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Gay Porn Listings: 10-31-15

Skinny Boy Jacking
Skinny Dominic Reinhart strips naked, shows us his hole and strokes the cum out of his uncut cock – photos.

Hugo and Lucas Bareback
Latinos Hugo and Luca swap blow jobs and rim each other’s tight ass. It’s hard to know who has the best butt here but the sight of Hugo’s bare cock fucking Lucas’ perfect buns is not to be missed – movie.

Slave Training Ivan Fisker
Ivan Fisker is in training as a slave pup, but he’ll have to work hard, as Turbo Leon will not make things easy. Get ready for a an extreme workout session between these men – movie.

Garrett Jacks Off
Garrett strips down to his socks and massages his cock, before easily sliding some fingers in his ass. He lubes a dildo and starts fucking himself, until his warm cum pumps out all over his stomach – movie.

Muscular Justin and Joey Fuck
Justin and Joey had been flirting for months and they finally got to prove how deep that flirting goes. These two waste no time getting naked and Justin can’t wait to hop on Joey’s huge cock. All of this culminates in one of Justin’s largest loads, blowing all over his face and tight body – movie.

Gay Porn Listings: 10-26-15

Japanese Twink Threesome
Enjoy this hot gay Asian trio, as they suck and fuck their way to a cum pumping finish – movie.

Travis Stevens Fucks Brad Chase
When Twinks Brad Chase and Travis Stevens hit the beach for a little casual cruising, they knew they were going to fuck. Once indoors, the fresh catch gets to cooking as the two give each others head. Then Travis’s monster cock finds Brad’s heavenly hole, as they get laid in the shade – movie.

Muscular Denis Vega Jacks Off
Mediterranean good looks, manly traits and sexual charisma. Denis Vega has it all. Feast your eyes on his hairy chest, carefully trimmed beard and strong arms, as he strokes one out for us – photos.

Str8 Lex Jerks Off
Straight boy Lex is turned on by the porn actress on the tube and quickly gets hard. As he strokes his lubed cock, Lex stuffs his butt with a dildo and in no time busts a cum load onto his stomach – movie.

Damian Black Fucks Dillon
Dillon suggested he ride Damian, while floating adrift in the center of the pool. So Dillon brinks out his trusty flamingo and makes it happen, rocking back and forth on Damian’s cock, with the help of the pulsing water beneath – movie.

Gay Porn Listings: 10-22-15

Andy Taylor and Cooper Steel Fuck
Every caress burns with a gentle yearning and for Andy, all roads lead to Cooper’s exquisite young ass. The same could be said for the boy Steel, but in his case, Andy is an intoxicant and the night finds him worshipping at an alter of cock.

Matthew Parker Fucks Pierre Fitch
With a nice slap on Pierre’s ass, Matthew positions Pierre on the sofa doggy style, teasing his hole with his cock, before sliding in unannounced. Then Matthew just goes for it, jack hammering Pierre’s ass hard and fast, while Pierre moans with pleasure – movie.

Japanese Twink Threesome
Enjoy, as these three sexy young Asian boys get a taste of each other’s cock in this hot Japanese twink threesome – movie.

Young Miguel and TJ Flip Fuck
With their libidos at an all time rise its hard for these two twinks to sit still. It’s never a dull moment when Miguel and TJ flip fuck at the pool – movie.

Skinny Twink Shower Jacking
Super skinny twink Ben Kingston strips nake, shows us his asshole and strokes his big uncut cok in the shower, with a nice cum pumping finish – photos.

Latin Boys Barebacking

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Gay Porn Listings: 10-17-15

Mirai and Souma Suck Dick
Enjoys as these two young JApanese boys get naked, suck dick and stroke out their Asian boy cum loads – movie.

Young Latinos Flip Fuck
Young Latinos Hernan and William strip each other and exchange blowjobs, before William squats down on Hernan’s big fat cock, for a short bareback ride. Then the Latin twinks flip and William goes to town on his buddy’s ass. By the time these two finish, William’s smooth chest is covered in cum and Hernan has the taste of his on his lips – movie.

Marcelo Mastro Barebacks Tony
After some cock sucking and ass rimming, Marcelo’s big bare cock impales Tony as he squeals with pleasure and a bit of pain. We’re not sure he knew what he was in for when he signed up to get fucked by Marcelo but he sure seems to like it – movie.

Webcam Jerk Off
Young Niki and Andy decide to beat off for each other on webcam. Between the sexy chat and images of each others smooth bodies and hard cocks, the two young guys get pretty horned up and shoot big loads of warm cum on themselves – movie.

Peter Fix Beats Off
Skinny young Peter Fix strips naked, shows us his asshole and strokes his beautiful uncut cock to a cum pumping finish – photos.

Twinks Back Seat Gay Threesome

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Gay Porn Listings: 10-12-15

Twink Flip Fuck
Once indoors, Logan Cross and Max Carter trade kisses and licks, before Carter is ready to fuck. Position after position, with only a break for Max to lick Logan’s ass, the boys switched up the fucking, until their cum starts pumping – movie.

Phone Sex Jerk Off
In this phone sex scene the talent is in the tongue as the sex depends entirely on how sensual Bryan Summers and Korey Haze can get. Both boys are verbal, but Korey’s deep voice and country boy accent really does a number on Bryan. They have some hot fun stroking hard dicks and blowing their cum loads, and we have a front row seat – movie.

Latin Boys Barebacking
In this kinky encounter, George has Miguel stripped to his underwear and tied to the bed. Clad in leather harness and hood, George can’t ignore his Latino captive is already getting hard. The hood comes off and George goes down on that monster between Miguel’s legs. After he’s had his kinky oral fun, George releases his partner, so he can get that big cock up his skinny Latin ass. It isn’t long before George is gasping as Miguel feeds every fat inch of his hard dick in to his Latin ass. Miguel barebacks George all over the bed, leaving him with warm cum tripping off his lips – movie.

Rough Trade Sex Orgy
At a pool side sex orgy, the camera closes in on Devin Stone, as Clark Kent and Jake Edwards take turns filling his ass with their big dicks, until Victor Cody and Travis Woods get in on the action. Watching is too much for Jake Edwards, as he sits back and strokes his cock into an explosive cum dump. Travis fucks Trevor mercilessly, until he and Victor conclude the party by giving Trevor a massive shower of cum – movie.

Noe and David Suck Cock
These two Latin twinks soon find themselves naked and sucking on each other’s cock. Its hot Latin twink oral sex at its best – movie.

Young Sacha West Jerks Off

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Gay Porn Listings: 10-7-15

Young Redhead Jacking Off
Gorgeous young redhead Erik Eville strips naked, shows us his asshole and strokes the cum out of his hard cock – photos.

Straight Boy Chad Beats Off
Chad Black is a 24 year old straight boy. At 5’10” and 195, Chad doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him. Once he strips and starts to tug, his thick dick bones up quickly. What follows is a hot stroke show and cum shot – movie.

Caleb and Gabriel Flip Fuck
Caleb King was finally ready for Gabriel Clark’s cock, and Gabriel slidea in, without mercy. Caleb moans in ecstasy, getting filled and fucked hard as Gabriel’s cock reacquaints Caleb’s hole with the pleasures of bottoming. But Caleb still wants to fuck Gabriel, so he gets him on his back and plows him with the same degree of aggression – movie.

Toshiro Trys Cock
Kiba’s takes the lead with Toshiro, a 19 year old Japanese boy who has never done anything with a guy. Touching softly, each Asian twink is getting to arouse the other. When Toshiro stands, Kiba takes him into his mouth and works the boy hard. In response, Toshiro services his partner – movie.

Young Casey and Blake Fuck
Kisses give way to cock sucking, as the romantic romp heats up. After Tanner pleasures the dick of his beautiful boy next door, the power couple dines in a fine 69 before it’s time for big Blake to serve up a meat injection. He might keep on his Clark Kent specs, but the boy is nothing less than a superman in the sack – movie.

Walter Bareback Fucks Hernan



Gay Porn Listings: 10-2-15

Young James and Tim Fuck
James and Tim strip each other naked, suck big dick and fuck against a wall, until the cum starts pumping – photos.

Declan McClain Barebacks Anton Dahl
Anton’s blond locks are in stark contrast to Declan’s dark looks and the two of them have terrific on screen chemistry as they start kissing passionately. The hottest part of this scene is definitely watching a tidal wave of cum flow from Anton’s hole at the end – movie.

Chris Reed Beats Off
Sexy young Chris Reed, with his tattooed and toned body and uncut meat is sure to please, as he strips naked and strokes his cum out for us – movie.

Prier Rose Dildo Jacking
With his cock hard and played with, young Prier Rose wants more. Pulling out his sex toy, Prier slides it in for the cum pumping finish – movie.

Arkadius Has An Ass Itch
Arkadius has an itch that needs to be scratched deep inside his ass. He pulls out adildo but it barely satisfies, so he impales his fine ass on a number of massive dildos. A handsome and more mature stranger arrives to help him in his quest for satisfaction and they both end up satiated – movie.