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Gay Porn Listings: 9-28-12

Wilfred Knight Jacks Off
Wilfred pulls out his uncut cock and uses his spit to lube it up so he can really work it. He strokes his meat with both hands, rubbing the exposed head with one, and jacking the shaft with the other, until he squeezes out his man cum onto the ground – movie.

Str8 and Broke Tanner
Tanner is a 21 year old broke Straight guy looking to do whatever is necessary to make 2000 by the end of the month – photos.

Interracial Big Cock Power Fuck
Race shudders as Fabio runs his tongue round the rim of his tight hole. Ready for punishment, Race bends over and Fabio pounds the Fuck out of his ass. Wanting Fabio even deeper inside him, Race flips onto his back, opening his dark hole ever wider to Stallone’s relentless power fuck that finally has the 2 blasting their cum together – movie.

Dillon and Max Fish and Fuck
Dillon was a little nervous being in the presence of porn star and admitted he’d only slept with five other guys before. He couldn’t believe he was actually in the woods with Max, his top crush. But once they hooked their lines and disappeared into the wilderness, it wasn’t long before Dillon’s big cock found its way into Max’s mouth – movie.

Young Pete Kitchen Jacking
Pete Kome spreads his hairy young ass while jacking off in the kitchen- photos.

Muscular and Hairy Fuck Scene
Marc dives into sucking Adam’s dick, savoring his foreskin as the iron hard stud mauls the youth’s nipples. Adam spits into Marc’s ass, readying it for his wicked tool. Marc’s moans mount with each ass fucking thrust, until both men grab their dicks and stroke out their warm cum loads – movie.

Filipino Takes Young White Cock
Sometimes, raw, unplanned, spur of the of the moment sex, is good, and this was certainly one of those times. Enjoy this interracial fuck scene between two cute young guys – movie.

Big Cock Kinky Fuck
Damien pulls Trent’s shorts down and starts sucking his cock. They trade places and Trent gets busy servicing every inch of Damien’s dick. Things get kinky when Damien tries sliding video game joysticks up Trent’s ass, but that isn’t good enough. So Damien slides his big dick up Trent’s ass and fucks him hard – movie.

Young Kevin Beats Off
While stroking his dick, Kevin begins massaging and fingering his tight ass. Kevin gets on his knees giving his dick some action. He then spreads out across a sofa and continuous with some tight gripped stroking action. Moving forward with some fast and furious jacking, Kevin squirts multiple loads of cum across his tight and smooth abs – movies.

Hardcore Black Sex Orgy
The hardcore Black ass pounding continues here after Marquez and young gun take almost every dick in every hole. For the grand finale, Marquez needs a protein fix all over his sweet little face, and the guys don’t have to think twice about squeezing out huge loads of cum all over him – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 9-24-12

Bareback Sex Massage
Damien is taken around the room and fucked hard, giving us great access to his pummeled ass, as John slides his raw cock in and out. He builds himself into a hot spurt of spunk that leaves Damien covered in cum – movie.

Leo Forte Fists Doc Benway
After greasing up, Leo jabs one fist, and then the other, inside the slicked up crack. Each thrust is driven deeper than the previous, and every direct punch makes Doc howl. Leo finally fucks Doc, spiking his sensitive hole with his thick cock as fiercely as he did with the intense fisting – movie.

Bar Room Muscle Fuck
Stripping off in the hot sticky bar, this muscular pair start sucking dick. Then Issac spreads Scott’s butt cheeks and gets his tongue deep inside. Scott is then spread over a pool table and fucked solidly. Finally Scott takes a warm cum facial to finish him off – movie.

Country Boy Jacking
Watch Dillon Rossi introduce himself to the world in this solo scene, just as he introduces his 9 inch dick to a variety of sex toys – movie.

Latin Jocks Bareback
Javier sucks Alvin’s cock until it’s dripping and then takes every inch of it raw. Javier swaps between sucking and fucking Alvin, until he can’t take anymore and blows all over his chest, in a huge cum explosion. Alvin continues to fuck his ass until he’s ready to blow his own load – movie.

Adi and Sean Fuck
These two are lost in their own little world while simultaneously going down on each other. Then Adi switches things up a bit by going down on Sean’s bubble butt. Rimming his hole gets Sean ready for a good fucking, and Adi fucks Sean in several positions before dumping a nice warm cum load all over his face – movie.

Daddy Fucks JP Dubois
The camera definitely loves Spencer, and his perfectly formed pecs and torso. Hidden mostly under fur they work themselves hard as this top Daddy plunges that immense Cock into young JP, leaving his ass sore and gaping and his face covered in Daddy cum – movie.

Gay 4 Pay Threesome
Three straight boys sucking dick with two delivering a cum facial to the third at the end – movie.

Kinky Boys
Ryan Hilton is tied to the bench, with Ashton Bradley initially helping him relax with a slow massage, paying special attention to his feet. This is too nice for Ashton though and it isn’t long before it’s turned up a notch and the pin wheel comes out. With some furious stroking, Ashton soon has Ryan moaning and exploding cum everywhere – movie.

6 Hunks Gay Sex Orgy
They suck, they chomp, they finger, they kiss and lick, they wank and taste and probe and prepare. They work each other into a frenzy until the cum starts flying – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 9-20-12

Tony Hunter Fucks Brian Bonds
Brian Bonds is tied and strung up as he gets his nipples worked over by the Tony Hunter. Tony then pulls out the pegs and starts working down Brian’s stomach and up his arms. After some wet oral action, bonds gets sling tied and rimmed out, ready for Hunters big dick to slide up his now wet and hungry hole – movie.

Simon and Dan Flip Fuck
After some hot cock sucking and ass rimming Simon begins fucking Dan’s hole. They switch it up and Simon lays on his back, legs up and still wearing his boots, as Dan takes a turn at topping Simon. At the end, Dan gets a creamy facial, before Dan unloading his cum across his dick and abs – movies.

Muscular Power Fuck
Mitch gets Angelo heated up and anticipating a rabid fuck. Mitch knows his partner is ready for a pounding. Mitch delivers his Dick into Angelo’s ass. He grinds deep, hitting on all cylinders, while Angelo gives his own Dick a stroking, before cumming hard. Mitch spews his cum load over Marconi’s torso and past his head – movie.

Servicing Str8 Boy Travis
Jordan gives Str8 boy Travis a blowjob – movie.

Jesse and Dominic Chair Fuck
Dominic Sol is quick to go down on Jesse Santana. Holding onto the back of his head, he suck buddy’s thick cock. Then Dominic mounts a chair backwards and leans forward to expose his ass for Jesse to rim and fuck him with his big cock – movie.

Gym Jacking Jock
Young Lukie strips naked in the gym and continues working out – photos.

Servicing Hairy Harrison
Harrison dropped me a message that he was interested in filming, since I was sitting in the middle of a wine bar sipping on a Pinot Noir, I had him email his photos, needless to say, seeing Harrison’s big, uncut cock while sipping wine energized me to finish up and head back to my hotel room for a meeting – photos.

Tied Up and Fucked
Getting tied up and Fucked is a pretty common fantasy, which Anthony Romero and Gabriel Clark enjoy in this hot fuck scene – movie.

Kaua and Ralph Bareback
Kaua and Ralph get themselves into some delicious looking rimming and 69 positions before bareback fucking all over the bed – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 9-16-12

Muscular Carlos Fucks Dakota
The first year is always the hardest in college, especially when an upperclassman named Carlos dominates Dakota with his uncut 9 inch dick. Carlos stuffs his fat cock in and fucks Dakota deep – movie.

Twink Bareback Flip Fuck
Sleeping beauty Sunny doesn’t get much rest when Scotts big throbbing cock needs servicing. Ramming his hard dick in, Sunny doesn’t have much choice but to take every inch, as Scott fucks him deep. Sunny is a pretty accomplished bottom, but he’s also more than happy to give Scott’s ass a good raw fucking – movie.

Nick and Jacob Gay 4 Pay
I brought in Nick Kush and Jacob Jake in order to see what Nick is willing to do with a guy. So far he’s only sacked off solo. Now, these two alpha males need to work together in order to get one another off – movie.

Adam Dacre Beats Off
Adam’s been thinking about breaking into porn for a while and I’m glad to see that a lot of that thinking has been done in a gym. With his chiseled looks and lively green eyes he’s a striking man. Being hung and having a very dirty mind should help him get ahead in the adult world – movie.

Chance Kidd Jerks Off
Chance sticks that bubble butt of his out and works it with his fingers. He strokes his cock some more, and you can tell by the look on that handsome face of his that he’s ready to shoot. And shoot he does, leaving a nice sticky puddle of warm cum all over his tight belly – movie.

Spit Roasting Dominic Pacifico
Dominic Pacifico and Spencer Reed are Sucking Dick when they are interrupted by the arrival of Brazilian top Billy Baval. He works his way into the duo and shares Dominic’s hungry holes. Dominic gets spit roasted and drilled by Spencer, while Billy shoots a massive cum load on his chest – movie.

Korean Takes Big Dick
In this scene, skinny and smooth J Park takes all 9 inches of Latin stud Nathaniel’s monster cock and loves it – movie.

Hairy Bareback Fuck Scene
Matt nails Nick’s ass bareback in a variety of positions, first straddling him from behind, and then fucking him while on his back. Matt shoots his load all over Nick’s hard cock. Nick uses his cum as lube as he strokes out his load and shoots it all over Matt’s face and tongue – movie.

Bareback Rough Power Fuck
Dominic rips Tyler’s favorite underwear and gets him pissed off. Tyler gives Dominic his punishment and starts power fucking that big ass. Dominic likes it hard and rough, so he takes it like he does all cocks – hard, rough and bareback. Tyler finishes him off with a cum load in that slut hole – movie.

Latino Flip Fuck
After getting his face fucked, Lucas works a sex toy up his buddy’s ass, stretching him out for a hard pounding. Andrey might not have been able to take Lucas down his throat completely but his ass can sure take it all and handle a hard fuck. And just when you think you’ve seen it all, monster hung Lucas turns around and takes Andrey up his ass – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 9-12-12

Big Matty Jacking
Matty Cole whips out his Uncut Cock on a snowy day, before moving inside for a warm Jerk Off session. – photos.

Ettore and Damien Fuck
Fans have long asked for sex pig Damien Crosse to get paired with Ettore Tosi. They filmed in Chueca, Madrid’s lively Gay district, just a few days before Gay Pride. , Damien is famously married to Francesco D’Macho and Ettore is a bisexual Italian stud attracted to men more than he is the girls – movie.

Rough Trade Fuckers
Spencer Reed straddles his motorcycle, Jerking Off, in a secret place surrounded by rough wood slats and corrugated siding. He thinks he’s alone, but there’s another tribute to manhood, Kyle King, watching from a distance. The siding reflects the light as shiny and unyielding as the spit covered Cocks of the two bearded men eye each other – movie.

Fraser Services Toby Banks
Toby Banks might look pretty straight when you first see him, but this lean and handsome fork lift driver is as cock hungry as they get. He’s a bottom, loves to get fucked hard and rough, and gets off on the idea of doing a football team. He has a big dick that lucky Fraser Jacs is more than happy to service – movie.

Fucking The Twins
Stag Homme presents Diesel O’Green, an Irish stud with an insatiable sexual appetite, alongside with monster dick Lucio Saints. Diesel plays the role of himself and his twin brother as Lucio Saints takes turn Fucking the twins. Yep! Three players but only two actors. This is one unforgettable flick – movie.

Skyler West Fleshjacking
He fingers his ass furiously while alternating between the fleshjack and his own hand, knowing exactly how to push his own buttons. He finally has such an intense orgasm that the cum nearly splashes him in the face and you get the feeling he would have happily licked it up had it reached those beautiful lips of his – movie.

Jake Bass Fucks Ben Rose
Something tells me handsome and naive new star, Ben Rose, has no idea what he’s in for. Just wait for his massive Cum Shot at the end. You know you’ve officially been conquered by Jake Bass when you Cum in your own face – movie.

Abusing Straight Boy Daniel
Straight boy Daniel Johnson gets a massage from resident dom Sebastian Kane. After feeling relaxed and even having a cigarette, Daniel finds himself tied to the bench and blindfolded before being edged and teased until Sebastian milks a Cum load out of him – movie.

Latin Studs Fuck
After some mutual Cock Sucking Mario bends over and Lucas dives right in, giving Mario some deep penetration. They lay on their sides and Lucas continues to Fuck Mario, before one last round on his back. Lucas pulls out and they both unload huge Cum shots simultaneously, across Mario’s abs – movies.

Japanese Lifeguard Sex
Japanese lifeguard revives swimmer on beach and takes things a bit further by Sucking his Cock and Fucking him in the Ass – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 9-8-12

Kevyn Fucks Matheus
Kevyn and Matheus put their beautiful bodies together for some scorching foreplay – Sucking Cock and grinding in front of the camera. Then Kevyn shoves his Dick into Matheus, who even gets on top for a hot ride – movie.

Amerifist Fists PunchedPig4Service
Amerifist gets a good feel of Pigs insides as he drills Punched4PigService’s hole, handful after handful. All piggy boy can do is sit there, Ass up and face stuffed in a pillow, as his hole gets Fist Fucked – movie.

Black Men Fucking
Louis Marcos and Drew Brody have been let loose with some paint but decide to use it on their Naked selves, instead of on the walls. Covered in paint they get down to some butt slapping, Cock Sucking and Ass Rimming. Before long Drew is ramming his Dick into Louis. They Fuck and Fuck before spraying themselves with Cum – movie.

Wrestlers Sex Orgy
In this scene the boys take wrestling one step further, Fucking and Sucking each other while the coach is not around – movie.

Twink Sling Fuck
Aaron Aurora is found hanging in the mill tied to a sling by uber hung hottie Luke Desmond. Luke is soon pushing his 9.5 monster Cock into Aaron’s Ass, giving him what is sure to be the Fuck of his life. Luke then brings the boy down and Fucks his face until he fills Aaron’s mouth with his warm Cum – movie.

Hunter Fucks Juaquin
Hunter is enjoying the sensation of having the young man’s lips wrapped tightly around his Cock. After Rimming his buddy’s Ass, Hunter steps up to Fuck him. He grinds in slow and sure, then accelerates, going faster and faster. Both men are getting a workout and finally finish with Hunter the first to Cum and Joaquin quickly following – movie.

Young Terry and Sam Fuck
Terry and Sam waste no time in getting down to business. After some Cock Sucking, Sam’s legs are up and Terry crams his huge Dick into him. Sam stands and bends over, while Terry Fucks him from the rear. Terry strokes out a load and Sam stands over him and delivers his Cum across Terry’s hairy chest – movies.

The Mechanic
Stag Homme brings you a series of dark themed and disturbingly Sexy flicks entitled “Porn Noir”. The series makes a very twisted splash with its first episode, “The Mechanic”, starring Muscular Stag Homme discovery Goran and Max Duran – movie.

Twink Flip Fuck
Stripping off naked for a full body massage, JP relaxes and gets hard. Lucas takes full advantage, until he’s Sucking on the boss’ Cock. Both take turns getting Fucked. First JP gets it hard, then Lucas is rammed by JP’s delicious Cock. They finish up with not only a facial, but a second Cum load all over that smooth – movie.

Derek and Damien Flip Fuck
Heavy rub downs, man kisses and hard Cocks are the order of the moment, until Derek goes down on Damien and Rims his Hairy hole, which is followed by a good hard Fuck. The action takes a flip and Derek’s Ass is taking a crazed pounding. Derek Cums and then gets on his knees for a facial from Damien – movie.


Ricky Sinz Fucks Tristan Sterling

Ricky Sinz is back and he’s joined by 22 year old Tristan Sterling. Tristan is hanging out when Ricky comes in and notices he’s packing. Tristan hauls out his growing Dick and Ricky slides it all the way down his throat. Ricky moans as he grabs Tristan’s head and starts to bob it on his Cock. Ricky Skull Fucks him deep and hard, shoving every inch he can down Tristan’s willing throat. Ricky then pulls Tristan up and bends him over on the sofa. He pulls down his shorts and spits on that hole before fingering it. Tristan moans like a bitch as Ricky Finger Fucks that tight hole. Ricky then puts Tristan on his knees so he can get his Cock back in that mouth for more servicing. His Dick gets the attention it needs, before he turns around and offers his Ass up for Tristan’s tongue. Tristan buries his face inside and gives it a good Rimming. Tristan can’t get enough of that Ass as he stands up and slaps his Dick on it. Ricky grabs Tristan, forces him down and takes that Ass hard. Ricky, still Fucking Tristan, sits down on the sofa and orders Tristan to ride his Cock. Ricky pounds up into Tristan so hard it makes Tristan Cum. He shoots all over his happy trail, while Ricky continues Fucking him. Then Ricky stands over Tristan’s face and unloads his warm Cum all over his face.

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Gay Porn Listings: 9-4-12

Young Latinos Barebacking
There’s incredible chemistry between David and Caleb in this Bareback Fuck scene. As they kiss while Fucking each other, you can tell they’re experiencing pleasure like they’ve never felt before – movie.

Young Asian And Black Fuck
22 year old Frankie hooks up with 21 year old African American, Rikki. The two have a good chemistry together and spend a great deal of time passionately kissing before moving on to deep throating each other’s Dicks and Fucking – movie.

Porn Star Lovers Fuck
Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero are two of Porn’s most well known stars. With Austin’s bad boy mystique and thick cock, and Anthony’s hard, muscled body and baby face, it’s easy to see why these two have each developed a huge fan base. This unique video shares a highly personal glimpse into their lives as a serious couple – movie.

Twinks Bareback Outdoors
Luke deep throats the athletic jock’s huge cock and soon winds up with Patrick going down on him. Patrick Rims Luke’s sweet hole, tonguing him deeply, before Fucking Luke Bareback and blowing their Cum loads in the warm sunshine of the woods – movie.

College Boys Bareback
These Two boys find time to do some extra research into human sexuality. After some Dick Sucking and Ass Rimming the two get down to some serious Bareback Fucking – movie.

Dean Fucks Robert
Robert Craig grabs Dean Skyy by the hair and feeds him his Dick, before Dean flips him over and Fucks his Ass good and hard – movie.

Str8 Nick Jerks Off
Nick Kush is a 19 year old, straight boy who has done some straight Porn, and now wants to try Gay 4 Pay. You know what they say about the Cocks on Italian men, and its true. He is also not shy at all about sharing. When Nick shoots, a huge stream of warm Cum jumps out of his Dick and lands on his shoulder – movie.

Mark and Mark Power Fuck
Tattooed and pierced Mark Henley has one of the tastiest Cock in the film, and watching it Fuck Mark Lloyd’s face really gets the blood flowing to all the right areas. Pushing him onto the bed, the fun really begins with an awesome 69 before the versatile Fucking starts with a vengeance – movie.

Asian Kitchen Sex
In this scene, two Thai Boys Fuck on the kitchen counter, with a warm Cum Facial at the end – movie.

Kai Fucks Muscular James
Muscle guy James Pershaw is back for some more Dick, and lucky Kai Cruz is the one to give it to him. If you’ve seen either of these guys in action before you know they both love to Suck Cock, and there’s a lot of it to be shared as they swap those shafts and enjoy a horny 69. But fucking James in the butt is Kai’s main goal – movie.