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Gay Porn Listings: 4-29-13

Gay Group Sex
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Ayato Shower and Stroke
We start with Ayato, a 20 year old Japanese twink, in the shower with his already hard dick. After the shower Ayato lays back on the bed and starts stroking his cock. When it comes time, his body tightens as he winces and unloads a thick creamy pool of warm cum onto his smooth Japanese stomach – movie.

Hairy Bears Fucking
In this scene, Brock Hart is paired with sexy muscle bear Steve King, in the hot Florida sun. Both guys are aching to taste what each other has to offer and are not shy to work up a sweat on the backyard bed – movie.

Intrigue Fucks Sexy Antwan
Antwan is ready to suck Intrigue’s cock as soon as he whips it out of his pants. Intrigue can’t wait to get his dick in Antwan’s sexy bubble butt, and he fucks it hard. Antwan is a flexible fellow and Intrigue makes the most of that as he fucks and then cums all over his pretty face – movie.

Cock Pumping Soldier
A very soft spoken military boy, named CJ Allen wants to show us the joys of cock pumping. Sitting on the couch, CJ inserts his dick and begins filling up the tube with his favorite play thing. CJ then removes his meat to go for a sexy finish – movie.

Muscular Nick Jacking
Nick Cheney might lure you in with his perfect body, chiseled abs, and innocent smile, but be careful. Beneath that appearance of innocence lurks the dark and debauched soul. So, unless you want to know what twisted perversions Nick will put you through, we strongly advise you beware – movie.

Sam Oliver Fucks Thomas Swings
These young guys are cute, smooth and pack some delicious dicks they can’t get enough of. Moving to the ladders, they are positioned perfectly for a very acrobatic fuck. Sam has free access to his mates hole, and exploits that fact in a dam horny way – movie.

Barebacking Latinos
A rocky seaside is a perfect outdoor setting for these two Latin dudes to enjoy some steamy raw sex – movie.

Billy Enjoys Some Sex Toys
Curious about what the big deal is about sex toys, this sexy young stud decides to try out a few. He’s not going to leave until he’s cum and soon dildos and jacks himself at the same time. His lube covered hole, cock and balls twitch and stiffen as he readies himself to cum, leaving his abs nice and white – movie.

Max and Jake Fuck
This episode will give you a deeper understanding of how complex the relationship between Jake and Max really is. At times silly, jealous, loving, and angry. The explosive ending to this episode is sure to raise just as many eyebrows as it does dicks – movie.

George Jerks Off
With some awesome close-ups of his perfectly formed dick, George strokes himself harder and faster. His trimmed hairy stomach tensing, and dick twitching in readiness, the jets of cum escape and the camera zooms in to get every detail of his spunk covered cock – movie.

Gay Porn Listings: 4-25-13

Exhibitionist Jerking Off
Horny hairy man George is walking the streets at night, with his dick hard and hanging out of his tight jeans, finding any and every doorway to jerk off. There’s no stopping this exhibitionist. He even slaps cars with his cock and jerks off while walking – movie.

Young Fero Stylak Jacks Off
19 year old Fero Stylak, is into motorcycles and motocross. He also loves good old American hamburgers and going to the disco with friends. But today we find him relaxing on his bed and working himself into an exploding, dripping mess. With thick, uncut cock in hand, Fero rubs his chest, teases his hole, and us – movies.

Cuba Santos Fucks Kamrun
Kamrun has been avoiding Cuba for the past few weeks because he borrowed some money to bet on a game and lost it. Cuba found out where he’s hiding and its either give back the money, or pay him back some other way – movie.

6 Man Bareback Sex Orgy
6 horny dudes in one hot orgy scene? This is so much fun with everyone getting the cock pleasure they want – movie.

Matt Power Fucks Preston
Power bottom Preston Johnson gives up his holes to big dicked Matt Sizemore who does whatever he wants to them. But to Matt’s surprise Preston is able to deep throat his huge cock and still bend over and ask for it harder. Matt power fucks this slut bottom into tomorrow – movie.

Simon Archer Fucks a Fleshjack
He has an entire sleeve of his favorite cartoon characters on his right hand, which was very interesting to watch when he begins jerking his cock with a Fleshjack. After he cums all over his chest, he gives the cameras a little kiss and a wink like he knows he’s given us exactly what we wanted – movie.

Barebacking Twink Chris POV
Come and watch sexy Chris Reed as he has sex with the cameraman. Filmed entirely from his perspective, you’ll feel as if you are the one feeding this 19 year old hottie some dick. And just wait until you watch his hole stretch to take that big, fat dick up his raw ass – movie.

Fucking The Asian Boy
Within minutes, bottom boy Sessue is all up in Ricky’s business. Tongue wagging and knees bent, the boy knows how to please a top. By the time Ricky slips it in, all we hear from Sessue are moans and whimpers of pleasure. Ready to blow, Ricky straddles Sessue and spreads the joy from head to torso – movie.

Gio Cruz Fucks Justin King
No amount of tongue action is going to relax Justin’s tight hole enough to take Gio’s thick cock but Gio just keeps going at it. Before long Gio shoots a hot load on Justin’s hot hairy chest and Justin unloads a thick creamy load on his belly – movie.

Jackson Flesh Jacking
Jackson Banx jacks off his big cock with a fleshlight – photos.

Str8 Donny Fucks Duncan



Gay Porn Listings: 4-21-13

Str8 Antonio Fucks Damien Crosse
Watch as hung straight Antonio Aguilera pounds Damien in this no edit no cuts casting session – movie.

Cute Twink Jerks Off
Smooth twink Will Jones jacks off and busts a nut outdoors – photos.

Young Latino Outdoor Jacking
Tomas is a fan of bling – so much so he’s bling’d up his smile with a gold tooth. This was his first experience in front of the camera but he loved it and ask when he can be back for more – movie.

Bareback Group Sex Party
This scene starts out in two groups to make one hot 4×4 of sucking and stroking. Rick Romo is the first to spread Tyson James’s sweet little ass. Meanwhile, Joey and Matthew Singer couple in a smoldering 69. Watch boyfriends in real life and studio new comers, Aiden Coleman and Nicholas Leoni, ride, suck, and fuck – movie.

Koki Walk Around
This cute Japanese boy walks around town with a remotely controlled anal stimulator stuck up his ass – movie.

Road Strip
Now Jake Bass and Max Ryder are back to bring you the first episode of their new reality porn series, Road Strip – movie.

Young Mike Fucks Kyle
Cute young Kyle has just turned 18 and gets fucked deep and hard by hung Mike Stafford. Kyle then takes a face full of cum, as his birthday present – movie.

Jason Stonebrook Beats Off
He knew that people were going to be watching this video, and he likes it. Jason flips over and starts humping the couch. His bubble butt flexes at each thrust. He turns over on his back, starts furiously stroking and shoots all over his abs, chest and hand. Jason looks into the camera and licks his cum up – movie.

Sean Rough Fucks Riley
Sean Savoy is good at taking instructions and happily shows off his ever growing bulge and tight buns in a selection of Riley’s favorite undies. Sean’s into hard fucking and that’s what Riley gets, in every position. Riley takes a real pounding and ends up soaked in scaly cum – movie.

Young Brad Fucks Brock
Brock Hard follows Brad Bones back to the cabin. They strip, kiss and swap whopper dick blow jobs. Brock gets on his hands and knees while Brad fucks him on the futon. Brad’s dick is a lot to take, 8 inches thick and hard. These two get their spunk on big time – movie.

Gay Porn Listings: 4-16-13

Dick Disco Breeds Drew Driver
Drew arches his back and moans passionately as he begs Dick to fuck him hard. Dick nails Drew’s ass in a variety of positions. Finally, Dick blasts his nut all over Drew’s gaping hole. He slips back in and continues to fuck the load deep. Then Dick pulls out and felches his own nutt out of Drew’s ass – movie.

Tanner Wayne and his Fleshjack
Jason Sparks serves up some sexy man meat with a kind of solo, featuring Tanner Wayne. I say kind of because his co-star is a fleshjack that he pumps full of cum – movie.

Twink Bareback Foursome
Marco, Ray and Picardo take him Marty back to their place where they proceed to strip and use him for their own bareback pleasures. And you won’t hear a peep out of Marty because he loves cock, loves cum and gets a triple cum facial to boot – movie.

Troy and Bo Bareback
This scene is pure muscle on muscle sex pig action. Troy and Bo hook up to grind each other’s asses and feel that sweet release. Fucking poolside, hulking Troy pounds Bo’s tattooed ass, but the equally muscular power bottom slams his butt aggressively against Troy’s thick dick. They both finish with explosive cum shots – movie.

Bed Breaking Interracial Fuck
Joey fucked sexy Asian bottom Will Anton so hard that they broke the bed – movie.

Daddy Tom Colt Barebacks Young Preston
Preston wants his cock sucked and shoves it in daddy Tom’s face, before he gives up his ass for a good rimming Yea you know how this is gonna end… Preston’s slut hole is going to get barebacked by Tom’s daddy cock and the boy will be in heaven – movie.

Muscular Diego Fucks Drew
Drew gets fucked in reverse cowboy, cowboy, doggy style, then he gets jack hammered upside down, until finally Diego takes it easy on him and does a little missionary. This sends Drew over the edge and he shoots his warm cum all over himself. Diego then pulls Drew up, holds him by his hair and unleashes his cum all in his mouth – movie.

Marcos Jacking at the Beach
Marcos is hanging out at the Hollywood beach and enjoying the view of beautiful and sexy people. It gets him so turned on he wants to jerk off. He sets up his towel and goes to work stroking his cock – movie.

Daddy Bear Fuck
Power lifter Bruiser Bull and sexy daddy Wayne Daniels know how to ring in New Years Day with a bang. Both guys drool over each other’s flesh and start their resolution with more flesh and more fun – movie.

Matt Fucks Mackenzie
No hole goes unstuffed when Matt Brookes is on the scene. He’s got a thick veiny dick and a heavy load of jizz. Mackenzie is a slim, tanned, totally horned up sub boy and he’s ready to take anything Matt can slam at him – movie.

Gay Porn Listings: 4-12-13

Porn Star Threesome
Paddy O’Brian joins French sex star Issac Jones and porn legend Johnny Hazzard in an all kissing,sucking, rimming and fucking sizzler 3-way. Paddy nails Issac and Johnny and Issac gets spit roasted in every way possible before Johnny sucks Paddy to a splattering cum shot and Issac shoots a great arc of cum – movie.

Georgio and Lotto Tub Fuck
22 year old Lotto is cleaning up in the washroom when he notices his new roommate and co-worker from the bar, Georgio showering in the reflection of the mirror. Georgio is 19 from Spain and has a hot little round asses. Lotto noticed and fucks him in, on and over the tub. Lots of slippery wet and hot action – movie.

Chaz and Kaden Outdoor Sex
Chaz and Kaden sneak off into the woods. Kaden gets brutal with his camp crush. When they cum on each other, Chaz speaks up and says, he’s not bad for being a new recruit, huh? Kaden slips and falls in the waters after he nuts – movie.

Muscular Nick Kitchen Jacking
Hard bodied Nick Benedickt stroking his firm cock in the kitchen – photos.

Kyle Savage Fucks Preston Johnson
While Preston is sucking on Kyle’s daddy cock, Kyle is busy fingering this boys ass, getting it ready for fucking. Kyle is in love with Preston’s ass, so much he spends most of the scene fucking it. A nice juicy daddy load leaks out of this slut hole when Kyle finally does pull out – movie.

Muscular Abele and Brett Rough Fuck
In the frenzy of passion they find themselves sixty nining on the incline press and eventually Abele gets into a doggie position and slips his cock inside Brett. Brett likes it a little rough, so Abele slaps his ass and fucks Brett as hard as he can, until the cum shoots out of Brett – movie.

Tight Black Ass
Getting a taste of a big black cock is what this horny homeboy wants so he gives a blowjob to his friend. He enjoys sucking it as much as taking it up his ass. It’s a wild hot scene you don’t want to miss – movie.

Straight Boy Sucks Dick
Valentino, wearing glasses, is 23 and 21 year old straight but curious boy is Preston. Valentino has recently come out of the closet and still experimenting. This is the first time with another guy for Preston – movie.

Young James Fucks Jeremy Stone
Sucking on Jeremy’s throbbing shaft, Young is in the mood for fucking, so he tells Jeremy to open his hole ready for his dick to slam into. We are treated to these two smooth twinks working each other into a fuck frenzy – movie.

Latin and Asian Fuck
Francisco likes his dick in Seiji’s mouth and Seiji’s likes his dick in his partner’s ass. The fucking is fast and furious before both blow their loads; Francisco on his groin and Seiji’s on Francisco’s mouth – movie.

Gay Porn Listings: 4-7-13

Billy Baval Fucks Juan Lopez
Billy works his cock balls deep inside the cock hungry whore and starts slamming away. The 2 get loud and boisterous as they fuck hard and rough. Billy keeps on going, slamming even deeper as a stranger walks up to them and jerks off while he watches them fuck – movie.

Twink Bareback 3-way
Clay then gets tag teamed by Andy who barebacks his already lubed raw hole. Clay jerks off and cums while getting his ass slammed by Brian, who follows with a load of his own and Andy polishes the scene off with some fresh jizz of his own – movie.

Jayson Park Fucks Drew Sumrok
It’s a first here on HDK! Our favorite little piggy bottom boy becomes a full blown hog. Jayson Park tops in his first bareback scene for HDK and coaches Drew Sumrok on how to be a good little boy – movie.

Hairy Bear Sling Fuck
Michael McQuaig is in the driver’s seat, with veteran model Don James going along for a hot and furry ride, in his playroom sling fuck scene – movie.

Gay Latin Pool Side Fuck
Ethnic studs Poax and Marcelo Martins were lounging out by the pool when their horny desires got the best of them. They were quick to strip down and play with each other’s hot muscular bodies and it wasn’t too long before they were fucking each other hard – movie.

5 Man Bareback Sex Orgy
There is something for every one in this scene. Big-cocked studs fucking wet cum-holes and submissive bottoms with their asses in the air – movie.

Luke Does Str8 Boy Billy
Luke Desmond doesn’t get much attention aside from his dick, but it’s only a matter of time before straight boy Billy Rubens gets bent double. For now we’re happy with Luke getting the best of Billy, squatting all the way on and off his dick, we see both boys working themselves to an orgasm of epic proportions – movie.

Leo Forte Fucks Race Cooper
Race whimpers, moans and sometime screams in pain. But the pain is often mixed with pure ecstasy as Leo flips him over and rides his big, round Black ass with no mercy. In the end, Leo shoots his cum load like a cannon and hits Race in the eye – movie.

Young and Hairy Fuckers
AJ bends forward and Josh plows him from behind. AJ moves to his side holding his leg up while Josh hits him from a different angle. AJ strokes and loses it, squirting cum across his entire torso, while Josh kneels over AJ and blows a creamy load right across AJ’s, leaving him cum covered – movies.

Skinny Boy Jacking
Super thin Rene Mitchell Jerks Off and busts a nut over his smooth stomach – photos.