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Gay Porn Listings: 12-29-12

Young Maxim Outdoor Jacking
Athletic stud Maxim Moira strips butt naked outdoors and plays with his uncut cock – photos.

The Haunting
During the week of Halloween, 2012, lovers Jake Steel and Dillon Rossi decided to take a brief vacation to an isolated cabin in the woods of upstate New York. They were never seen again – movie.

Dakota Fucks Christian
Dakota knows Christian needs a fuck, so he takes him to the bedroom. The passion ignites, and the positions flip back and forth. Both eighteen year olds deliver an award winning, non stop, no holes bared hardcore action scene – movie.

Young Cadets Fuck Raw
There’s something about maneuvers that get these twinks all horned up. As soon as they’re back at base the two are fucking each other senseless with their raw cocks. And then they enjoy a shower of cum all over their faces as they suck their raw cocks clean – movie.

Doctor Cock
A guy gets his mouth full of cock as new treatment prescribed by the doctor who will then stick his massive dick in his patients ass and fuck him deep and hard until his cock erupts and leaves him covered in cum – movie.

Ricky Hawk Jacks Off
Ricky is a a 25 year old cutie, who is a natural in front of the camera. He’s a bottom with one of the cutest smiles and an infectious laugh. Hopefully soon we’ll see his bottoming power in an action scene. Meanwhile, enjoy his solo – movie.

Sling Fuck Bareback Sex Orgy
Featuring top Daddy Porn Stars Tober Brandt, Parker and Mason Garet, this scene goes over the top and under the holes in no hold bars sling fuck, bareback orgy action – movie.

Big Dick Tommy Beats Off
This boy is hung, with a really thick and meaty cock that’s just so heavy you can totally imagine spending a night sucking and stroking the cum out of it. Tommy Brookes delivers a great solo in the bathroom, stroking his heavy dick to a really tasty load – movie.

Franco Gold Beats Off
Franco gets on his knees and with one hand at a time, strokes his cock fast and furious, bringing himself to the brink of unloading, when he has to slow it down a bit. After changing positions several more times, he knows he cannot put off what is about to happen, so he gives it all he has and blows out a cum splattering load – movies.

Santa Roman
The party was a lot of fun but soon everyone left and they were alone. Chance revealed that he was the secret Santa Roman was looking for all night and then he gave the best gift he could…himself. And Roman knew exactly what do to with it – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-25-12

Barebacking Emo Twinks
These sexy Emos kiss passionately and Daniel goes down on Marty’s big cock. They take turns sucking each other until Daniel decides he wants to rim Marty’s hairless hole. Daniel then works his own big dick into Marty and fucks the tight bare hole. Marty then rides the fat dick and gets fucked on his side until both young men shoot their loads – movie.

Grease Monkey Bareback Fuck
Ben Reed is pulling a toolbox backwards when he bumps into anotherbox, Max Born. Instantly these two grease monkeys are hot for one another; agreeing to service one another before they go back to servicing cars – movie.

Kamrun and Matt Sling Fuck
One black uncut cock, and one slut hole. That would be Kamrun and Matt Sizemore getting it on in the sling. Kamrun shoves his black cock into that dark slut hole and starts pumping away bareback until he can no longer hold back his jizz – movie.

Rob Works Out
During his daily gym workout, Rob pulls out his big Black cock and jacks off. What a great way to start the morning – movie.

Fucking Little Andy O Neil
Cute Brazilian boy Andy wants to get fucked, while blindfolded. Adam slips inside young Andy and fucks him on his back for a good while then turns him face down and fucks him again, before the boy squirts his cum. Adam covers the Andy’s belly and chest with a massive load – movie.

Japanese Hustler
This is a POV scene of a cute young Japanese hustler having sex with a john – movie.

Toilet Sex Show
In the toilets, it’s close quarters and very hot and sweaty. Even the camera gets steamed up! Pete can’t help but have his dick on show to all the audience and TIko loves the taste of it. Jerking it off while sucking it dry, these leather men are performing for your pleasure – movie.

Outdoor Bareback Threesome
When two lovers are seen making out by another guy, he’s asked to join in for some outdoor group bareback fun- photos.

Hairy Bear Ass Play
Jack wants his ass abused and Rock brings a small selection of toys just for the occasion, but first he wants to feel Jacks warm hole wrapped around his own dick for a few minutes. Then it’s time for some dildo play. Two different size dildos does the job as Rock works Jacks tight hole open before they both climax almost at the same time – movie.

Dorm Room Sex Buddies
Jr. hottie Kyle Baglie (18) gets initiated into hardcore sex in upperclassman JD Stone’s (21) dorm room. These versatile fuckers each take a turn getting dicked down in this double whammy. Kyle shoots his load on JD’s face, and JD shoots on the mirror Kyle Baglie 18 and JD Stone 21 – movie.


Liam Magnuson Power Fucks Blake Savage



Gay Porn Listings: 12-20-12

Lincoln And Toby Fuck
Lincoln Gates And Toby Banks are on each other like they’re possessed, wanking and sucking and getting themselves into a sexy 69. But Toby is eager to show off his bottoming skills and does a great job taking that cock. Two impressive cum shots await them at the end, with new lad Toby getting a cum shower – movie.

Young Mateo Jerks Off
Mateo Paz is toned and eager to show off his naked body. There’s no doubt he’s a grower as his cock sneaks it’s way out of his undies it grows and then explodes in a shower of cum – movie.

Solo Jerk Off Cum Facial
It’s like an M.C. Escher work, where a fountain is feeding itself. While Luda is jacking off, he leans back on the bed, and then squirts his cum all over his face. Now that requires talent. In case you’re wondering, there was definitely some that got into his mouth, too – movie.

Roy’s Hideaway Gangbang
Six sexy bears take out their horny frustrations in the Georgia swamp at Roy’s Hideaway. These guys came up for Spring Bear Fest and go down for hard cocks on the sunny deck knee deep in lust and fur. This 6 pack isn’t shy when it comes to letting it all hang out and can sweat, lick, suck and fuck their way into your hole and hearts – movie.

Tommy White Beats Off
Tommy White is a horny 19 year old student who can’t wait to get down to business. We are rewarded with a view of Tommy fingering his ass while stoking his huge uncut cock. The combination of finger fucking himself and beating his meat sends Tommy over the edge and he releases his cum onto his treasure trail – movies.

Asian Interracial Shower and Fuck
Jason Lee meets Jeremy Johnson in the shower and the water seems to be just one of the ways these two cum together. The boys kiss and stiffen, simultaneously. The chemistry is right and the two are in for some cock sucking and ass fucking fun – movie.

Str8 Boys Sucking Cock
Part one of a hot gay 4 pay scene featuring Travis Cooper and Justin Cross. Enjoy watching these two suck dick and watch for part two, where they show us how two straight boys fuck – movie.

Jarrett and Josh Fuck
Jarrett eagerly sucked Josh’s cock and then gave his ass a deep rimming. Then he started fucking that ass that Josh has been doing all those squats to perfect. Josh loves getting fucked and with Jarrett shoving his huge cock up his hungry hole he couldn’t be happier. He even shot a huge load with that cock buried deep inside him – movie.

Playing With Str8 Gavin
This shoot with Gavin goes to the heart of CAUSA content. He’s from a small town, and admittedly curious to sexplore. You’ll soon see that definitely got Gavin worked up, and that prompted me to go a step further, which brought him to the very edge – movies.

Cute Redhead Jacking
Sexy twink Drew Dimaggio shows off his tight little ass and beats off – photos.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-16-12

Daddy Reed Sling Fucks Sebastian
Daddy Reed Mathews finally gets his chance to play with boy toy Sebastian Keys. Sebastian starts by servicing daddy’s cock, but they soon get impatient for heavy duty fucking and move to the sling. With the strawberry blond in a comfortable position in the sling, Daddy Reed Fucks his ass ferociously, and eventually comes all over his face – movie.

Jose and Rudy Fuck Raw
Watching as Rudy Bodlak eases into Jose Manuel is pure porn heaven, the thick shaft opening him up slowly is so perfect you can almost feel it yourself. When he gets to fucking him hard, its something you’ll be watching many times over. You won’t be disappointed as these guys just don’t wanna stop – movie.

Austin and Ricky Flip Fuck
Once the two are nice and hard, Austin Wilde pushes Ricky Roman up against a window and fucked his brains out for all the city to see. From the look on Ricky’s face, you can tell that horse dick had to hurt like hell. With that much slamming and pounding, I have to say Austin’s mission of breaking Ricky in was accomplished – movie.

HustlaBall Live Stage Orgy
It’s the night of the HustlaBall and the scent in the London air is all about beef! If you missed the live show, then this really will make you buy your ticket for next year. It’s fucking awesome – movie.

Toilet Threesome
Paul has a boner that just won’t go away, so when he finds himself alone he decides a good wank will help. Paul’s so lost in his fantasies he doesn’t notice Anthony arrive, in fact he only becomes aware he’s not alone when he feels Anthony’s tongue licking his balls. Later, Lucio is worried about Anthony and checks to see if he’s ok – movie.

Young Brendan Barebacks Jonny
Jonny Garcia is pulled and twisted this way and that as top boy Brendan James gets his fill of his partner, who is expert in getting his lover shooting hard, all over his face as he licks the still throbbing dick clean of cum – movie.

Pump up Jerk Off
Watching porn DVD is one way to break down boredom on a slow day, and that’s what this hunky Latino does. He gives his cock a nice rub, pours some lube on and pumps it up with a pump cock enhancer. He jerks off hard until he unloads – movie.

Boyfriends Bareback Fuck
Dominic Sol begs for his boyfriend’s raw cock. Putting his legs up, he watches Morgan Black’s cock go in his hole bareback and moans as it stretches his slut hole open. He just lets Morgan fuck his ass any way he wants and takes it like a good boy. For his reward he gets a nice juicy load in his ass – movie.

Asian Interracial Fuck
Jon Lee and Matt Woods have paired up to do a little one-on-one, or is that, hole in one? In this scene, Jon will service Matt, first with his mouth, then with his ass. I don’t know if Jon has had any experience as a pool boy, but I’m sure he’s familiar with being on a driving range – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-12-12

Holiday with Zeb Atlas and Friends
Have you been good this year? You’ve got to be so Santa will give you a nice gift. But while waiting for it, here is an advance surprise present to you as Zeb Atlas’ two buddies pay him a visit for a holiday season good time – photos.

Latin Power Fuck
Macanao Torres is a dirty, horny fucker who can’t get enough cock to suck and hairy ass to fuck. That suits Sergio Moreno just fine because he’s hungry for dick and wants to feel Macanao’s big cock deep inside him, while his heavy nuts slapping against his ass. It’s gonna get messy – movie.

Brant and Dylan Fuck
23 year old veteran Dylan Roberts is back to show 31 year old newcomer Brant Dickson how its done. The boys salad toss in several positions before blowing their loads all over Brant’s waiting abs – movies.

Cute Twink Jacking
Derek Trotter jerks off wearing only his necktie – photos.

Breed Me Raw: Behind the Scenes
This month’s behind the scenes includes real life boyfriends Morgan Black and Dominic Sol doing a late night shoot and getting tired and hungry while Kamrun and Matt Sizemore are too busy having fun to get it up and hard. And boyfriend Dominic holds the camera while Morgan Black gets barebacked – movie.

Muscular Boyfriends Fuck
Wagner has bulked up at the gym to match Diego’s muscular build. Both are strikingly handsome, hung and athletic. And yes, they’re madly in love with each other. The sex can only be described as passionate – photos.

Kinky Bears Bareback
Jack Redford and Tom Forrest put on the dirtiest show in this hairy fuck fest video. Top Jack lays out big, cuddly, submissive Tom on the bed (on rubber sheets no less, what kind of messy fun are they planning for us? In addition to being bareback freaks these hairy fuckers are definitely kinky – movie.

Muscular Rough Fuck
Nick Sterling was working his big muscular body and felt the bodybuilding beauty Dan Darlington undressing him with his eyes. Nick is such a horn dog that he took it as an open invitation. Soon these two are engaged in a rough fuck session that should not be missed – movie.

Tommy Power Fucks Kai Cruz
Kai Cruz and Tommy Benson are masters when it comes to sucking cock and face fucking each other, but the hungry lads are not leaving it at just some oral action for this video. After eating out Kai’s hole Tommy takes aim and eases his 7.5 inch cock into Kai’s ass, slamming him good and hard – movie.

Young Tony Barebacks Timmy
Prepped with spit and massage oil, Toni Elliot slips the entire length of his cock inside Monroe’s sweet raw hole, and goes balls deep and in one fell swoop. Toni gives Timmy the fuck of his life, before pounding the cum out of him and giving him an enormous cum facial – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-8-12

Abusing Str8 Boy Matt
Straight boy Matt was in for the most degrading experience of his life as Kieron has him tied up and stretched out, unable to resist as another man’s tongue is forced into his mouth. Kieron works over Matts body, switching back and forth between the wax and ice before making him blow his load – movie.

Jacking Jack
With a little help from a masked boy, this Asian cop gets naked, plays with himself and gets played with. The scene ends with a nice cum facial – movie.

Muscular Alien Fuck
A sleeping Goran is visited by an extraterrestrial , who transports him to his laboratory. But Goran isn’t about to let the beefy Donato Reyes use him as some Guniea pig and instead shows the alien what he’s all about as he fucks the hell out of him in this raunchy vignette that brings porn to the beyond – movie.

Cali Boi and Virgo Fuck
After his amazingly hot scene with Brooklyn, Virgo Da Beast is back in to show us more. So we brought in fresh young faced Cali Boi – who jumped at the chance to get a piece of Virgo’s Black meat – movie.

Young Cadets Fuck
Two cadets taking a break from training and the chemistry between them is intense. They can’t keep their hands and mouths off each other and you can almost feel the heat through the screen. The intensity doesn’t stop as they suck, rim and fuck each other with such incredible passion – movie.

Lee Well Fucks Justeen
Pretty boy Lee has the hottest dick, solid, low hanging balls and an appetite for ass, just what Justteen wants. Pulling a skanky mattress down, both holes gets a proper rimming out, deep tongue fucking in amazing closeups make way for Lee to fuck his mate incessantly, before shooting all over his face – movie.

Andrew and Marcel Fuck
Marcel Cruz came to play. He was so horned up when he walked in the door and once he laid eyes on Andrew Jakk that was it. The hottest part came at the end when Marcel gave him a taste of his own spunk and he got so cum hungry he licked the remaining spunk off of the huge dick Marcel had in his face – movie.

Anthony Romero Fucks Max Ryder
Max starts by tying Anthony to a chai, then kissing his chest, feeling his cock through his gym shorts, and jerking him off with a Fleshjack. There’s nothing hotter than watching Anthony squirm with pleasure as Max goes to town on his body. But then when the ties came off and Max gets on all fours, a new standard for hot fucking had been set – movie.

Hairy Man Dance Club Fuck
Tom rims Nathan, pushing his bearded face deep into his crack as he gets him ready for that nice thick dick of his, fucking him into a wall until he’s about to explode, letting his cum spray all over his bottom man’s face, swiftly moving him to orgasm, dripping all over the clubs dance floor – movie.

Young Kisch Beats Off
His black hair and blue eyes just reel you in and then you see his thick lips and imagine them wrapped around your cock. He’s 19 and this is his first time on camera – movie.


Gay Porn Listings: 12-4-12

Muscular Massage Table Fuck
Skylar climbed on top of this gorgeous hunk of man and gets fucked while staring into his deep brown eyes. Then Raphael flips him over for a better angle to fuck the cum out of him. When all was said and done, Raphael finishes shooting his load and Skylar licks his cock clean – movie.

Marek and Michal Suck Cock
Euro stud bodybuilder Michal is happy to lay back and let Marek work his cock, while he fantasizes any number of twisted and exotic fetishes. Though the focus is primarily on pleasuring the muscular Michal, Marek’s cock gets plenty of attention, as well – movie.

Twink Alley Fuck
Young Joey and Justin Walker suck cock and fuck outdoors on an old tire – photos.

Latin Outdoor Jerk Off
Castro brings his huge cock to an abandoned skate park in Miami and strokes one out for us – movie.

Rough Trade Bareback Fuck
Ray nails Mason’s raw ass in a variety of positions. Mason gets the cum fuck right out of him as he shoots all over his chest and stomach. Ray then flips Mason on all fours and drops his load all over his gaping hole. Then he continues to seed his butt, before he felches out his own load – movie.

Patrick and Shayne Fuck
It’s been a few months since we’ve seen blond boy Shayne on camera, but we have a great treat for his return with the hairy hunk Patrick Hill. Patrick has been back since his solo to get his hole filled by Myles, and now it’s Shayne’s turn to experience that hot and hairy butt – movie.

Derek Strong Fleshjacking
He’s a true ass man and explains the reason he stays single is because he loves hardcore fucking with multiple partners. Once he’s given a Fleshjack, Derek proves to us the damage his huge uncut dick can do to a hole – movie.

David and James Fuck
Young and hung David Camacho goes head to head with big dicked James Anthony in the summer sun. Both guys are heated up for fucking and David wastes no time sliding his uncut cock in James’s ass. The outdoor pounding begins and both guys work up a furry sweat that ends with a sticky finish – movie.

Joey Cooper Jerks Off
23 year old Joey Cooper is horny as hell and ready to put on a show. Taking hold of his cut cock, Joey begins working it hard. He leans over, showing off his smooth bubble but, as he rubs and tugs on his cock. Stroking fast and furious, Joey delivers a thick creamy cum shot across his lower abs and pubes – movies.

Matt Barebacks Tober
Matt Sizemore threw Tober Brandt on his stomach so he could lick that hairy hole and get it all wet and juicy so he could just slide his daddy cock into his hole bareback right down to the base and make Tober squirm cause it was so thick at the base and it fucking stretched his hairy hole wide – movie.