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Gay Porn Listings: 9-30-16

6 Boy Double Penetration Gay Orgy
Once the boys have the beach house to themselves, clothes are stripped off in a heap of hot young man meat writhing around in a tidal wave of ecstasy. Max and Kyle hang 10 inches double penetrating Joey while Evan, Tyler and Blake pound out their California dreams. They’ve been waiting for this all summer…six lifeguards in the same room, all ready to play – movie.

Brenden Abuses Axel Johnson
Hard Brenden Meyers, makes Axel Johnson submit to his sadistic will, filled with dark sexual twisted fantasies. Hot and sexy Axel has no other choice but to do as his master commands – movie.

Muscular Dustin Strokes and Showers
This hunk has a tight and ripped muscular body and he loves to show it off. Dustin Holloway jumps into the stroking game, while showing off his naked body from head to toe and follows it up with a powerful cum shot. After he gives us a big, satified smile, we get to watch his hot body glisten as he showers – movie.

Str8 Amateur Kevin Jerks Off
Kevin is both a friendly and good man. I’m just not sure what medications he’s on, or should be on. He was very nervous, twitchy and wild eyed. He arrived to do his first shoot soon after his girlfriend’s dog had attacked and bitten him. This was an all around strange experience for me – movie.

Japanese Straight Boy Jacking Off
Japanese boy Manabu is just 18, and is here to fulfill a fantasy he has about doing porn. He says right now, he has not been with a guy but, he’s thought about it. Sitting on a glass tabletop, he strokes feverishly and blows his load – movie.

Amateurs Simon and Torque Flip Fuck

VIDEO SOURCE: Defiant Boyz


Gay Porn Listings: 9-25-16

Berlin Rough Trade Sex
Dane finds one hell of a master in Macanao Torres. The Spanish macho man is in Boxer Berlin in search of new fetish gear as Dane’s feet run by him. Young, short hair, red sneakers and tight red rubber shorts in which his ass looks perfect. Macanao can’t resist the sight and moves in to push his tongue in Dane’s mouth – movie.

Three Young Amateurs Sucking Dick
It isn’t long before Timmy, Aaron and Ryan are exchanging blowjobs. Ryan cums quickly, eats as much of it as he can find, and takes off. Timmy shoots his modest load and feeds it to Aaron. Skinny boy Aaron asks for Timmy’s assistance as he gets in position to lick his own cock and cum all over his face – movie.

Neo Bareback Fucks Andy
Andy gags and chokes, before Neo flips him over to rim his perfect ass, getting it ready to receive his thick beast of a dick. Andy climbs onto that cock and bounces, swallowing every inch with a grin and a grimace. Andy cums all over himself, while Neo is fucking his Latin ass. Now Neo takes charge and keeps barebacking Andy until his hole is covered in Neo’s cum – movie.

Amateur Twink Daniel Kitchen Jacking
While the boyfriend is filming Daniel Rossi in the kitchen, he decides to make the video more interesting by pulling down his shorts and stroking his big uncut dick. Soon Daniel is totally naked, on the floor, and jacking off – movie.

Boomer Banks Fucks Dato Foland
Dato is screaming with pleasure from being filled by Boomer’s hard cock and he sits back and enjoys the ride. Dato looks up at Boomer, with his steel blue eyes, as Boomer pounds his ass like there’s no tomorrow – movie.

Chase and Oscar Foot Fetish Fuck



Gay Porn Listings: 9-20-16

Aiden Garcia Fucks Noah White
After a while of non-stop fierce fucking, Noah is able to lay back relax and enjoy this giant. Eyes closed and mouth open in pure ecstasy, Noah explodes all over his own smooth six pack as he moans with pleasure. This sends horse hung Aiden over the edge. He takes a few more long strokes and lets loose a load – movie.

John Wright Fucks Leo Miller
Leo was born to bottom as you will soon see. He spreads himself out on a glass top table, and John shows the boy just how thick his cock is. Burying himself fully into the bottom, John agrees, the boy’s ass is so good. Close, the top pulls out and blows all over Leo’s hole – movie.

Japanese Boys Khan and Toshiro Fuck
Khan and Toshiro meet up and spend the day in a nice hotel room. After some oral pleasuring, Toshiro takes all the Japanese meat Khan has to offer. Soon filled with Khan’s sizable cock, Toshiro’s exploration into bottoming is a pretty fast one and soon the boys are stroking one out – movie.

Franco Fucks My Face
Franco returns for another session and quickly gets naked and hard, while watching his favorite str8 porn video. Vinnie licks the shaft and head of his cock and then takes it in his mouth. Soon they’re cockfighting, and after a couple rounds, both blow their cum loads as their shafts rub together – movie.

Colby Keller Fucks Tegan Zayne
After Colby’s cock and Tegan’s hole are wet enough Colby turns Tegan around to takes him from behind. Outdoor sex isn’t the most comfortable way to do it but you can tell by the way Tegan and Colby look into each other’s eyes that they’re completely caught up in the moment and don’t care about who’s watching – movie.

Victor Barebacks Twinks Ariel and Tim

VIDEO SOURCE: Bareback Me Daddy


Gay Porn Listings: 9-15-16

Hung Calvin Fucks Young Casey
Calvin Banks is truly an artist when it comes to ass. The way he works tanners tight hole with his tongue before fucking v literally has the bottom biting the bed and squirming like a snake – movie.

Zak Biship Sex Toy Jacking
Zak Biship is ready to hop on some sex toys. With all of his choices laid out, he tries each one of the progressively larger dildos. Finally, kicking back to fully enjoy the insertion, he fits the entire large toy inside him and blows his load – movie.

Twink Erick Beats Off
Erick sits outside to jerk off, and his cock grows as the rooster crows. The boy splashes water onto his naked body, and droplets glisten on his thin frame. Taking a seat, he jerks feverishly. He bites his lip, his body twitches and his balls tighten, before exploding cum onto his stomach – movie.

A Steve Scott Film
Steve Scott classic gay porn film is one of his best, technically superior and only suffering because of its underdeveloped and slow-moving storyline, yet forgivable due to its dramatic tension. The film begins as a Latino crewman/chauffeur, Robert Vega, is being sucked off in a moving van trailer by a clean-cut man. Robert fucks his hole with his uncut cock and they both blow as Ryder happens upon the scene – movie.

Carter and Boomer Fuck
Before getting ahead of themselves, Carter Dane and Boomer Banks try out several positions, including everything from side-by-side fucking to Carter riding Boomer’s particularly thick cock, until eventually the guys are dripping with sweat and adrenaline – movie.

Bareback Flip Fuck and Breed



Gay Porn Listings: 9-9-16

Japanese Boys Fucking
Kinjiro worships Takumi from top to tip, as the bottom’s sensitivity really has the top aroused. Into a hot 69, lube turns into fingering and the top greases up his cock to plug in. Always connected they end up with Takumi riding atop with both his hands and Kinjiro’s cock. Exploding onto the top’s chest, Takumi then kneels and receives a thick load – movie.

Marcelo Bareback Fucks Italo
Italo to takes that big cock deep inside. The look on his face is priceless as he winces with pain and pure pleasure all at the same time. He bounces up and down on that thick beast, while moaning with pleasure. Italo cums all over his ass while Marcelo cums all over his hole – movie.

Will Helm Fucks Kriss Aston
In this scene, Kriss Aston, opens his ass for real life partner Will Helm. After getting his ass rimmed by the muscled stud, Kriss Aston lets his tattooed top dive right in and give his hole a stretching. It’s passion and action not to be missed – movie.

Getting Off With Straight Boy Tony
After Str8 boy Tony strips down and strokes up a boner, Vinnie moves in and starts blowing him. He takes out his own rock hard cock and Tony sucks on it as he jerks off. After letting Tony have his way, Vinnie switches off with him a few times and takes his creamy load on his lips.

Danny and Donny Fuck
Heading back home, Danny Sommers meets up with Donny. Enjoy all the hard action as they kiss, suck and fuck fully. Danny sure has found his man – movie.

Twinks Eric and Blake Fuck



Gay Porn Listings: 9-4-16

Japanese Twinks Fucking
Tapping the right spot, Ayumu’s hard dick waves as he is fucked in various positions. Pulling out, the top then sucks and strokes his partner until he blows. Eegii’s turn to blow has both his bottoms ready for the blast – movie.

Ryan Bailey Barebacks Logan Cross
The boys get riled up as Ryan tastes every square inch of Logan’s tight torso before they each swallow one another whole with some serious deep throat action. Bearing down and holding on to a chair, Logan braces himself for for Ryans righteous, condom free cock – movie.

Doing Danny Sommers
Jamie Wingo and Steve London show the country boy a thing-or-two about the big city. Using a double-headed dildo, the men gyrate on Danny’s lap before they fuck. Looking on, Danny strokes as they two blast their loads onto the boy’s chest – movie.

Latin Twink Jacking Off
Latin Twink Janiro has decided that a wooden bench and the floor will work just fine as he strips naked and delivers a hot stroke show, with plenty of ass fingering along the way. By the time he gets that uncut dick of his to release its load, he’s flat on his back, naked, with a finger up his young ass – movie.

Straight Boy Sean Jerks Off
Sean Keys is an edgy guy and, with just a bit of lube, he gets close often. Sean moans loudly as his breathing deepens. Zooming in on his beautiful cock, he then presents his hairy ass. Anchoring himself on a pair of muscular feet, Sean blows – movie.