocks, one furry and one more smooth, as they get wet and Suck each other off , before our hairy hottie finger’s his buddy’s hole, preparing it for an Ass pounding – movie.

Big Dick David Circus
From his blue eyes, smooth tanned body, and G-spot tickling Cock, David Circus might look sweet, but don’t be fooled. And when this boy blows, its a hell of a gusher – movie.

Oliver Klein Beats Off
When you see Oliver’s big Uncut Cock it is hard to take your eyes off of it. And when it gets hard it stands straight up. But do not for a moment forget how Sexy the rest of him is. He works that huge Dick of his until he cannot hold back any longer and dumps an incredible Cum load all over the gym floor – movie.

Colossal Cock Extravaganza
Dylan pulls off Steven’s underwear to Fuck him rotten with his mammoth Cock. The scene comes to a close with Dylan holding Steven on his back and ramming him repeatedly until both blow their loads. Dylan even licks Steven’s Cum off of his chest before coating him with his own – movie.

Virgin Boy Spit Roast
Clint and his buddy Sklyer strip to their underwear for photographer Jim Crew. Virgin bottom Skyler then sits on Clint’s Dick, taking his first Cock, as Jim drops to his knees and starts Sucking. Soon, the three are in a Spit Roast. When Skyler Cums, Jim begins to shoot and Clint Cums all over Skyler’s chest – movie.

Window Washing Fuckers
Called in to clean the windows, Twink beauties David and super hung Zac are more interested in spraying something else. David is Fucked over a table and rammed silly as Zac ploughs faster. Zac Cums on David’s Ass, before plunging back in and Fucking him some more, pushing his Cum deep into David’s puckered butt – movie.

Straitjacket Twink Fuck
Adorable little Aaron Aurora is teased and humiliated by Leroy Dale. Secured in a straitjacket there’s nothing Aaron can do as he’s made to Suck Cock. After having enough of that, Leroy moves on to the boy’s Ass and gives him a good Fucking, before shooting his warm Cum all over Aaron’s face – movie.

Roger Fucks Axel Fulling
Laying on their sides, Roger begins Fucking Axel’s tight Ass, thrusting deeper and deeper. Axel gets up on all 4’s and Roger slaps his butt and Fucks him hard. Roger pulls out and Cums in Axel’s mouth. Axel takes his cock in hand and blows his own load across his stomach – movie.

Chad Brock Fucks Rowdy McBeal
Chad Brock likes his boys and Rowdy McBeal loves his daddy’s. It starts with some Cock Sucking and Ass Rimming, before Chad bends his boy toy over and starts Fucking him hard – movie.

Virgin Ass Play
Paddy O’Brian might be one of the good cops, but that doesn’t stop him from getting horny and having the urge to work his virgin Ass. In his first ever dildo abuse scene, hung superstar Paddy gives us amazing close-ups and hotter than hell angles of him playing with his hairy hole – movie.


Internet Bareback Hook Up

In this Internet hook up between young Trey Kennedy and Paul Jones the sparks begin as soon as they meet each other in person. Passionate kissing leads to foreplay, which turns to Trey taking a Bareback ride on Paul’s hard Cock. Fucking in different positions, Trey Cums under the constant pounding. Paul then gives Trey a Cum Facial.

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Gay Porn Listings: 7-17-12

Hairy Humpers
On the college lawn, the sight of Steve Hunt settled against a tree studying, stirs horny Lucio Maverick and they get Naked for a hip pumping Fuck fest, with Maverick topping. Impromptu quickies like that are more the rule than the exception – movie.

Billy Berlin Fists Erik Rhodes
Erik is on all fours, his Ass begging to be filled with Billy Berlin’s fists. Billy gets right to business, sliding his lubed hand inside Erik’s anxious hole and alternating fists, right then left. He exposes Erik’s rosebud, massaging it into full bloom. This stud can really take a Fisting and you can see he is fully enjoying every digging stroke that Billy delivers – movie.

Mirror Flip Fuck
Jarrett fucks Cole in front of a full length mirror, totally getting off on his own reflection pounding the Sexy Ass of Cole Markum. Then he arranges Cole so he can watch himself get Fucked, and that totally blows his mind. Finally he shoots his Cum all over Cole, who opens his mouth hoping to catch some – movie.

Twink Dick Dancer 3-way
These two young guys intend to get naughty. What better way to do that than get bottom boy Kyle to do a sexy strip tease before they give his Ass a good Fucking – movie.

Thai Boy Cum Facial
Now that Sommad Chomchop has given Kovit Anucha a facial, it’s time for Kovit to Fuck and dump his Asian Boy Cum on Sommad’s face – movie.

Noah Paris Fucks Lance Navarro
Noah Paris is a young Black Guy who loves big, hairy, bearish looking guys and was thrilled to get hooked up with Lance Navarro. Noah made it clear he was taking charge of the situation. He wanted his 9 inch Dick inside of that burly bear cub and there wasn’t going to be any debating about it – movie.

Go Go Boy Threesome
One of the main dancers at the club is Seth Knight, who appears to be just another naive guy, who wants to be admired. However, when Sebastian and Tommy refuse to give Seth a better schedule, he decides to pull a Max Ryder and manipulate his way to the top. They have no idea what’s coming – movie.

Latino Bareback Fuck
Gonzalo Mendoza is on the sofa trying to rub one out, when in comes Bahinano Forza to lend a hand, mouth and hole. These two hot men enjoy the “la vida dulce” of a hot Bareback Fuck – movie.

Big Dick Jake
Jake Hall pulls out his Uncut Cock and wags it at the camera before spreading his cheeks to show off his tight little Asshole. Jake works two fingers up his Ass before stuffing a butt plug in. His hole clamps tight around his new best friend as he splatters a mess of Cum all over his shirt and licks it clean – photos.

Zeb Atlas – Desert Fuck
What is better than finding the best spot in the desert with the hottest hiking partner? Absolutely nothing! He is very horny and I just love to Suck his big Cock when I am getting ready to Fuck his Ass – movies.

JP Dubois Beats Off
Rubbing his smooth hotly defined body and teasing his nipples JP waves his Cock, as he indulges in his covert midnight wank until his Cum erupts from his thick throbbing shaft, over his fingers. But there’s no towel to clean off with, so JP licks it all off his fingers before zipping up – movie.

Museum Muscular Rough Fuck
Not caring about the museum’s artifacts they are supposed to be watching, Randy is laying on the sofa shouting instructions to the submissive Isaac, who is licking his Ass and Sucking his Cock. As he Fucks, Randy pushes down and flips Isaac about, until he explodes with Cum – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 7-13-12

Gay Porn Sex Movies
This blog features video scenes from the best gay porn sites. The blog is updated frequently with fresh new videos.

Bruno Knight Fucks Ben Brown
With the cards stacked against him and nothing left to wager, Ben Brown folds and yields his ass to Bruno Knight. Bruno eats out his Ass then Fucks him, working himself in as far deep as he can. He pounds then slows it down and then jackhammers again. Bruno pulls out, strokes himself off and Cums with Ben unloading right after – movie.

Muscular Robert Jerks Off
At 25, Muscular Robert Craig the portrait of an All American guy. His handsome features are second only to his beautifully chiseled body. With a playful smile he flips over and shows off his smooth ass. Finally, he Jacks Off and shoots a nice Cum load all over his six pack – movie.

Amsterdam Group Fuck
Here we have five young guys vacationing in Amsterdam who are ready and raring to go for some hot Ass pounding good times that leaves them moaning and groaning while having the time of their life. It’s quit erotic watching as these boys get worked up together and their hot bodies drip with sweat – movie.

Hairy Ass Boy Jacking
Young Tommie Kool spreads his Hairy Ass after wrestling practice and then Jerks Off – photos.

Bobby Long Fucks Jake Bass
Bobby Long has been waiting for this moment since the first time his Ass got Fucked by Jake’s Dick. Bobby can be a tough little fuck sometimes but that’s nothing compared to what he had in mind for Jake – movie.

Str8 Boys
Here is an up-close and intimate look at a collection of guys who identify themselves as straight. Ted Colunga, Paddy O’Brian, Chris Summers, Andy Lee, Fabricio and more – movie.

Big Dick Blond Fuck Scene
Young Conner Bradley and Max Carter Suck and Fuck each other hard – photos.

Initiation Fuck
Fresh faced Kurt Andrews wants to be part of the crew, but now realizes he might not like the initiation as he’s tied over a bar stool and each member of the crew takes his turn Fucking Andrews’ Ass – movie.

Staff Room Fuckers
Who knew this kind of hot action was going on in the staffrooms of colleges while everyone had their nose in their books. Check out this naughty Muscular duo going for extra credit in the confines of the office – movie.


Twink Bareback Kitchen Fuck

When the drinks start flowing it’s not long before the clothes are off and Aiden goes to work on Toms very impressive Dick. He Sucks on his Cock, before taking it Raw up the Ass. Over the kitchen counter he goes, getting a good pounding, then before long he’s bouncing up and down on it, getting the ride of his life.

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Gay Porn Listings: 7-9-12

Muscular Brett and Marcel Fuck
Brett Swanson and Marcel Cruz start off a nice hot summer day messing around in the great outdoors, but soon find themselves so horned up they end up in bed with Marcel Sucking off Brett, Rimming his Ass and getting ready to Fuck his hungry hole good. Watching Brett’s muscles tense as Marcel Fucks him is an amazing sight – movie.

Kinky Latin Gym Fuck
Billy Baval is a real top and Valentin Alsina knows how to turn him on. He offers his hungry hole for Billy to Fuck. Their muscles shine from the oil and the sweat as they enjoy an intense and kinky Sex encounter at the gym – movie.

Darwin and Ethan Bareback
Darwin and Ethan have perfectly toned bodies and use them in every way possible. There is a lot of hot Bareback Flip Fucking after some major foreplay, and the Cum Shots at the end are awesome – movie.

Slappy Fucks David Sweet
Slappy kneels on the weight bench, while David gets in some good tongue action, Rimming his hairy hole. With David bent over, Slappy begins Fucking his Ass good, giving David a slap every once in awhile. Slappy pulls out and David strokes out a load, followed by Slappy giving him a Cum Facial – movies.

Jack and Marty Flip Fuck
Jack Rims Marty’s Ass with his pierced tongue. Then he grabs Marty’s ankles, flips his legs up in the air and works his Raw Cock in. Jack then offers up his tight Ass for Marty to take and the two look Sexy and passionate as Marty Barebacks Jack. Marty fires off a huge load while getting Fucked, then gets an enormous Cum Facial – movie.

Scott Johnson Beats Off
Scott Johnson just moved to San Diego and needs some extra cash for school. He watches some Porn while stroking his Cock, gets hard, Jerks Off and blows a nice warm Cum load – movie.

Asian Pick Up and Fuck
While out driving, Sommad picks up Kovit and takes him for a ride. Lots of Dick Sucking, Ass Rimming and Fucking, with a Cum Facial finish – movie.

Harley Power Fucks Louis
Louis Marco is a very horny Italian with an insatiable fuck hole. This is his first ever Gay Porn scene and he takes a massive hammering from the well hung and Muscular Harley Everett. And with both these heavy Cummers you’d better stand back gents – movie.

Cute Twinks Fucking Raw
These cock suckers eagerly work each other’s dicks to the breaking point. Then Jay bends Karl over and slides his Dick into his tight Ass from behind, slowly thrusting in doggy style and then rolling his bottom over for a hot Bareback missionary Fuck, before Cumming – movie.

Muscular Coyote Jerks Off
This Brazilian hunk has a fat Uncut Dick, a muscular build, an elaborate tattoo. Coyote says that he loves Sex, and that he always Cums a lot. Both things are to be expected from a 24 year old Latino, with a body and Cock built for Sex – movie.

Muscular Bareback Fuck
The scene sizzles when Chad and Colin take turns flip fucking one another. Chad rides more of his cock, while Colin is bent over and drilled from behind. The scene reaches its climax when Chad shoots his Cum all over Colin’s Raw Ass. He sticks his cock back in and continues to breed Colin’s ass even harder – movie.

Hairy Angel Beats Off
Sprawled across bright yellow sheets with dark red pillows, the reflected light gives a warm amber glow to Angel’s perfect skin. The full length video begins with a slide show of glamor shots, with some of the best taken just as the sun went down. His Jack Off scene is frantic and intense as he prepares to deliver an explosive Cum Shot – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 7-5-12

Bi Latin Twink Antonio
Antonio definitely qualifies for the term, “barely legal,” since he just turned 18 three weeks prior to filming this scene. Antonio is bisexual, and thankfully for us, it had been a while since his last Sexual encounter – movies.

Skinny Twink Jacking
Smooth Twink Zack Ball Jerks Off and shoots his Cum onto his belly – movie.

Latin Hairy Muscle Fuck
Brazilian Muscle Daddy Carlos Gustavo sure knows how to have a good time. Enter gorgeous and insatiable bubble butt boy Abel Pozsar who is always up for a good Fuck and you have one hot Sex encounter – movie.

Michael Cocksworth Beats Off
This solo Jack Off scene features 19 year old Michael Cocksworth. Michael caresses his body all over, removing his underwear and leans back on the bed. With his Dick in hand, he begins stroking. He leans against the wall and continues Jacking Off until he reaches a happy ending – movie.

Interracial Flip Fuckers
When Mojo takes a shower with you, he not only scrubs you down, but Fucks you, as well. In this scene, Ricky Nova and Mojo Starr Flip Fuck – movie.

Back Alley Rough Sex
In a secluded alley, rough stud, Jessie Colter finds Alexander Garret hiding in the shadows. Tall, ripped and well hung Latino hunk Alexander has a Cock that looks to big to be true. That is a weapon of mass destruction attached to his Muscular body, and he’s not afraid to use it to inflict serious pain on trashy bottom boys – movie.

Black Man Gay Sex Orgy
Our newest thug bang reaches its thrilling climax in this 5-way Black Gay Orgy scene. Watch the guys bury their Cocks deep in Black Ass and explode all over the set with their throbbing hard chocolate Cocks – movie.

Asian Interracial Sex Orgy
Dominik and Thomas are a horny pair of Fuck buddies who like to pick up handsome Twinks for Hardcore threesomes. The trio are all hard, and form a train to Suck each others Dicks. Whose Ass will be filled with hard Cock first – movie.

Flip Flop Sling Fist Fuck
Dax Reed is back with Tony Ryder . These two definitely know how to push each other’s buttons, and this video is going to become a classic, as the two flip flop Fist Fuck. Both guys will take the sling and do their thing, for us to enjoy – movie.

Muscular Adam and Jesse Fuck
Adam Killian and Jesse Santana work each other ragged taking turns Sucking Dick, Rimming Ass and Fucking with sheer abandon. And their rabid dogfight comes to a satisfying end when both of them finally bust their nuts – movie.

College Boy Boat Fuck
Sailors Adam and Johan Fuck on a boat – movie.

Flip Flop Fist Fuckers
Dungeon bound, Chris Yosef and Kyle Wood don’t waste any time pigging out on each other. Its Cock and ball punishment, Ass play galore and flip flop Fisting that won’t leave you empty handed – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 7-1-12

Str8 Paddy Fucks Marco
Str8 Boy Paddy O’Brian loved feeling his Cock deep inside Marco’s Ass as it stretched and rippled Marco’s well Fucked hole. Finally unable to hold back Paddy pushed Marco’s hand onto his Dick and had him stroke his straight Cum out all over Marco’s magnificent abs – movie.

Damion and John Flip Fuck
Drunk and horny, these two versatile well hung Twinks meet up in the toilet and and Bareback Flip Fuck, while the party is going on downstairs – movie.

Muscular Josh and Tucker Fuck
If you like hard bodies, big Dicks and lots of action, you are going to love these two. Josh is 29 with a rock hard body, killer tatts and a nice Cock. Tucker is 24 with a Sexy body, boyish charm and a pretty Dick. From kissing and Sucking to Ass Rimming and Fucking, these boys will start your Summer off right – movie.

Stephen Brooks Gym Jacking
Hours and hours at the gym has given Stephen Brooks a chiseled look that is not to be believed. His pecs are almost too perfect and his naturally smooth skin shows all the definition. And like all those who came before him, Stephen shoots a nice healthy Cum load to round out his workout – movie.

Young Clayton and Brett Fuck
Insatiable Clayton likes to Fuck hard and rams the shit out of Brett, who sweats while he’s pounded relentlessly. Brett strokes himself into a frenzy, and after what seems like a marathon Fucking session both boys Cum like fountains, with Brett’s sweet lips getting coated in Cum before he licks it off and swallows every drop – movie.

Aarons First Porn Fuck
Aaron Richmond is a born show off who has come from Germany to shoot his first ever Gay Porn scene. This filthy, piggy bottom couldn’t wait to feel Dolan Wolf’s uncut Cock deep inside him and had to keep stopping the shoot to prevent himself Cumming – movie.

Hairy Raw Power Fuck
Ben is straddled and power Fucked endlessly by Nick. Then Nick shoots his load and continues to breed Ben’s hole. Nick pounds Ben’s ass and Fucks the Cum out of him. Spraying like a gusher Ben shoots his nut all over a leather chair. He then bends over to clean up the Cum and taste every drop – movie.

Muscular Sex Toy Fuck
Inevitably this mountain of a man and the hairy muscle pup lock in a hot and passionate kiss. they both have fantasized about this moment and they are certainly not going to rush it. In the end Jack shoots a warm Cum load on Scott face seconds before Scott unloads all over himself – movie.

Behind The Scenes – Group Twink Porn
You’re cordially invited to an exclusive behind the scenes preview of an upcoming Scene With model interviews and some cheeky outtakes, not to mention catching these boys in action, supposedly off camera, having their glam shots taken, and a hot outtake on the aftermath of a seven boy Sex Orgy – movie.

Latin Outdoor Spit Roast Double Fuck
Felix and Renzo Spit Roast Alexandre, tag team his Ass, and make him squeal like a pig. Then, as if the greedy Brazilian bottom didn’t have enough, the two men give Alexandre a double penetration he won’t soon forget – movie.